WIP: Fallen Hero 2: Retribution - updated 8 decemberr (SPOILER WARNING!)



Happy to see more scenes! My personal note for the Harold training, but something you could already be on your way to fix. Just thought I’d mention in case.


My female MC is gay, but choosing to train in a kind manner leads to either:
a. saying he’s hot, flirting, etc
b. cutting him off very coldly, telling him to “grow up”
As I’m playing a rather “kind” hearted MC who picked the “fond” options pursuing friendship, I felt that it would’ve been nicer to let him down with a simple “I’m gay, Herald. But you’re alright!” Or something.
Or maybe I just messed up along the way and missed the correct options, or picked the wrong options??? Idk. Can’t remember every decision leading up to that without replaying. But I seem to have been backed into that corner twice even though I picked gay in character creation and also did my best to pick friendly but not flirting options with Herald.


lol I understand what you mean…

but I maybe wrong…but I think ‘herald’ crush or romance…isn’t mean to be turned down . Y’know…like no matter what you say…it wont stop his crush .


Maybe “Grow up!” can be elaborated further in the future meaning it’s not a “Grow up GTFO” it’s more a “Grow up already and quit the fantasy world so we can just be friends like normal people”


but wouldnt that raise your hate meter even further for him making you to SPELL IT OUT TO HIM ? I think murdering him on the spot would be much easier…you can grab a drink after…go eat…watch teevee…y’know…lol

also found more typo

“I don’t.” You don’t rise to his bait. Instead you cross your arms, looking at him with a frown. “And I can’t do this anymore.” it should be SHE since in my game ortega is female .


Firstly I’d just like to say this game is pretty epic and rad. Secondly I think I found some continuity-ish problems. The first is when the option to create a sidestep pops up. In rebirth, my Sidetep “didn’t care if people get hurt” during the Gala scene, but never killed anyone and just left bruises on civilians. (I saw the fact sidestep didnt blatantly kill somebody was like emotional turmoil that they had some "good left inside.( In retribution as I create my sidestep and say they “didn’t care if people get hurt,” the months following their debut, they’ve already killed a ton of people. That kinda took me by surprise, because while why sidestep didn’t care about civilian lives, they were still apprehensive to take lives and move to the next level.
Also in book 1 my sidestep had placed the sword of Damocles in Argent’s head. In the sewers, during the argent fight, my sidestep didn’t even fight argent and just triggered the sword in her head and won the fight. In the beginning of book 2, as my sidestep goes to fight argent again, the sword can be used again, although it was triggered in the last installment. If the sword does indeed have more than one use then please forgive me for my comment. Also if the sword is triggered in Argent’s head, would Argent not be suspicious of Sidestep afterwords. Like Sidestep goes into her head, then the new villian just shuts her mind down cough low-key suspicious. Or is Sidestep so suave and good at being covert Argent doesn’t even notice.
Sorry if that isn’t helpful. Just somethings that I’d noticed.


If heartbreak was shot in Rebirth what would Sidestep’s heartbreak scar be? Sorry, it’s been a while since I’ve played Rebirth.


Shooting Heartbreak is just one way in which the battle can play out. How you choose to distract Heartbreak determines the scar you’ll get.
For example:

If you choose to let your life as a hero to distract it, you’ll get the Outside scar.
If you choose to draw on your worry or concern for your friends to give you strength, you’ll get the Friendless scar.


Ah, I see! Thank you for that information.


A suspicious!Ortega in the new update is so exquisitely tormented. Unexpected crafty, too, with that ‘Lady Argent’ thing. I do wonder if the MC’s choice of ‘career path’ will effect how the rangers view her?

After going over the Mortem conversation about his teleportation ray again, I have returned to the realization that he is not a good person. Which is unfortunate, because I kind of like him. Then again, I haven’t actually concretely seen him do anything horrible, barring possibly kidnapping Ortega in some alternate snippet of a universe.
…That thought process is just a tiny bit familiar.

Continuity things

In the flashback scene, any flirting between Ortega and puppet will route to Label:puppet, regardless of the relationship between Ortega and MC.

*if ortega_flirting_puppet
[i]!{he}'s always been good at keeping {his} balance. Both physically and emotionally. You’ve been waiting for {him} to slip up these last months, but so far {he} haven’t.
*goto puppet

At label:puppet there are three choices, and all of them imply there is a relationship between MC and Ortega.

My main playthrough has a flirty puppet (as an artificial personality disguise, and not indicative of suppressed feelings) and a friendly MC, so there’s no way of getting out of the conversation with continuity intact…
Adding an additional condition to triggering the puppet segment would be the quickest fix, I think.

In chapter 13

repeating text.
*if ((ortega_friendship <= 70) OR (ortega_friendship >= 50))
Should be AND


Yeah, I tried the friendly no flirting options too and as the story goes, Herald knows my female gay MC have hots for fOrtega. So maybe Herald shouldn’t hit on my MC except for just being an avid fanboy and would like to know his idol (just platonic).

It’s either Herald doesn’t know about that or he’s just being a jerk (though that should be unlikely cause he respect Sidestep so much). But if his crush for Sidestep surpasses all gender boundaries, then I’d like a gentle turndown without being awkward, please.

But then, I remembered how our MC hates that shining beacon of flying justice and blond hair.


Shh…I swear MC is just being “nice.” No subterfuge in being besties with Rangers at all. :wink:

I genuinely am trying my damndest for the most over-the-top “But you’re our friend!” betrayal reveal. Because drama. The strategy also works for “I’m actually the good guy here, I just needed to gain power to reveal the truth”, though the amount of drama in that one is…??? Who knows yet.


I’m a suckers for that too. Hope @malinryden hear our pleas :pray:


I was playing last night…

around the path where I broke up with Ortegah (yes yes…I’m heartbroken)…and god…the scene back on the date at the restaurant…dreamy sigh…its SO goooooooooooooooooooood…

Also …here is something kinda eerie…:stuck_out_tongue:

when you play the demo , you enter the names for your mc and such right ? you got the mc name…the puppet…your vilain name…and such .

well…when you do that , the demo kinda remember what you entered . So Sometimes I just click and the name I typed show up .

Now here is the eerie part lol I been using the same vilain name since book . And everytime I type it…it never stick . Just like the name ‘Eden’ don’t stick , I have to type it everytime I try the demo . But last night , I entered the name ‘Sidestep’ and it stuck…

eeerieeeeee lol


The restaurant scene has single handedly added 7 years to my life and I swear to god that I am so excited to see when the truth comes out and how Ortega is going to deal with that


I am sure there will be so much internal conflict for Ortega. I wonder how will Steel react to it… Now that he’s a confirmed RO, I don’t know how he will react to my MC.


since I see him as a robot…he be ‘100% confirmed suspicion! Destroy! Destroy!’ :rofl:


Oh I’m very sure there’s going to be a lot of drama one way or the other but it will be wonderful regardless :>

Honestly, I’m more concerned for my Sidestep who might be realizing she’s not villain material


well you aren’t vilain…your typical vilain…

you are one out of necessity .


which is better: infamous or Somewhat feared ?


Found a bug at the end of the suspicious Ortega path.
Also, it’s interesting to see we are not the only skillful liar in this duo. Taking advantage of the fact that we know next to nothing about Argent to tweak the truth while still showing real emotions is clever. I’m not even mad my MC got fooled, well played Ortega.


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