WIP Grey Swan - Birds of a Rose small bugfix update 16.05.24

First small bugfix update:

-managed to make the code work when Droz gets Chase to save MC (it should work for Fuchsia)

I am aware of the horrible mess that is the choosing of who to spend time at your bday, but I literally can not type a sentence on my laptop without ot freezing. I have to transfer everything to my PC… which will be fun. Not.


Another small bugfix update:

I was not aware that Droznik still gets WIng MC punished even if you choose to get together with him… this shouldnt have happened and has now been resolved.

Also: meet the Heron RO!


I wanted to say that when male MC goes to the party and the droznik asks for help from Chase, none of his lines are shown. I realized that there should have been a lot of text only when I replayed the game as a female MC.

I’m also not sure if it’s a bug or not, but if the MC doesn’t turn during the fall, Fuchsia comes along with the Droznik, not Chase. (I’m not sure if it’s a mistake, maybe it’s necessary for the plot). +If we ask the Astoria for help, the scene continues as if we had decided to do nothing.

What party exactly? there are a few…
Also Chase sould show up now, hopeflly.

And yeah that whole new birthday part is horribly horribly broken and people just show up however they like.

I need to fix that code but I cant cause my laptop is slowly dying rn and I cant really use it anymore, which sucks quite a lot


Sounds like a birthday party to me. :laughing:


I wish :sob: I need to rework this whole code…

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The party that MC went to to get power, on their birthday. I just decided to mention it, since it was written above that Chase lines were supposed to work.

So its still not working?? :sob: man this code I swear… I used the same code as Fuchsia… I am so confused… will take another look at it, thanks!

Edit: changed the code a bit and I hope its working now!


In any case, I really like the story and the characters. I replayed the game several times and I constantly found new routes. I’m looking forward to updates🙃


Thank you!

I love coming up with those routes and especially the variations on them, love when you can replay it and find new stuff!


Again bugfix update.

Birthday is still a mess, but the Heron route is now working.

 #Her cool skin against yours makes you shiver... but at the same time you want to keep holding it.
  *set asticrush 1 
  *if ((male = true) or (trans_female = true))
   *set sex false

I’m confused about this. Is this intended?

In line 5579 of bday

*if ((ebez = “freund”) or (ebez = “freundin”)) or (poly “chase_elrond”))
Will he talk to your fellow Songbird?

should it be poly=“chase_elrond”