[WIP] Joint Venture: Alignment (UPDATED CHAPTER 3 AGAIN 10K NEW WORDS 25/02/2021)

Can you tell me where exactly? I somehow couldn’t find between the lines of messy codes :’) would be much appreciated

I think you got it. I played it again and didn’t find that error.


Hey guys! I’ve made a few changes I’d like to share with you. I’ll probably be able to update the demo in February, but here are two major things:

  1. I’ve decided to cancel Daphne as an RO. She won’t have enough scrrentime later on to have a full arch and I don’t want to give you any scraps. She’ll still appear every now and then.

  2. There will be a love triangle involving Mercy & Arrow! The route will lock somewhere in the middle of the first book. (Only for this one, I haven’t decided when exactly the others will be.)

well that’s roulette for you lmao.

In order to kill everyone you have to go down a specific route! But it can also happen that a character dies because you have failed to meet a certain requirement. Enjoy it nevertheless~


This is really cool I love me some spys lol

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I’m so invested in this WIP already! I can’t get Lei off of my mind and I cried like twice thinking about Eric lol


I love your inclusion of kurwa, scheisse, mierda and merde in choice of profanity :joy:

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Story wise it is really good so far, I like your writing style. Will have to give it another once over but overall I liked it so far. My only disappointment is clay is straight and the other options just aren’t for me Haha. Guess I’m a lone wolf for this one :wink:


✩。:•.── JV: Demo Update ──.•:。✩

Joint Venture Update 24/02/2021

Chapter 3 1/4

Hey gang, I did it! I wrote the beginning of chapter three with the first of two major branches. Chapter 3 will be a huge chunk, so I’m updating one at a time, but I think it’s shaping better than the original plan! I’m excited to delve deeper in the group dynamics and gave you a small insight.

Total word count (without codes): 75.350 average playthrough: 28.680 new to this update: 11.650

  • I slightly altered Candy’s way of talking for my offended bros out there :joy:
  • fixed Daphne’s continuity error
  • apologize to Chal if you called her a bitch
  • first flirt/friend scenes with the ROs
  • updated character descriptions
  • changed variables (save systems are already screwed, so I used the opportunity :P)
  • FIXED THE SAVE SYSTEM! No more mix up with MS

I will be working on the rest, but it might take even longer, since I had the genius idea to have three subroutes for each branch with the option to fail miserably, so prepare for skill checks! (they won’t be too hard tho)

I hope you enjoy this small update :slight_smile:

Peace out :v:t2:


WARNING : There’s a fairly explicit NSFW scene with Candy and it’s only availabon my tumblr. Many images won’t show up, since I forgot about those hahah. Tell me if it still works.


Damn, now I have to know what this was about :joy:
Excited to dig in. Would you recommend having more than one project? Some authors say it helps with inspiration.

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Love that we have 30 year old ROs, now I don’t feel so old lol

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You should at least make Chal Bi. I have been flirting with her with my female MC.


I visited your tumblr blog and can I just tell you how pleased I am to hear ‘jailbreak’ hahahah!

I am inlove with Mercy and Clay btw <3 love this game!

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There’s a lesbian and bi female to go after, right now there’s a straight male and female making things even.

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I updated it again, so sorry for the inconvenience :sweat_smile:

No. But I can’t help myself haha. There would be more if I had the chance to manage them all (I’d be dead tho)


I know but I like Chal the best probably due to her Latina heritage.

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I really like the update! I found a bug though, if Clay’s your most liked his scene doesn’t show up

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  1. limp
  2. proving hard to (i think)
    3.pick up

    where is Clay’s flirt?

If you choose any of these, Clay’s relationship does not go up


Possibly a bug but I couldn’t get the scene for Mercy or Clay, instead I kept getting Lei’s scene. I never flirted with Lei but his relationship status was always higher then Mercy’s or Clays.

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No bug, not all characters are included in the scene! I wanted to give you some opportunities to form friendships too, not only flirts. (come on guys bromance)

It’s only Chal, Mel, Arrow and Lei for now. The one with the highest stat shows up!

Candy only shows up, if you met certain requirements,

such as kissing her in chapter two.

It doesn’t go up if you’re playing as a non-binary or male! But I will look into that one and thanks for the others too!! Much appreciated <3

He’s with Candy and Mel, remember?

Ehh, there was someone who told me that Candy sounds “black”. It was more of a joke (or so I hope), but I’m taking no risks isadhgsiuhg