WIP Grey Swan - Birds of a Rose small bugfix update 29.05.24

Here is the bug error I encountered in the update when picking the third option in this scene:

I think I also found a bug

I will post it soon!

Thank you, it has been fixed!

Thanks, it has been fixed!

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Hi! Lovin this story! I don’t know if this is the end of the demo or a bug.

I found another bug - just trying to make it through the updates :sob:


So sorry that Fuchsia and my bird brain are giving you troubles :frowning:

Been fixing bugs nonstop until randomtest crashed (and keeps freezing for some reason…) but I got a pass from quicktest at least, so damn I hope it at least did some good and you guys can finally see some of the update!

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Next update will actually shed a lot of light on that one :smiley:


Thats my goal! Surely MC will be able to laugh about it one day too.

Am planning on doing that soon, just need to work on a wording I like!


Why am I thinking of all the things that Chase can do while thinking “i can take any punishments they can dish out” then he gets in trouble and the elders just tell someone while talking to Chase “go fetch MC, you’re dismissed Chase” and Chase is like “now hang on why am i not in trouble and why do you want MC?” While hes getting escorted from the office and poor MC gets punished for it :((


Funnily enough exactly this happens with the Doves! So have fun! (I hope you can reach it… my cside is still freezing when I try to do anything)
Chase is not very happy about it…

“Oh damn, now someone else depends on me behaving well.”
Plus you can bet there will be a few scenes like that! :smiley:


I managed to play through a Doves route with no issue and I loved it MC is like “I dont mind it’d be wrong to not follow through with what we’re taught and not take the punishment” and Chase gave off the vibes of “Bruh that’s not normal thinking you done nothing to warrant you being punished. Like you know you can say no to it right?”


@Schrodinger Hey, don’t you have a Tumblr or no? I feel like i saw an intro post at some point but can’t find it. So maybe i’m mistaken.

This is really good so far!!

Nevermind, I found it!! I was putting the wrong @ name.

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Should I maybe post a link to it so that others can find it easier :joy:?
But feel free to ask me anything over on tumblr :slight_smile:

I am glad you like it!

You dont get the Chase conversation at the Raven volery meeting unless you donated blood? (Just making sure this was intentional :3)

Yeah thats intentional! You need to donate blood for that, otherwise you have no reason to not attend typical training. (same goes for riders btw)

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I gotcha! It felt just a little odd with everything being the exact same as if you did donate except the donation bit itself and a Chase interaction dont happen. It ended up feeling a teensy like you missed out on reading instead of reading something different. If that makes sense : P(I mightve missed something i was reading at work xD)

I am going to add more stuff and also more stuff if you chose to donate but some volerys will mainly stay the same (for example dove, cause you dont really work, or swans, cause the tarsus doesnt give a shit).

However MC can get every important information no matter what is choosen, just maybe at a later time.


Hi! Here are my thoughts after playing through the updates:

  • The cleanup looks good from the first post to now! Good job!

  • I am a little confused on how the RO’s work. As a Female MC who is with Fuchsia, I am
    assuming just because they are both woman. Will there be more chances to interact with Chase and Thrush as the story goes on?

  • I have been playing the social media route. Hiding for those who have not played it yet and do not want a spoiler. The chat is pretty fun. Will the person you are chatting to be a later RO?

  • So far, the cult seems charming for me as a player. Maybe I have a terrible red flag indicator as a person but I am not quick to judge. The blood donations are strange, but they don’t seem harmful. Is there a lot that the MC doesn’t know going on behind the scenes or a lot that they know that we as the reader are not aware of?


Thank you for that feedback! I am glad you are still enjoying the story :smiley:

Thank you! Its really hard writing in a foreign language so this is a topic I am a bit insecure about.

You will! The same goes for male MCs with Fuchsia and Astoria. I am planning that in every scene where it is possible you will be able to choose who to spend time with. But such a scene hasnt presented itself yet.

[quote=“kneesama, post:37, topic:137474”] The chat is pretty fun
I just want the excuse to use emojis tbh :joy:

Yes, however I am still working out some stuff with how they will appear in the story. Believe me, they will play a big part in the Peacock storyline later!

Thats my goal! There is a saying I partly forget that suits them so well about how smiling people are still baring their teeth…

Yes to both: there is a lot of stuff the MC simply doesnt know because they are just one of the lowest ranks, but at the same time stuff the reader doesnt yet know because it hasnt come up yet. At least I couldnt fit it in yet without just dumping a bunch of exposition and I dont want to do that.


Are you planning on releasing a patreon or tumblr?

https://schroedingers-kater.tumblr.com and I just added a link with my tumblr on the main post too!
I am flattered you would think people would pay actual money to read what goes on in my little bird brain.