[WIP] In Stasis And In Space (M/M Romance Space Opera) 🎨 Update at #102


WARNING: this contains adult themed scenes, some strong language, alcohol consumption, and drug use. Depending on the route, players may choose to romance their adopted sibling which some may find disturbing.

Please keep this thread clean from such discussions and proceed to the NSFW Thread if you wish to do so.


"In Stasis And In Space" is a gay romance space opera where you play as the younger brother of the Commander of Soteria Infinity: a residential ark on an expedition to find a new home planet. Tensions arise as outlaws begin to sabotage the ark, and it is your mission to resolve it at all costs.

Embark on an adventure between worlds, side with factions in existing civilizations, and build relationships among four different species in the ark, all the while reminding your overprotective brother that you are capable holding a gun.


  • M/M romance-focused with elements of sci-fi, action, and drama.
  • 5 romanceable characters of different species (including a man with a tail, a man with an octopus for a head, and a very hairy He-man.)
  • Micromanage your skills and increase your Credit Score in turn-based events.
  • Guns and bombs and political dispute! Yey!


To see the :question: FAQ, visit the NSFW thread by clicking the link below.


❤️ ROs Infocard

:beginner: Commander Kell [ The Protective Brother ]

Formidable, domineering, and the leader of the ark, Commander Kell strikes both fear and hope to the people of Soteria Infinity. He bears an iron hand that most would not want to cross with. Lucky for you, he brings you a hand of a caring older brother, putting you in the most special place in his heart that no one else can replace.

  • [ Age ] : 30
  • [ Species ] : Tresterian
  • [ Appearance ] : grey skin; ruby red eyes; a towering height; and hairless from head to toe.
  • [ Preference ] : top

:beginner: Rex Reynolds [ The Best Friend ]

A famous movie actor and your best friend, Rex follows you around like a puppy on a leash. Charismatic and jovial, he brands himself as a sex bomb to all genders and species, pulling anyone with his perfect face and toothpaste-commercial smile. He likes the attention, and he likes the praise and the worship. But most of all, he likes to be seen by the only person he cares in the ark. If only that person’s older brother wasn’t such an overprotective cockblock…

  • [ Age ] : 27
  • [ Species ] : Human
  • [ Appearance ] : bright blue eyes; strawberry blond hair; well-trimmed beard; and light trails of hair across his body.
  • [ Preference ] : versatile

:beginner: Dr. Micah DeGuzman [ The Doctor ]

When your older brother insisted on getting you a personal doctor, Dr. DeGuzman proved that he is up for the task. Friendly and professional, Micah is still surprisingly fit for his age of 40s. But his life story is no better than the next guy who boarded the ark, and now he seeks companionship. Hopefully, someone who can love him and his daughter altogether.

  • [ Age ] : 40
  • [ Species ] : Human
  • [ Appearance ] : short and curly brown hair; hazelnut eyes; thick mustache on a stubbled chin and a hairy physique; an occasional gym-goer with a growing belly.
  • [ Preference ] : versatile

:beginner: Engr. Horris Beckhan [ The Mechanic ]

Horris wasn’t dragged in willingly, but every second of seeing his brother-in-law makes him want to open a window and get vacuumed out to space. You first meet him during the mission briefing, and the way he and his brother argue is so foreign to you. Who else is he under that rebellious persona? And what can you do to strip him from it?

  • [ Age ] : 25
  • [ Species ] : Human
  • [ Appearance ] : stone grey eyes; thick black hair tied to a ponytail; has a piercing on his left eyebrow and a tattoo sleeve on his right arm.
  • [ Preference ] : bottom

:beginner: Aibel Ashtom [ The Spy ]

An Empyrean spy who is believed to conspire against the Galactic Union, Abe becomes a prisoner in the early days since the ark launched in space. Why he revealed himself so easily remains a riddle, and it is up to you to understand the purpose of his espionage in Soteria Infinity.

  • [ Age ] : 31
  • [ Species ] : Cuverian
  • [ Appearance ] : hairless and turquoise-colored skin; obsidian black eyes; tall and lanky with a bundle of facial tentacles draping his mouth.
  • [ Preference ] : bottom

:beginner: Vee’ho Orza [ The Tribe Leader ]

Living on a distant planet, isolated and primal, Vee’ho and his tribesmen know nothing of the outside world. They worship only one god, and His evil counterpart must be stopped. However, your accidental arrival in their fatherlands is untimely, and now you are forced to live with these cavemen until you figure out how to get back to your ark.

  • [ Age ] : ???
  • [ Species ] : Orza
  • [ Appearance ] : long grey hair and beard draping to his chest; pointy ears; a god-like height; a blanket of body fur on his chest, and gauntlet-like fur on his forearms.
  • [ Preference ] : top


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Looove it so far!!! How dare you leave it on such a cliffhanger lol!! Is our adopted brother a ro? Cause he’s giving me those vibes lol. Also is there a reason, how come we are human and not any of the other races? I can’t wait for more, so far it’s definitely giving me mass effect vibes. :purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart:


Hey! Just wanted to say that I enjoyed reading the chapter. Exited for what’s next!

As an unabashed gay man, I get hooked by the M/M romance options :slightly_smiling_face:

The aesthetics on the screen is quite cool!

Would you consider adding a glossary accessible through the stat screen to explain the characteristics of different species? This way, players can refer to the glossary to refresh their memories on what a tresterian is, for example, and who is of what species. Something like this, for example:

Example from Keeper of Sun and Moon

Can I assume that the different locations of ark map will serve more purpose in future updates? So far they are only flavor texts.

I would recommend you doing a detailed proofreading of your writing because there are grammatical errors and typos at nearly every page. I sympathize with you because I too make many mistakes in my writing as a non-native English speaker.

Examples of errors

Inconsistent tense: it often switches between present tense and past tense when it shouldn’t. e.g.

All verbs should be in present tense here because everything happens at the same time the character observes the scene.

Another example:

“what makes the man smile” should be “what made the man smile”

The array of statistics pods travels. The array is singular so you need the s. Also, there should be a question mark after “Is someone messing with the thermostat” because it’s a question.

Soteria Infinity. You still couldn’t believe it. Deep in outer space, sailing through the void like a submarine on an expedition. Your dad would have been proud if he was still alive.

Should be were. See here for explanation.

All in all, it looks good so far. I’d be following your future work.


Ahhh I really love it!! Can’t wait for the next update :heart:(> ਊ <):heart:

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You did an amazing job with this one. Managed to get me hooked from the very beginning which is very hard for me to do. Felt that betrayal to my bones. Cant wait for more!

Damn the cliffhanger- This is amazing, I would like to marry Rex like…rn please​:sob::sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart:

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Hi! :alien:

That will be included in the next update :slight_smile: I totally missed it in my to-do list!

Yes, the different parts of the map will be relevant in the succeeding chapters. I also plan on adding rewards for players who decide to explore every room in Chapter 1 (i.e. items that increase your skill XP).

omg I’m really sorry about that. I should have checked it more! I’m currently using Grammarly as we speak, so a minor update will be up soon. Thanks for the pointing out the errors :smiley:


Originally, I had it planned for the MC to choose their race but found it difficult to describe them without resorting into an info dump. So, I ended up with something we can all relate to.

… and thank you all for the kind words :blush: Chapter 2 is currently in the works, and I hope I get to post it in the middle of June (or earlier!).


Your bar Screen so cool l really enjoying and Kell MC Brother He ist adorable.l confused a little about Species :joy:but Can’t wait next chapter

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I’m really liking the visual identity of your game (strange thing to say about a text-based game): it’s really distinct and adds to the atmosphere.
Plus, I didn’t know you could have multiple choices on the same page! So thanks for showcasing that :smiley:

I haven’t finished the demo yet (really liking what I’ve read so far) but I was wondering what kind of feedback you’re looking for, before I offer any.

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Bugs, inconsistencies, and odd paragraphs that might be due to the coding. I’m currently working on the grammar and typos so please hold on to that until I do the next update :slight_smile: Other than those, please feel free to say what you have in mind, even suggestions about what you would like to see in the next chapters.

And thank you for appreciating the design!
Here is a link on how to choose multiple options in a single page.


That was an incredible start, I’m really floored! :heart_eyes_cat:

I love the general ambience of the thing, and I’m really curious about the direction the story will take.
I also have to say - the game looks GORGEOUS, especially when playing on black background. I would go as far as suggest you actually tell people on the first page it’s best played on black background and if they didn’t already, give them the option to switch to it. For example on the same screen as the maps and romance emblem.
I don’t mind the bare ChoiceScript games look, it’s perfectly fine, but I have to admit when an author goes beyond themself to do something that looks like an actual user interface, it’s incredible.
Another thing I’ve really enjoyed is how customizable the MC is, appeareance wise. A perk of having a gender-locked MC, I guess. And well, since I always have male MCs, this is perfect!
And the XP system? Chef’s kiss!

I agree with previous commenters about various typos and so on here and there, but since you’ll be checking that out, there was no need for me to list them. I didn’t see any issues other than that - at least in my run.

Now, I guess I have a small suggestion.
It would be nice if there was some mention somewhere related to the MC and Rex both having blond hair and blue eyes, if such is MC’s appeareance. For example when Rex appears and is first described, and his hair and eye color are mentionned, MC could think something like “what’s the big deal, I also have blond hair and blue eyes”. Or well, someone else could mention it. I can very well imagine Kell getting grumpy and saying he doesn’t understand what people see in Rex considering MC has the same attributes and sports them so much better, or something like that :rofl:
And well, I’d love a codex or something with species’ descriptions - I feel like that’ll become very useful very soon. For example, I can’t for the love of me picture exactly what Kell looks like, especially the tail type - it seems to be a thin and flexible tail, considering he can crack it like a whip or use it to wrap the MC, but that aside…

But man, I love Kell so much. By far my favorite big bro in IF!
I’m extremely curious as to what you have in store for him. With the way he acts around MC, he acts the way a RO could, but since they are brothers, I don’t know what to think.
I mean, I wouldn’t be opposed to him being a RO nor to him NOT being a RO - I’m honestly just extremely curious. :thinking:

That cliff hanger though! Aaaack! :sob:

Well, I think all of that can be summed up to - I am so excited and hyped and I love it! :revolving_hearts:

Now, with that being said, I have a question that may seem a bit dumb, but oh well, considering this game seems to focus heavily on romance, I guess it’s not out of place.
The player can really customize the MC, they can decide what’s MC starting relationship with Rex, if they like alcoholic beverages or not… But can we decide if MC was in previous relationships or not at all? This is something I really like in games, and I feel like way too many games with adult MCs assume MC has experience in dating / physical relationships already.


I’m pretty sure you can say that you had a previous relationship with Rex [not sure about his name? didn’t focus much on him] but not sure about anything else about that subject, perhaps it’ll be brought up later in game?

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Yes, it’s possible! But the last option is a “friends only” one.
What I would love to have is the possibility to have a MC without previous experience, via a later choice (something that would obviously be barred to players who had previously answered their MC was in a relationship with Rex).

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I love the layout. The build up & that cliffhanger got me hooked for more

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That’s genius! I’ll add these kinds of options so the MC doesn’t look like a gray character despite having so many customisations.

I haven’t thought of that, but I’m putting it in my drawing board and see where it fits. T̶ɪ̶ᴍ̶ᴇ̶ ̶ᴛ̶ᴏ̶ ̶ᴍ̶ᴀ̶ᴋ̶ᴇ̶ ̶ʙ̶ɪ̶ɢ̶ ̶ʙ̶ʀ̶ᴏ̶ ̶ᴊ̶ᴇ̶ᴀ̶ʟ̶ᴏ̶ᴜ̶s̶


So there seems to be a bug with the stats (at least, the Technology one, I haven’t tried with the others).


When picking the choices related to Technology, I get this screen:

Which I would interpret as 20/100 for Driving and Technology, rather than 70/100 for Tech?

And when I go to do the Eclectrical Wiring job, I get bonus points to Technology,

Until it reverts back to zero:

Otherwise, really liking what you have written so far!

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I’m pretty sure that the “n/100” is the experience points while the yellow boxes are the “Levels”

That makes sense!
Maybe it needs some sort of short explanation to avoid other people getting confused like I did :sweat_smile:

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Well this certainly seems interesting, especially with that ending. I’ll have to make sure to keep tabs on this and see how it goes!

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