WIP: Fallen Hero 2: Retribution - updated 8 decemberr (SPOILER WARNING!)



that scene seem to be from not romancing Ortega . If you don’t romance her , she will talk about a ‘friend’ . You can also pick the ‘Ortega suspect something’ in the choice and see what happen at dinner .


By choosing Suspicious Ortega at the very beginning, and at the beach scene, become a ‘ghost from the past’ It won’t work if you’re friends, in a relationship or complicated.


Oh god I just played the new scene and that Ortega scene is so hot and steamy …oh Jesus take the wheel for those fingertips were to. Close to figuring out the truth…


she may figure out the truth…but she wont act on it…


I do believe she was…thinking about something else…then thinking rationally lol


I tried being more accurate to my first game variables. And…Using your puppet to romance Ortega because you feel that’s the only way to be close to her, you could never as yourself, admitting it’s wiser to keep her off your villainous butt than keep getting complicated, and actually being in competition with your own puppet

Fall, my tears…


So question for those who are in love with Herald…and…

did his path in the demo so far . When he ask you for dinner…

I guess…this is also a question for @malinryden

but…is there a friendship route there , at all? or are they all ‘2 romance hell yes! and 2 buzz off bieber!’’ …

I know he has a crush on the mc cringe…but…if peoples just wanna be nice to him without the hibbie jeebee…lol…is there a friendship route? like can you accept his invitation and later it only lead to being friend…?

cose if there aren’t…I may start calling him Kaiden instead…:rofl:


I don’t think there is currently, but I’m pretty sure that it will be added in later.
Edit: also Kaiden XD lol


lol well you gotta admit…he remind me of him ! lol

and I mean in a bad way…

F!Shepard making goo goo eye to Liara…

talk to kaidan…try to be nice…try to be frrrrrrrrriend only…

end up in a Love Triangle…

me: :unamused:

Edit: Oh before…I forget…

will our choice to make our puppet look like us be included in the Puppet path ? cose I did that with puppet romancing Ortega just to see if she mention it…but unless I missed it…she never said anything .

also…I’m jealouse of mah puppet romancing Ortega…Urghhhh…it’s too hard…


Here is a tumblr ask about that!


ohhh thnx!..good to know :relaxed:


Ortega actually does point out that you look like someone they knew, or something similar to that. During first training if I remember correctly.


Oh I know that , its in book 1 .

But I mean…here…in the demo…during dinner . when I saw her reply …omgomgomg…but…she doesn’t mention any physical ressemblance…at least none that I saw .


It’s a minor flag, and thus will be added for the beta!


thaaaaaaank youuuuuuuu! :hugs:


I have to know how Ortega reacts to the revelations about MC when they finally find out in the Ortega romance route. I need a time machine to jump ahead to when the book is finished!!! Must… Haz… Answer!!!


Am I the only one who thinks that the revelation would be even more painful for Ortega if we romanced her with the puppet? She would obviously be heartbroken in the MC romance route, but in the puppet route… Idk, she might see it as sort of a double betrayal? Not only did we turn out to be who we are, but we used another human being, that too, only to ‘manipulate’ her?

Even if that was not our intention, I have a feeling she might end up seeing things that way, making the situation even more difficult and any hint of a relationship with her next to impossible to redeem.

This game is angsty enough as it is, I cannot handle more.


[spoiler]well …romancing her with the puppet…

I mean for some mc…it is the only way…

Ortega of course cant and wont be able to understand it . But truth is…by the time she figure it out…it probably be too late for ‘sorry’ …of any kind .[/spoiler]

edit: also…tis for the author…

but I feel like this here…would drive the point home deeper…if it was switched ? just a suggestion…

this line here: “It’s fine.” The words are soothing, but you can sense the worry. It’s in her eyes, in the way she looks at you. Does she think you’re a freak? Normal people don’t react like this. People don’t react like this. (I feel if you switch it to : Does she think you’re a freak? peoples don’t react like this. Normal people don’t react like this) . you know ?


Dinner dinner, I got her saying we remind her of someone, but it wasn’t physical, more described as by the way you act.


lol…its good right ? but it also hurt…


Let Ortega romance puppet or your mc ?

click puppet

Ortega talk about Puppet romance

Mc: :kissing_heart: I’m happy for you mah friend!


true story :rofl: