WIP: Fallen Hero 2: Retribution - updated 8 decemberr (SPOILER WARNING!)





I will try what I must, to stop you before your evil is complete…


I will leave Los Diablos in ashes your rangers dead, Ortega especially. I will stand among the ashes of millions and Remain.


You’ve will be stopped, May it be Ortega, The Rangers, or even your subconscious…you will be stopped


Nothing will stop me not Even Argent’s Metal Rear will stop my destruction.


If they won’t stop you then your subconscious will…I won’t allow you to harm them


You can’t stop me. Your faith in your friends is your weakness


Your desire to destroy everything you touch will be your downfall…The farm will find you…the farm will destroy you…you will prove their truth…


They won’t destroy me. I will turn them to Ash, the secret crime Lord to Ash, the rangers to Ash, the city to Ash. When I fall I’ll just jump bodies again and again .


You will fall before then…Ortega will beat you…Ortega will realize who you are…You will be broken before her…


No… No she’ll never give up on us. And when I pretend to “See the error of my ways” she’ll let her guard down and I’ll tear out her heart…

( There Is surprisingly few we’re hugging now I’m killing you secretly gifs)


Ortega and Lady Argent will have Faith by their side :wink:


I don’t know why but now I’m imagining puppet waking up and becoming Yandere for Senpai MC because they know us so intimately.


Do you think the puppet still want to work for us after waking up ? :slight_smile:

Or perhaps the puppet will become our enemy as well…



Alright, i never played that game… Am i missing crucial basics of the gameplot here in order to understand the answer? Or did Malin ‘just’ post that song because it is super fantastic and satisfying to listen to?


I think it implies puppet is not gonna be happy how mc has been using them when/if they awaken.


Thank you for silencing my doubts c:


You will burn…like the others…


Oof, faith in humanity is best faith