WIP Grey Swan - Birds of a Rose bugfix update 19.03.24

Just a quick update: I am currently rewriting the open day, expanding and adding more stuff, because I havent been happy with it, while also writing the next update which will already have lots and lots of branching.

I have also posted my second WIP Wisteria Birds, so if you want something more fantastical (low fantasy) check it out: WIP Wisteria Birds - Updated 21.10.23

Regarding updates: I have started a new job that is really shitty and leaves me coming home utterly exhausted. I am still writing, its just going slow. But I am not going to abandon these worlds, I have already poured quite a bit of my heart and soul into those wips and a third one will take place in the same universe at a different time (havent started this yet). (Does this count as a trilogy if its only connected by a cult and what remains of it lol)