WiP: Invicto (UPDATE: 11/12/2022)

Very intriguing and mysterious so far, I like the horror movie vibe of the haunted house chapter. As for customization options, I’d really like the option to have red hair. It’s the first thing people notice about me so it feels weird having a customizable character that’s not a redhead.


tis immaculate chefs kiss

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Oh, I’m on it! No worries about that haha

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Hey guys! I have a poll up :slight_smile:


I’d vote, but there is no ‘neither’ option. :sweat_smile: This may be an unpopular view, but I personally prefer to stick to the forum. Tumblr is usually clattered by RO asks, and while I prefer Discord, I usually stick only to the “Announcements/Updates” channel.


I won’t shut down this page or anything even if I created one/two of the aforementioned options, so dw.


Ah, that’s a great news. Thank you for clarifying. I recall few WIPs that either started here, then the author stopped following forums (even though WIP is still being updated) or started here, created additional websites, and then switched to Twine (and topic on forum became useless anyway) so now I’m a little… Leery?

As for the poll, Tumblr doesn’t really allow discussion between people, so I’d vote for Discord.


Nw. I’m mostly just interested in gauging general interest before launching any additional pages.


I love this can NOT wait for more!

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@Tuunetoon loving the game thus far I recall trying it out a while back and it looks even better on a new playthrough so congrats :smiley: I’m really looking forward to seeing more and had some thoughts but will half to play through again to make sure I got them right in my head lol. Will probably play again sometime in the next 24 hours and then put them down here.

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Glad to hear it! I think I might revise some segments of the earlier parts in the story when I get the chance; work and life are demanding right now, so it’s been difficult to find the time. But I’m plotting and conceptualizing every day, so work is slow but steady.

Right now I’m writing/pacing the fourth chapter, and by all means I’d love some feedback!!

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Yeah I know how life can be and no worries I for one shall look forward to whatever you put forth :smiley:… And now that I’m not at work I can relax and thought about it some in the first few opening parts where we start off it’s a interesting way of doing it and putting forth the story but at that first part there is a section of my brain that’s like I want to know more.
so I can gauge how I want mc to react because as it stands now feels like acting with out context lol but no worries I know it’s part of how you intend it to be.

PS: there is a part of me that wants to kill that which resides in the cave and wants a legitimate way to do so lol so I hope as we get further into the story that it’s a option.

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Hi everyone, I thought I’d share a brief update about my plans.

I have been working on the latest chapter for a few weeks. Between my job and other obligations, it’s been difficult to find time, but I really am passionate about following this story through! I have a general sense of the plotline for this game, where I want the plot to go, but I might make changes as I go along. (I’m a plantser to the end!)

Current chapter I’m working on is about 14k words at the moment. After I finish this chapter, the MC will have progressed to the beginning of the main plot. I will also go back and edit earlier chapters after I finish this one, and upload all of that in my next update. After that, I’ll consider if it might be wise to branch out to discord and/or tumblr, or stay on CoG forums.

In this next chapter, we are going to be meeting MC about 5 years later, and meet at least two more ROs. We’ll also get a preview of some of the upcoming characters. Stay tuned, I’m excited to share with everyone!! :smiley:

Question: are some of these preliminary chapters dragging a little? I’ve considered making them shorter, as I realize that we’ve taken a bit of time to get to the main plot.


For me at least would half to play again and I will at some point to be sure :smiley: but I’m enjoying what you have and the pacing for I like getting to know the characters. So for now I say it’s just fine as is and really looking forward to what comes next.

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I’ll be honest they do drag just a bit however I feel the beginning chapters as they are are necessary to establish a connection to our adoptive sister and be invested when she disappears. Now a question in the five year gap how old will our Mc be if I remember right at the time they are 16 meaning at the start of the next chapter they will be 21 so will we have a chance to decide what our Mc has been pursuing since the kidnapping I always imagine my MC not going college in order to pick up a job as a police officer so he could look for her

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There is an option to not go to college, or to go to college depending on how your MC is. There is a college alumni background for the MC as well as a working background. MC was sixteen when they met Caroline and seventeen when she disappeared, making them about 22 now.

Currently, the way I’m planning the stats system is that MC will have two inherent proficiencies out of charm, brains, and brawn (a primary proficiency and secondary one). The primary proficiency is determined by the MC’s major/job, the secondary one is determined by the interests which they specified early on in the second chapter. There are two majors/jobs per route which could give the MC one of the three primary proficiencies. An active form of law enforcement would be part of the brawn/strength proficiency. I thought about some seedier professions that the more rebellious MCs could get involved in, but eventually I decided it would make the story too complicated too early on.

The MC’s career will not be a huge feature in the context of the current story, but it will let them build certain skills and also develop their backstory.


Hey everyone, I’m giving an update on progress!

Chapter 4 is (roughly) finished! This weekend I’m going to go back and make note of the changes I want to make for this next update and polish everything up! Hopefully the Chapter will be out at the very latest by the end of next week. It currently:

  • is 33k+ words in length
  • includes two possible routes for adult MC (working and college track) and two possible jobs or majors to give MC a skills boost
  • features two major character introductions :eyes:
  • gives us more history of Yarnfaire and the YOCH
  • leads us into the main plotline!!

In the meantime, I also drew a few of the major characters from the last few chapters for visual reference :slight_smile:

Here are Caroline (left) and Mila (right) in their uniforms!:


And this is Isabella (left) and Mike (right) in Chapter 3!:



Yay can not wait. This is by far my favorite wip!


So, I haven’t been able to release the new version this weekend, but progress has been slow and steady. I’m putting the finishing touches on this last chapter and have revamped a few segments of the previous chapters.

I want to get the new chapter out ASAP, but I also want to make sure that it plays smoothly and the story flows well. It will be out in approximately the next few days! <3


This has officially been updated! To be honest, I’m burnt tf out right now so I’m gonna say goodnight and check back tomorrow if there are any outstanding issues. Have a good one!