WIP: Fallen Hero 2: Retribution - updated 8 decemberr (SPOILER WARNING!)



It was stated before too lol. On the other hand- you can, indeed, eat Argent’s ass so it’s not that bad, yes?


She said she’s gonna leave that for the fanfiction though lol. So it’s more like headcanon I guess.


Always looking on the bright side?

This isn’t a porn it’s an adventure drama jeez I never expected it to happen in game I was just wondering about logistics lol.


Of course xD


And the great author has seen the light!!! My Ortega shall be spared and with me to convince you of your wrongful path!


That’s not good. Oh well.
Till next time little herald. I’ll still keep the knives sharp for you. When the time comes. Everyday from morning to sunset.


From the Tumblr:
“Nobody’s safe in book 3… not even the MC…”


Now I don’t know what I want to do. Go down in blaze of glory taking everyone including the rangers with me or a happy ending with Ortega.


Kill them all.


I might kill Steel, if I can.


So much death on this thread.


Drat, I had hoped to dispose of Argent (and mess with Herald’s mind a bit in process). Oh well… c’est la vie, I suppose. :disappointed_relieved:


Book 3 EVERYONE can die


Not my mc and not Herald, provided my mc gets any say about it. :persevere:


I only want power and Herald with me in the dark side and the others i don’t care


Maybe in book 3 there is possibility mc’s body can die or be destroyed while she’s in a different body…


Just remember , that if we can kill everyone in Book 3…

You will not enjoy it! Because the author is a genius! they gonna make you FEEL IT SO BADLY!



Actually the ability and storyline to kill everyone will make the story less belivable … to the extreme that it will make Fallen Hero looks like a hack and slash rpg game that always allow player to win for the thrill :slight_smile:

Logically it will only be fair if the MC also can be killed by anyone if this is the case… :slight_smile:


The Tumblr says not even the MC is safe.


That is a good story design… as in the Law of Newton, the amount of force one inflicts on other will be receiving the equal amount of force as well :slight_smile: