WIP: Fallen Hero 2: Retribution - updated 8 decemberr (SPOILER WARNING!)



Is this tied to particular stats or relationship with Argent? Because I’m still seeing the same three choices there were before. Has anyone else had this issue?

And that Ortega scene:



You must play as a tactician and have daring >30 (otherwise you’ll successfully avoid getting choked). The new reaction is available only if Argent does manage to choke you.


Huh, how are you still having the relationship ‘former ally’? That should have changed to ‘ghost from the past’ at the end of chapter one, that’s probably where the confusion comes from. you wouldn’t trigger at the correct places.

I must have messed up the code somehow…
EDIT: I did. Should be fixed now.


Ah that makes sense, I always play as a fighter. Thanks!


I believe that scene…


was to clarify that it was the MC who assumed that Ortega was a shameless flirt (sleep around , has a string of bf) . and she clarify that it was just for the reporters .

I don’t ‘share’ personally…Ortega is all mineminemineminemineminemineminemine :stuck_out_tongue:


Fixed a lot of bugs, settings for the gala, puppet individuality, defunct ortega relationships and pronouns galore.


here another typo ?

“I’m retired, but did you really think you could lay a hand of me? Me?” You almost match her growl

“Even Modded ones? You know they’re not going to have just regular joes guarding expensive things like that.” You sigh. “I’m good, but I’m not good.” (that) seem missing?

oh another thing…

during the restaurant scene , if I pick for vice ‘coffee’ (glorious coffee)…can we have that as a choice instead of say ‘water’ ? I know…after a therapy session…I would be smoking like a chimney and need my coffee…lol .I also believe (dunno if you can do it) but the water choice maybe could be an option for something sweet vice ? I mean chocolate drink or something ?


And that’s fine (and super in-character apparently :stuck_out_tongue: )

But what about the Sidesteps that just want to watch Ortega being a flirt, and think “I’m so head over heels for this human being”? won’t somebody please think of the poly sidestep?


yeah but…correct me if I’m wrong but


.you are asking for ortega to actually change ?

I mean if she clarify she isnt a flirt and its a necessary act for the media . You are asking for her to change no ?


I’m not asking them to do anything. In fact, I’m fine with the status quo. That’s why I brought that up. Sidestep seems so irritable because Ortega winked at a food server, while my MC is here thinking “yeah same old Ortega” while smiling like a fool.


so you are saying…

your mc wouldn’t be bothered if ortega actually flirted ?


Yeah, that’s why I’m hoping for that MC/Ortega/Steel ship. My Charlie gets to cuddle with Ortega, while Steel is there for them once the cat is out of the bag. It’s a win-win situation :smiley:


Good point. Will add that later.


just wondering…


I picked (during the restaurant date with ortega) , that I gave her hint but she never noticed…right ?

The thing is…later , I picked the reply ‘Do you think this will fix things?’’ and she say this ‘’ “I will try not to do that in the future.” her face cracks up in a smile. “But please, try giving me a few hints next time, do you have any idea how hard you are to read?”’’

Its kinda weird though no ? I mean if you pick ‘I tried to hint it’ for years…and she didn’t get it . Why would she say that now ? I think a ‘Please tell me next time’’ would be better here no ?

just a thought .

more typo…

“alex, listen to me,” she says with a sombre look on his face. “Listen carefully.”


There was something I didn’t have the time to say yesterday, but really wanted to point out.

When we are speaking with Ortega and we can chose that option that leads to the MC saying “since I wasn’t going to get into bed with you, I assumed you had to look for it somewhere else”, oh man… I just wanted to thank you, because that scene resonated so hard with me. I have been there, and it feels like shit, and I could feel the pain of MC as myself, and just that, it was an awesome scene and it was very touching to me. So, thanks for that!


Just my two cents:
In the Herald training scene, I chose the “could be useful” option. My MC is female and gay so, when the relationship became “oh no, he’s hot” after accepting the dinner invitation, it felt out of place. My headcanon for that option was to accept it (knowing that he has feelings for the MC) and then twist that innocent feelings to the MC’s advantage or is that too evil? :slightly_smiling_face:


That’s a valid point, I need to add evil routes in that.


I had the same issue.


Corruption for innocent characters is what I live for :wink:
Edit: okay, that came out creepy.


I don’t really have much coherent to add to this conversation

Steel is so HECKIN CUTE I just keep getting THROWN OFF

God. Spoon.