[WIP] My Third Eye (Interest Check)

As a kid, you always hear the tales of ghosts that stays in the living world because they have something that hold them back from leaving. Like everyone, you laugh it off and think of it as nothing. But after a near-death experience in bus accident, you gain the ability to see and interact with the dead. Now you have one job: Help them to pass over to the afterlife, one way or another.

So what do you think about my idea? I am open to any suggestion and critiques. Sorry if I have a bad grammar.


Nice theme but there are a lot of questions

  • How old were we when the accident happened.
  • Does the story start from the point the accident happened or after some years.
  • What would be the method by which we help them the to go to afterlife.
  • Do we can send them there forcibly can we fight them if yes then how.
  • Is there someone which similar power like us.
  • Can we take over te world with the help of spirits. _ahem_ sorry that was just the devil on my shoulder.
  • Will there be any side plots ( like lost hier )or only the main plot ( like Tokyo wizard ).
  • Are there ROs ( Romance options ) and can we play as boy, girl or nb

Interesting WIP, even though I’m not interested in that genre.
Good luck!

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This sounds interesting! Just curious, what kind of ghost are they? Are they based off asian or western superstition?

Also, what is our motivation for helping them? Is it an intrinsic good feel or because they threaten our very existance?

I plan to use both asian and western superstitious as a foundation for the ghosts. Western ghosts are far more calm, only appearing at places they had visited when they live. Eastern ghosts are more violent and destructful, amd often the only way to cleanse them is by exorcism.

Depends on their backstory, the MC have different reason to help the ghost. This can be changed, however, with every ghost that s/he encounter.

Sounds interesting. Good luck

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●We were around 16 when the accident happen. The character is a 2nd year high school student.

● The story start when the character is still a kid, hearing a bedtime story from their grandparent. Then it jumps to the present day, where we are introduced to the side characters. The accident happen and, after recovering from it, the character find themselves with the ability to gaze into another world. The ghost world.

● There are 3 methods to ‘help’ the ghosts:

  1. Find what keep them attached to the world and help them get over it
  2. Forcibly cleanse them, the old way (might cause the ghost to fight you)
  3. ‘Box’ the ghost, keeping it inside an object and stash it somewhere

There are some ghosts that require different methods to ‘help’, making the gameplay more interesting for every player.

● Yes, there are others like us. However, they are born with the ability, where we obtain it after the accident. (Google “Indigo Children” for reference) They can see each other’s aura, including yours. You, as the character, can’t do it since your ability is not inborn.

● For an end game, I want to make a duel against the forces of ghosts and the ghost hunter(s). There might be a world domination ending ;^)

● So far, I’m only focusing on the main plot, but maybe I can make some chapters for some of the supporting characters so the players can learn their background.

cough so yeah. So far, I am planning a few side characters as love interest. The player can pick to be either a boy or a girl. No gender restriction on love. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

edit: so many typo


Strange question, but will the RO be a human or a ghost? Also could we have a ghost side-kick type of thing? It would add some humor to the story.

Another request from my dark side: Could we command ghosts in return for sending them to their afterlife to possess humans and let me control the human indirectly? Idk why I asked this, just thought it would be fun.(Warning: Dark Side speaking).

  1. Yes! Ghost sidekick 4 lyfe! I did plan to add some ghostly love interest, so no doubt it will be ingame.

  2. Remember method 3?

Definitely will bookmark. Can’t wait for an official demo!

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It sounds like the plot to Ghost Town: http://m.imdb.com/title/tt0995039/

A comedy made in 2008.

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Do you know the webcomic Paranatural? Because that’s generally how they deal with dangerous spirits. And then they use the objects to gain superpowers…

Always good to know.

Well, it certainly sounds interesting; good luck with the game! :smile:

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I love this its sounds so awesome

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