[WiP] Not Your Mother's Shire (c8b: Heart of Dork-ness)

Seems to be a problem with dashingdon’s saving system. God knows how many times that has happened to me.

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This happens when you save too soon after exiting the stats screen. The best way to avoid this is to save before entering the stats screen; also, be sure to give it a bit of time before saving after you exit the stats screen. I hope this helps and saves you from losing future saves


Question , I pick the race option to be elf, but when I meet yevette, I can’t pick the 3rd option of noticing the book title? Is this a bug?

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Bummer. :frowning_face: It might be what some have said. It’s also entirely possible that I am messing it up. I’d have to ask a bunch of questions to figure it out, e.g. time between save and resume. I think that’s part of the downside of WiP, watching us bumble about. I hope you keep trying, but don’t shed precious sanity points on my account. Maybe I need to set up something where Dashingdon jumps right to the next chapter for everyone so that no one has to read all the way through? Do people want that?

Nice! Maybe that’s it?

Sounds like it might be. I’ll check it out.


Update: cruising right along with c8b: Heart of Dork-ness, 15k/40k written. The harder part, for me, is structuring out the general flow and framework, which is now done. This chapter features more heavily on Llorick/Llivette and Trudy/Rudy with appearances by Zale, Megdura, Tzob, and your loving horse! There’s a reptoid shah named after @Voldy , a tribal chief named after @Lea_Boucher (in the form of animate shrunken head, at first), and the bog mummy of a mass murderer named after long-time lurker @MattisHell333. (Let me know if any of you prefer not to be immortalized in obscurity.)

Writing this chapter where you deliver the fifth of 5 letters calls for ending decisions in c9. That said, as I have it now, endings will be a combination of your plot ending (4 major possibilities right now) and your relationship ending. Example: Saz-Dragonsworn. BIG spoilers follow, as I’m seeking input, but disregard if you want to see for yourself. :scream:

Here are the 4 plot endings, as I have them planned:

  1. Dragonfall. You partner with Octo/a (Splosh finances his/her claim to the throne) and Vero/a to end the rule of the Dragons. Incentive royal marriage (officially, but you can love whoever you want). Kill Bunkisi.
  2. Dragonsworn. You partner with Zale (his/her sorcery is empowered by dragon’s blood) and Saz to uphold the rule of the remaining dragons: Hazmek, Bunkisi, and Tzob, with Zale taking over Splosh’s Coastal Duchy and the Blizzard Duchy being annexed to the elves under treaty. Defend Bunkisi.
  3. Neutral A (Trudy/Rudi). Given Trudy/Rudi’s secret identity (the missing 6th dragon), you support his/her plan to pick the best choice regarding each dragon, optimizing for benevolent rulership. Kill resurrected Brr-Brra/Vera in support of Tzob/Zale. Support Splosh/ Octo over Hazmek/ Saz. Maybe kill Bunisi.
  4. Neutral B (Yester) You pick the best choice regarding each dragon, optimizing for Azmar’s defense against extraterrestrial threat (Shapeshifter). Support undead army and Brr-Brr-a/Vera; Support Hazmek/Saz. Spare Bunkisi.
    You can romance Yester and Trudy, no matter which side you choose. These are just their plans and reasons. Some RO’s will die depending on your choices. You can romance people you ultimately side against–you just might not live happily ever after in the postlude.

With this knowledge,

Which ending would you pick right now?
  • Dragonfall.
  • Dragonsworn.
  • Neutral A.
  • Neutral B.

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What is the main reason for your decision?
  • To support my favorite RO.
  • To support my favorite Dragon.
  • The soundness of the decision by my way of reasoning.
  • Hell if I know.

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Poly Route: I’m considering this. @anon42713113 (or anyone else interested) Who would you like to see involved in this option? And, who do you most believe would be up for/into that? You may include side characters, e.g. Phill. No promises, but I’m looking into it. In order to get that romantic ending, too, both characters would have to survive your plot ending. Cheers, all. As always, I’m listening if you have anything else. We’re almost to the end–last chapters will read shorter because of vast divergence. Thanks for your support. :crazy_face:


Ahh! This is so awesome, thank you. I haven’t been up to date with this writing purely because your humour is actually so witty and amusing, that it affects my angsty writing after I read it. The amount of puns I wrote the last time for my characters? Abominable. I can’t have gritty characters saying so many of them :joy:.

I’m looking forward to a catch up when I wrap up my second chapter. SAZ! Ugh. My stoic orc man, I cannot wait for the reunion.


Minor positive obstacle.

  1. A super reader with lots of testing experience has offered to edit my code and prose. So, it takes me some writing time to get them up to speed with my chaotic process. However, they will be able to improve things in the beginning while I continue toward the end.
  2. They have already discovered kind of a huge foul up of mine that fusses up gender swap pronouns and names for ROs in a major way. Because I type names in upper case from muscle memory, even in code, it doesn’t swap the names of swappable-gender characters whose names change. This also happens with pronouns that begin sentences. So, the text will read the characters original gender, which may be the one you’ve chosen half the time. Mega bad. Sorry if this has messed with anyone’s readings–I didn’t know. I should be able to get it all square through some careful mass replace over a night or two.

What does this mean? A bit of delay for this chapter. But, ultimately, a hastening to and through beta testing and then a finished game. Thanks so much for your patience. If anyone wants to help in the mean time, you could do a playthrough thinking about achievements and keep a running list. If a few people wanted to do this, that would save me some time. Of course, we’d have to make them joke-ish, a la Divinity. But that’s the fun part. Cheers all!


Sweet! Hey also here I think this is in chapter 7a when you have the options to talk to Vera/Vero, Saz and Llorick/Llvette when I go and talk to Saz it opens up the line of questioning for Vera/Vero and when I choose the option to talk to Vera/Vero it opens up questions for Saz

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Alright, alright! That issue should be fixed with the gender-swappable characters whose names don’t switch correctly. Also, the issue where gender pronouns which begin sentences are off 50% of the time. Apparently, I can mass replace in the original .txt files but not CSIDE (probably as a safeguard against destroying months of work w one careless find and replace). If I’d known that when I went back to code the gender swaps . . . oof. Well, if I ever write another game, I’ll be able to do it much better and faster.

@Luciferthefallen I believe that issue with elf racial dialogue should be fixed now.
@Frieza Nice catch!. Easy fix. It’s done.
@Dizzy Fixed the c8a raider charge if you use postcognition on the ambush site.

Thanks everyone. I’m getting excited as I have everything fleshed out in my mind all the way to the finish line. Now, I just have to track them in. Words, day by day. Cheers!


That’s actually just a missing feature, sorry! CSIDE’s v1.4 update will (finally) add mass search/replace functionality.

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Oh no! I didn’t mean it as a complaint. CSIDE’s great. So many quality-of-life improvements. My word-rate and thought organization is so much better using it. I wish I could email you a beer in thanks. :beers:


Update: as of last night, c8b: Heart of Dork-ness sat at 28,500 words, putting total word count at 337,500 words. I have two side quests to polish off, the chapter resolution, and then a first edit before posting.

I had a dream where I was forced to summarize it at gunpoint. I said it was like Hamlet meets Sharknado. I wish that were accurate, but imaginary guns have way of bringing out lies.

This section is a little different than some of the others. Two party members get called away for much of it. There are sexual/romantic opportunities with 2-3. One is somewhat disfigured if not permanently marred by the end. One abandons their cause with great aplomb. You’re reunited with your horse for a sidequest where you have to navigate the swamp while hallucinating from sulfur vents. You have to track down a serial killer for the second sidequest. Someone you know is the killer. Someone you know dies by the end of the chapter. You meet Tzob, who gives you at least two secrets in the form of riddles. It would take the reader to figure them out since the MC certainly isn’t going to.

Words on the way. Thanks for your patience and support!


That is beautiful.


c8b: Heart of Dork-ness word count at 35.5k. Should finish tomorrow. A day or two to edit and check code. Barring the unforeseeable, I hope to push it out shortly.


Done! 38,100words. Moving to edits manana.


Posted c8b: Heart of Dork-ness. Have a good weekend, everyone. “For as long as you have enemies, you’ll never be alone.” :smiling_imp: