WIP: Fallen Hero 2: Retribution - updated 8 decemberr (SPOILER WARNING!)



I haven’t gotten that scene so i’m curious how did mc get fooled?


After flirting with the staff, Ortega asks the MC for advice about Argent, saying that she became reckless and very secretive since the mental assault. That she could be very dangerous, prone to harm people and possibly in serious trouble, despite having no proof yet. He looked genuinely troubled and concerned for his friend, pushing the MC to wonder whether they could get her to join their cause.

The MC is apparently convinced Ortega couldn’t lie to save his life, so they didn’t realise it wasn’t really Argent he was talking about.

It’s just a small thing, but it shows our MC is way too relaxed around Ortega. They pride themselves to know what buttons to push to get what they want from him, but it looks like it can also work the other way around.


@malinryden I’ve died and resurrected five times thanks to this latest update… my Chargestep ass has perished with all this goodness :star_struck:

Anyway, here’s some continuing bugs/inconsistencies… Spoilers within!

1 ) The new placement of the Herald training scene before the psych can show the line/variation of:

Strip of your shirt and say ‘by the way, I’m not human, how about making out?’ Or why not admit you were the one that beat him and his friends to a pulp? And who is now trying to destroy his confidence and career?

However, it can be the case that the MC hasn’t revealed their ReGene status to the player at that point yet.

  1. In the Ranger HQ talk with Ortega, the nemesis Ortega line is a bit confusing since the exchange can go like this:

*if villainortega_relationship = “nemesis”
“Trying to track ${villain_name} down.” A sheepish grin. “I want payback.”

"Any luck?" You're proud you're managing to keep a straight face.

"Not yet. But I have my theories that they're connected to Hollow Ground."
*goto hollowground

But it’s right after talking about how Argent is working with vigilantes to go after Villain. Maybe Ortega should stress more that they’re going after Villain from a different angle or on their own?

  1. Argent choking again… MC still rubs their throat while talking with Herald in elevator even after dodging.

“Your definition of ‘well’ is a surprisingly liberal one,” you say, rubbing your throat.


Omg i must start reading code i would.NEVER get thst result because i always befriend Ortega 4life be it that im evil or not alway think thats the way to keep him clueless! And i always pick the mistery suit design :expressionless::expressionless:


Does anyone know what determines which of these 2 Ortega scene variations you get? As far as I can tell I get the first variation when selecting “its complicated” for the save file generation, while selecting “had a thing” gets you the second variation (despite moving to “open attraction” before this scene in both cases), but I’m not clear on what the actual factor that determines it is. I like the second version a lot more than the first.




I believe if you pick had a thing and then at the beach start a romance with Ortega you get the 2nd variation.
Edit: I just read the full thing you wrote whoops XD
I just think Malin hasn’t gotten the stats yet for having a thing in the past yet with the hospital kiss


Oh! Is Variation 1 the new-relationship variation you think? Might it be getting applied mistakenly to “its complicated w. hospital kiss” background while “had a thing” gets the correct one?


Yeah. I noticed it when I first tried out the demo that there’s currently only one variation of the hospital kiss and it looks like it might be for the newer relationship.


That would make a lot of sense!


Goddamn you Ortega. My MC was so ready to set the world on fire before you came back into his life. Now he’s second-guessing himself for the first time in his life. How dare you.


I believe Variation 1 is if you pick we ‘had a thing’ . You can see it in the reply you pick , you had a thing…so the choices are about the past but with the mc looking at it from a distance . Meaning its an mc that flirted but never kissed Ortega and never ever made it a real thing .

So variation 2 is the one where you did and also kissed in the hospital .

Btw…thnx for posting those :slight_smile:


I got variation 2, even though I chose a “had a thing” with Ortega in the past, which changed into “it’s complicated” after visiting Rangers. No kissing with Ortega
Not sure what affects the variation


so how do you get 'your cape from Argent ’ ?


MC can be in Ortega’s life and set the world on fire at the same time.


then Ortega show up in a fire fighter costume…and you end up on her/his side…so fast…you forget why you started the fire in the first place :rofl:


MC: starts a fire
Ortega: Help me put this fire out!
MC: throws a glass of water I halp a lot



when I play the demo…I usually pick ‘allie of Steel’ , cose he maybe boring and gonna get killed…but I actually can stand him .

But the one I can’t stand…is herald . Aka Bieber lol and for good reasons…

Anyway , so decided to make a run of the demo…while trying to be nice to him…

and omg…lol

I’m tearing at this part XD Its so fucking priceless and So funny!

No ‘buts’. Turning him down would be the safe thing. The smart thing. It’s not like you can strip of your shirt and say ‘by the way, I’m not human, still want dinner?’ Or why not admit you were the one that beat him and his friends to a pulp?

now imagine sending him a poster of MC and him defeated LOL

decisions…decisions…what should I do ? lolol


Wait till you get to the training scene :rofl:

“Just hit on me.”

“What?” Herald looks a little taken back, blinking like a confused owl. “What did you…”

“Hit me,” you quickly clarify, cursing the slip of the tongue. “That’s what we’re here for, right?”

Freudian slips are the bane of Sidestep.



I had to reload…God…

my mc not gonna go Bieber route…ever…


I have a really bad feeling about this…

I can’t swear on this, but i’m getting some very clear vibes from his scenes…

Woe on whomever harms the Herald, for there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth once his backstory is released.

Also, remember Malin is working doubletime to make a poly situation happen… Why would you ruin that you monsters :smiling_imp:!!!