[WIP] Greenwarden [UPDATED JUN 30, 2020]


The window locks are untampered with, the curtains undisturbed, all your safeguards are in place – including the plastic cups you set precariously on top of the lower sash, They would have fallen over if someone managed to unlock the window and slide it up. You checked for false panels in the walls and two-way mirrors when you set up shop. Everything is as it should be.

Chapter 2

She cocks her like you just asked a mostly-confusing question, and to be entirely fair to you, you didn’t. You’re not exactly in the business of beating around the bush.


This WIP I sweeeear urg, it gives me allll the feels. I absolutely LOVE it, and love your writing and the characters (Bautista, hit me up I’m single). The update was amazing, and I’m looking forward to seeing more. Keep up the good work! :heart:


Amazing as usual! I love this WIP soooo much, aaargh. Team Bautista ftw :wink:


I saw the game And i really like it!
I’m totally gonna keep an eye in this game :eye::eye::blush::blush:


Oh yes :heart_eyes:. An update to my favorite WIP ! I love the way you wrote my MC. I will replay from the beginning as soon as possible…

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i lost it when nazeri and trace mirror each other, peak comedy. and i also liking the choice to punch nazeri and blackmail them. def gonna blackmail them just to see what will happen

i feel like the end of the current demo is a bit rushed, if you flirt with bautista. the transition between mc’s feelings about other people dying/lying and mc’s feelings for bautista is too sudden? or is it the effect of yearning :sweat_smile:


probably the effect of Yearning™ but also everything’s still in the works and is subject to change


So I stumbled across this on Dashingdon yesterday and honestly…there are so many things I have to say, but what stuck out the most was that this has to be some of the most stunning prose I’ve ever seen. It’s detailed, yet flows even smoother than simpler stories, and every single word used just makes the mood and themes of the story come across stunningly. Like even grammar errors aside. It especially stands out in scene description; the atmosphere of the town and the action scenes felt so immersive - for one, I really liked the part where the MC almost gets eaten by the flesh wendigo thing in the prologue. I was actually sickened reading it. Kudos to Fiddles on that, you’re one of the only people I’ve seen who can pull off writing that kind of horror.

That’s not even going into the interactions - it’s been said before a lot, but Bautista dealing with the panic attack and literally the entire forest segment with Trace afterwards were serious highlights.
Getting to punch Nazeri was cathartic as hell, sure, but it’s also super interesting how them running away played into their character, which is what I love so much about this writing. Plus, the Warden is great. I get that some people don’t like predetermined personality, and it’s true that in some scenes their dialogue can seem jarring, but it’s amazing how their inner feelings fit the narrative - you can really intricately understand both why they act and react to what’s happening around them.

Sorry for getting all gushy, though. I just sincerely look up to people who can convey things like that so well (I had to replay the demo three times just for the writing). Anyhow, gotta say, mad props to you for everything and I’ll definitely be following this WIP in the future, hope it goes far.


hey there campers!!! as some of you might know, May 30th is Greenwarden’s official 1st year anniversary! i’d like to do something special for my baby and the community, but i’m at a loss for what to do

i came up with a quick poll to gauge everyone’s interest. you can find it here!

yall have the choice between Playing Card and Tarot Card illustrations featuring the ROs, pin/sticker designs, and unimplemented spoiler-heavy story snippets. go nuts!


If the freaky owl was trying to offer you help don’t believe it I believe that thing would kill you if it had the opportunity or trying to use you something is not right with that creature and it’s personality it’s like a businessman I once knew

I keep coming back to this WIP and weirdly find a lot of catharsis in it. I think that besides the excellent trans customisation it also has a lot to do with your take on the MC. This feels like one of the few wips where it’s leading up to a personal arc for the MC, since they’re already a somewhat established character.

To me, you hit just the right spot of an already existing person, who’s had their own struggles leading up to who they became and the agency we, the player, get over them! My hopes being that as this goes forward, so will the sort of options we have for our MC’s answers depending on previous choices.

In any case this is a delightful ride over-and-over and with each update I can’t wait to see where it goes!

Good luck with it (though you don’t need it :wink:) and have a nice day!


Absolutely loving the Demo. Can’t wait to play the full game once it’s released.


Sweet update :grin:


OHOHOOO. Good update, thank you!


What an update! I honestly gasped when the MC was able to hurt the thing (and then basically puked after kicking its ass) Payback’s a bitch! Also, Bautista? I love him. Can’t wait to melt his heart. By the way, this is one of my all time favorite WIPs and I can’t wait for more! Keep up the good work :heart:


I really love this story. It’s super different to a lot of what’s up there, and is so far exploring mature themes with the gravitas they deserve. Well done!