WIP: Fallen Hero 2: Retribution - updated 8 decemberr (SPOILER WARNING!)



lol cose #OretgaIsLife

joking aside lol…why would it matter ? I mean , if you love Herald…then you get a route with him right ? and those who wanna break his neck…just won’t get that . win-win , right ?


Why not a third way. Make him your doll. Al you need is a remote. Namly your mc.


he isnt strong enough to be worth the trouble of possessing . Steel and argent both probably know how to take him down fast .

considering that we leave our body and its our most vulnerable moment…

I personally would see him as a poor choice , even for some just mayhem and chaos . Argent is much much better as a pawn…IF very dangerous and I dont think we could possess her much more . Those shark things are probably like the rat king…and a self defence mechanism…

who know…maybe someone new would drop…on the scene…like locus ? and we have a new pawn…or maybe…we wont need one .


the real question is : Would steel be someone we can possess in the futur ? I mean , can you imagine just how much damage we can do with him ? omg…


Due to the effects of the last update. Horny mode is now set to 10s. Every day.

I prefer possessing Ortega . Just so we can do some
Mental shenanigans together. And yes it did take me 10s to write that

As for Steel. Hs not as damagein as Argent. I think of him as the good version of psyopather. His armor as big as his. Also Argent is so much better at fighting Re Genes. If they were deployed


you are comparing Herald…who can fly but is weak in strg and speed (unless he has momentum)…to psychopathor…who is telepath and I imagined him more like a disfigured Orc look alike with flashy Green Armor with spike and a huge canon that spit stuff that eat wall ? Lol

eww you stay away from Ortega lol you worship Ortega…you don’t possess her…

Beside…if you cant read her mind…you probably can’t possess…her . no ?


We’ll see about that. And I was compareing Steel to psychopather. Also what’s wrong with , how shall I say this. Mental stimulus , dominus. I think Ortega would like that. Verry much i phathem.


lolol…huhuh…whatever rock your boat …

Oh Steel .

I though you were comparing herald to psychopathor .

in Book 1…Steel was the only one who could take him down , but also the 1st who was taken down…

funny when i think of Steel…I get a mix of colossus + cyborg…


More like master chief from halo. But I can see your point


I always pictured him in t60 power armor, constantly in it


My mind always goes towards something like cable from marvel.


Am I the only one who named my person something ironic? Because I named my person Paladin…due to paladins being mostly the paragons of virtue


The Rangers and their Headquarters reminds me of:

With Ortega, there in the very back. :two_hearts:


That honestly look like Re-Genes … :frowning:


Disney is in California … and the Mickey Mouse Club is … pretty accurate huh? :slight_smile:


Yupe … the creepiness of that picture is that there seem to be sinister backstory behind those smiley faces … :-):stuck_out_tongue:


What is this cult?!?!?!


It is the Cult of Disney - their foot soldiers of conformity and unity… think of Bieber + Brittney Spears together :slight_smile: The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse


Idk how ironic, but I tried to pull an “tom marvolo riddle” with the villain name because I thought it’d be funny. Irl, maybe the heroes would solve the anagram easily but in game there’s no variable for that and I can just snicker. :grin:


How do you get this scence/ suspicious ortega.