[WiP] Not Your Mother's Shire (c11: The Once and Future Kink)

+2,500wds. Go team and stuff.


Finished. Catch: I’m having trouble logging on to Dashingdon and can’t seem to reset my password either. Don’t want to bother anyone bc it’s Christmas. So… tomorrow.

For newcomers, there are plot and romantic endings.
-For plot endings, there are four combinations, depending on which side you fight on in each of c10a and c10b.
-For romantic endings, there are currently seven options, which you gain access to depending on your playstyle and decisions in c9.
-Though c11 is the last chapter, it is short, mostly to tie up a few ends, but mostly to seed the sequel plotline. There are twists and reveals. Feel free to have an emotional reaction but hide your text so you don’t spoil things for anyone.

Happy holidays. After I post the last chapter, I’ll get to work on tweaks and achievements.


It’s posted: c11-The Once and Future Kink. Wow, we made it. Sort of. About three years and half-a-million words. You masochistic reading marathoners.

Do you think you’re better than me because you can read?

  • Yes, obviously.
  • I can’t read either. I’ve been pretending all along.
  • I’m definitely better than you but not because of reading.
  • What’s a book?
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Happy holidays. Can’t wait to see what you think. I’ll be plugging away on corrections and achievements for a couple weeks. Looking to beta in early '24. Cheers, all. Stay weird.


When trying to interrogate Ravius in the desert after he accidentally stabbed himself in the thigh I get the error…

line 315: No selectable options

The two options are…

  • I say, “Sorry what was your whole thing again? I meet a lot of people.”

  • I clap my hands. “Splendid! Let’s chat about your mission for continuity, to make sure you get credit and all.”

The game makes you go through both options after which it pops up that error.


I dont remember if i have ever posted a reply here, but… here i go…

Its a nice concept (though its alteady finisehd), i like the setting and all, some descriptions of people and things are the best i have ever seen in a wip, however… half the time i dunno if its a joke and the other half i dont understand the joke, not that its a bad thing as this is on me, but, humor on another language is something challenging for me


@Unregistered Oh no! I know how to fix that but can’t from where I am. Soon though. Thank you for finding this. 3,000 random tests did not. Sorry to funk up your playthrough. P.S. Reading that made me laugh, so thanks to you and also to me. Cheers!

@Thanatos I know. That’s the worst. Humor doesn’t always (often) translate. You can explain the jokes, but then they aren;t funny anymore. Or maybe they never were. I don’t know how to fix it. Do you? I’m glad you liked some of it. Thank you for reading my story.


I think thats on me, im the type of person with almost no wits for sophiscated humor (and culture things besides rock music), like monty python for a example, I didn’t know the group and its history, age might have something to do with this, but its a minor factor i grant u.

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Okay, I think that should be fixed now. Nice spot! Sorry for the delay.

Elsewise, chipping away…


Almost! Yippee skipee. Stay tuned…


I’ve had two eye color references that just say “none”as the color. I don’t remember ever actually being asked about eye color either.

The forum won’t let me embed images, so I uploaded screenshots to Imgur: Shire Eyes - Album on Imgur.

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I’m in Ch7. For the last couple chapters, pronoun use for my ROs seems completely random. Whether the correct pronouns are used has no real rhyme or reason; there’s a 50/50 chance whether they’ll be correct.

Here are two short passages, from the same page. I’ve highlighted pronouns for Saz (F) and Vero, and you can see that half the time the correct pronouns are used and the other half they are not.
Broken Saz Pronouns
Broken Vero Pronouns

Edit -

I traded my cloak for the earring with the grown up Applebrook kid but my details didn’t update.
Inventory Error

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So I wanted to ask since I haven’t played this demo is quite a long time, is there any benefit to keeping the first weapon you get from the Dragonsworn lady? I remember holding onto it just in case but then coming across weapon checks for weapons I purposely missed out on.

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Yes? Also, maybe no. I think probably no. Sorry to be largely unhelpful.

Also: hey! Pop quiz: What do we think this dummy-head writer is doing instead of writing?

  • Having tea parties with stuffed animals, subbing out fake tea for real cocaine.
  • Parasailing in the nude with a gopher.
  • Leading an underground gambling circuit of ostrich fights.
  • Building a floating island out of netted-together plastic bottles and trying to get recognized as the real king of a real country–there are forms.
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You strike me as a gopher man, not gonna lie.


If it’s the first option and you do get recognized I hope the door will be open to seek asylum in case I need it


I got picked up for a big, big video game: EXODUS.

We’re in a coding sprint but, once we hit a milestone breaks, I hope to circle back and put a bow on NYMS.

Thanks for helping me w my gateway game!


Oh sweet, congrats. I’ve heard about it before!

May I ask what facet of the game you’re working on? Coding, writing, concept?




Wow, congrats!!! :tada: :clinking_glasses:


That’s awesome, congratulations!