[WiP] Not Your Mother's Shire (c10a: Game of Throats)

Looking through my libraries on Omnibus I’ve personally purchased somewhere around 47 CoGs and 42 HGs over about a decade. From what I’ve read of the demo (which isn’t all of it cause I still want something to read when it comes out) this is easily top 3 IF Comedies I’ve read and about a million times better than the worst HG I’ve bought, which was coded so awfully I got stuck in an infinite loop without even trying, RIP $3.

When this releases I’m gonna wait until it’s off sale to buy it cause you deserve the money, even if it isn’t the best you could’ve done.

Also, if making me laugh just about every screen and also hooking me with incredibly engaging characters isn’t your best, you need to cut a deal with some publisher and start pumping out works you don’t care about like crazy.


This is, uh, action-inspiring. Thank you, @Xoromin . I outlined the Coastal (Octo/a and Splosh) half of the chapter and put in 2,500 words today, naming Octo/a’s command ship after you–I’ll change it to something else of your choosing, if you prefer. I’m getting a sense, as I go, of how the other, Desert, branch (Saz, Hazmek) will go and how the two branches will come together. I’ve lost touch of Octo/a’s voice a bit, from time away, so I hope someone will tell me if he/she is off. Anyway, you get to choose which title you would prefer in the upcoming king/queendom, pending your success.

If and when Octo/a is crowned, I want to be…
  • Ad-Viceroy.
  • First Subordinate Quee-King.
  • Coordinator of Cool Ideas and Ancient Epiphanies.
  • Conjugal Bodyguard.
  • Something else not listed (include in forum, please).

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Thanks for the support and encouragement, everyone. Couldn’t do it without you. Cheers!


Some non-news befitting non-sense: I haven’t done much. :sloth: :writing_hand: :man_shrugging:

c10b hovering around 6k wds, but I’ve been working muy hard on getting my novel in(!). :star: :hand_with_index_finger_and_thumb_crossed: :no_mouth: I’ll take a break from it to hammer out some more of NYMS in a week-ish. But the good news is (for me, at least) you can read other writing of mine–yes, I was born to have one-sided conversations with anonymous audiences. And the better news is that there isn’t much of NYMS left to write and I know how it all goes. But the slightly less-than-good news is it might take a wee little while. Always better to be pissed off than on, I say. Hope everyone is staying sane and healthy, or healthy at least. Don’t run with scissors. :crazy_face: :running_man: :scissors:

Rollerskating, anyone? :roller_skate: :roller_skate: :roller_skate:


March!? Well… yes, it’s March, and I have no control of that, but it’s March and I haven’t written more of NYMS, which I had more than no control over. No excuses to follow. I just want you to know that it’s on my mind daily, and I’m troubled by the thought of letting you down, which means I’ll probably finish just as soon as I can.

I’ve been hard at work. Since January, I’ve written, oh, four hundred pages. So, good news if you’re a fan of me and less than that if you’re a fan of just NYMS. What can I say? Hold the line, weirdos. At the latest, my semester ends on 01MAY22.

If anyone’s pressed or depressed, feel free to PM me, and I’ll be happy to ruin any surprises you want me to. Until then, have this song:


No problem take your time honestly can’t wait for more yester scenes she’s up there as a favorite romance irony is she isn’t a main one. Though man is she on that level and even better then the main ones at times her personality is interesting especially since you gotta be patient and wait for her. Anyway take your time studying takes priority and semesters are stressful already no need for anyone else to add to it and stay healthy try not to overwork yourself.


Could the pre romance lock version be uploaded, I want to see all the options without restarting for all of them so I know which to choose for when the final version or the game is released

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Wrong description/pronouns I came across while playing with a male Yester

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Not dead yet, fellow fantasists.

Semester ends in about 2 weeks. Thanks for the catch, @Hollows . I’ll see what I can do, @Gregor_Maloney .


“Nutshell” is spelled the same as “nut’s hell.” Maybe, for the nut, the confines of the shell are hellish? Wrote 2k words today.


2,700wds today. :dove: :moyai: :question:

If straw scarecrows scare crows, how come pigeons shit on stone statues?
  • Pigeons are braver than crows.
  • Straw is scarier than stone.
  • Questions are stupid.
  • Pointlessness is not the pointed point you think it is.

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Um is Yester RO? I don’t finished Demo yet so don’t kill me

Yup they are

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