[WIP] In Stasis And In Space (M/M Romance Space Opera) [now with Tumblr! wowee]

I guess you could have two “first times” set (like set “early first time” / “late first time” as true), and make variations to the story based on that?

Is it still possible to start a romance or merely show interest early, but avoid going for “more” for the time being?


For Kell, he will have plenty of moments where MC can stall the intimate scenes with him (I’m foreseeing that it might even be one of the endings of the story). His subplot is more on the emotional side compared to Rex.


Ah I can’t wait for more update :> thank you for the reply


Great to hear your plan for chapter 2! I think “daily routine” or “routine job” may be a better term for turn based events, as the MC is doing his everyday job.

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Is there anything done with the secret code? I changed the weather but nothing happened :eyes:

There should be a reward if you input the correct code. Did you get the code from Abe in the prison cell?

How It Should Look Like

If you got the code from Abe, you should have an item like this in your inventory…

Then, after entering the code in the Central Park…

If you put the correct code, hit the “Change the weather” again and it should look something like this…

If your enter an incorrect code, this should be what it would look like…


I’m not the best with male heights :sweat_smile:, so I was wondering for the heights, how tall is the average height?

Actually, that’s a pretty good question. Between artificial gravity, and average nutritional intake, that could vary a lot by scientific standards. That said, I don’t have anything against it just being the current averages we have on earth. We know the MC, Rex, and even Kell lived there since their respective childhoods.


Kell is a yandere and I unhealthily support it.


ohh I didn’t change weather again after completing the code. Thanks!

I purposefully made it vague because I understand that average height varies across the world. Except for alien species who are absurdly tall, I try not to mention any specific values in their height and let the reader’s imagination decide for them.

I tweaked it a bit and made it so the notification will pop up as soon as you enter the correct code :slight_smile: I’ll have it up on the next update.


Hello :alien:

For NSFW players, there is an important poll in the other thread, Post #145

Poll will remain open for a long period, or until an obviously distant number of votes appear in the result.


New to this thread and uh, I love it??? Kell is adorable and I don’t think I can get enough of him can’t say he’s my fsvorite yet because I haven’t met the others but hooo boy it’s gonna be tough deciding
also (digging up old posts) but I love picturing as a mixture between the two pictures, like the anthro version but with the ridges and mixture of the skin of the more mumanoid one… does that make sense?

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I really wish I can magically make a list of ROs for you, but I’m being careful until I actually finalize my outline. The con of having a hyperactive brain, ugh. My ideas are firing everywhere.

I’m glad that you enjoyed this! I’m so excited in releasing Chapter 2 (probably by July) :heart: