[WiP] Lords of Aswick: Voice of God (and some news)



Well, first I’d like to rephrase the idea correctly. I wasn’t thinking of the complete family tree and more like the list of earls who inherited the Earldom. After all, after the founder there’s still the brother or up to two sons to continue the line. The idea is to show name and family name, which earl he is (2nd, 3rd, …) and how they’re related to the former earl (son of, brother of, nephew of, …).
I imagined something like this :

  1. the feature should be in the stats (of course) , remember in the first game where you could choose too learn about the geography of Norwall and heraldry ? I thought of that.
  2. for the display something simple, simply a list that shows each generation of earl with perhaps the wife, something easy. The names between the the 2nd and 5th earl could be either randomly generated or up to the player.

Whatever, if Teo chooses to consider it I’m sure he’ll figure it out since he’s more familiar with the engine.


I had no idea you could have a bastard child how did you manage that?


Here’s how it goes. When at the feast in Valmagne in chapter 3 you’re giving the courting options remember ? Choose the one “with the ribbons in her her hair, she seems fun” , her name is Marguerite of Dumas. Speak about the war, then turn your charms on her and go with the flow. Later in the game send her a letter for marriage and she might show up with a baby boy, your Bastard you can legitimize. If not, reload chapter 3 then try again. :slight_smile:


Lords of Aswick was my first novel i bought, i like it very much and i am looking forward for the changes in FohB and the second game Voice of God. I am a straight guy and i am very interested in playing your game because i think you have a great idea to let us see how a woman can play an interesting role in the man dominated scenario you created with Lords of Aswick. I did not play the demo yet but i will and i think if it is as interesting as your first book i will enjoy it. Keep up your good work and entertain us with your vision further. I hope to read not only Voice of God in this series, give us some more books :slight_smile: .



This fits for a game based on hereditary stries, but it feels a bit too much, a bit too complicated to implement, and it seems to have little return, just for a list with the names of the former Earls.


Not a bad idea but as mentioned before, this game will focus on the religious side of things. An easier and more practical way to implement this would be in a scene where the MC is being tutored and has to recite all the Earls that came before her father.


that actually could mesh a little bit better I think that’s a pretty good idea.


Or why not like this, yes, that sounds good.


Is this going to involve inheriting the Earldom itself? I can’t remember the specifics but I don’t recall female-inheritance (forgot the word) being very popular or supported in Norwall. Though considering the scope of your games I wouldn’t be surprised if we ended up nudging how people view female leaders, especially if we already had the Warrior Queen. I’m not even all that bothered by forced female gender-lock.

Either way I’m pretty hyped, I wasn’t a huge fan of LoA at first, it felt like a dynastic shield generator, but I kept playing it and discovering new things and came to love it for its incredibly branching story, including the very fleshed out Crusading portion. It’s one of my most played CS games. I remember playing multiple times just to get the Protector of Dumas title (what was even the variable for the woman’s pregnancy? It felt really low)


I don’t think so. Normally when someone enters the Church they’re removed from the line of succession. I think it’s the same in LoA.


Normally when people enter into a holy order they are renouncing all claims and connections to family at least formally.

There could be a little nursery rhyme our information about the Earls the names of the Earls but who they were what they did with their famous for character traits etc.


Yea I actually play the games, that should be apparent as I know the subject matter of both this demo and the author’s previous several efforts. My point is this these games are largely adventure stories, like you’d see in a historical fiction, fantasy novel or comic book. Clergy and liturgy being parsed is basically not that exciting, sure if you were a tank mechanic that likely was boring too but stories about violent conflict are far more interesting to read which is why they dominate the genre.


In the Hosted Games section, the number of Gender Locked males is what is being referred to. As of this moment, there isn’t any Gender-Locked females, but there are at least 6 Gender Locked Males currently there. Guns and Sabres of Infinity, Lords of Aswick game, The Great Tournament, Tale of a Kingdom: Swamp Castle, A Study in Steampunk: Choice of Gaslight

Choice of Romance allows you to play as male. Around the third page, you get this choice:
Oh, before we go any further: you are your parents’ eldest child, but are you an eldest daughter or an eldest son?

But as @JimD had said earlier, I won’t go on in this vein for the gender locking issue.


Feedback is only warranted if it is: constructive, supportive and most importantly relevant Sometimes negative feedback meets those requirements but most of the time it not constructive, supportive nor relevant.

The fact that you bought his story is irrelevant to this story - if you have feedback for Lords of Aswick then, please post that in the proper feedback thread.

Your feedback provided in two posts in this thread is: “I find this story to be a tedious and boring effort.” Instead of taking one sentence to say this, you pile destructive feedback about how you miss other WiPs and how you think this WiP related to some other book (which is again irrelevant).

Your claim about gender-locked stories is false and just plain wrong on several factual bases. Choice of Romance is non-gender-locked … while the majority in reality are male-locked.

Your last sentence, while neutral in its constructive use, is frankly speaking totally irrelevant because the author has stated this is a non-mutable feature of his story-game and one which is not open for discussion.

I think its fair to say, you made your feedback known: that you feel the story is tedious and boring. beyond that you are starting to be harassing and demanding of @Goshman.


Brother there’s entire reformation storyline where we can become one the leaders and reform the church become the head of Norwell church or in the holy mother church storyline the Exarch The sword and voice of the holy father. The person the holy Father send in to get Kings to kneel. Even a bigger breaking gender norm become a female Holy Father and deal with the counterreformation of the church. Please tell me how that’s not exciting.


Because religious politics makes a poor adventure story. Religious politics is generally a bunch of old people standing around bickering over slightly different interpretations of religious orthodoxy and engaging in the narcissism of small differences.


Brother I bet you money I can make an interesting game about the Council of Nicaea or the life of Saint Augustine of Hippo Who was Both of philosopher of a theologian. Like most of the brilliant church fathers. Or the life of saint Gregory I or the Anglo-Saxon missionaries. Besides that. My friend this game is not about adventure it’s a four book generational Saga about a dynasty. And their most significant members, for Least possibly the most significant member. So both the gender switch and the clerical priest view point are important when we are dealing with a patriarchal society and two we are getting a view of the clerics which is distinctly different then the gentry nobility. Where the first game was about traditional avenues of power. This one is about the theological and spiritual understanding and how those traditional avenues can be a bend or broken. Also did you miss the part where we could be into the position to make kings Kneel. Or becoming the Holy Father besides just not being the head of the Mother church, but in their own right oh ruler secular ruler of their own country. Oh yeah they are the only ones with the ability to Crown Emperor.


If you didn’t want to rock the boat and he would’ve kept the gender locked as male. That’s what literally everybody was expecting. And I was initially very curious how is my pull this off. So far looks fantastic in his writing looks like it’s gotten better. Chris brother if you haven’t played the game yet you can’t properly criticize it. If you enjoy the author you should give it the college try or maybe even wait till it’s done.

Don’t even bring price in to the equation on many of these games cost less to getting a double espresso.


There is a school of thought that even the most absurd subject matter can be made into a compelling story if told well enough. Jim Butcher wrote a whole series premised on pokemon and a lost roman legion being two ideas that could not possibly constitute a good story. He spun it into five or six novels that did pretty well. On the other hand I don’t like the demo. I’m interested in what has become of the descendants of the previous game but I have no particular skin in any game of fake theology. It doesn’t come up in the previous game so the tie in is pretty loose, and as a subject matter it isn’t particularly compelling from my point of view. Nor does making it a female protagonist do anything for me.


I stated quite clearly I played the demo and I didn’t like it several times. Nor do I really think it particularly edgy to make a main character female when the board probably is populated with 60% female users. It’s pandering more than anything.