WIP: Fallen Hero 2: Retribution - updated 8 decemberr (SPOILER WARNING!)



Are you able to romance Harald at all?


Not now, but in the full game you will be able to romance him.


IF anyone was following the fanfic i was writting, I finished it, it’s 9 parts posted on Tumblr.


Minor wrong pronoun used:
Well, you certainly showed her now, the only disappointment is that you had to wear a mask while beating her. Though seeing the look on his face when you told her your name… that’s a memory you’ll treasure.

Second sentence, the bolded ‘his’ should be ‘her’ if Ortega is female.


Update 30 November

  • Tweaked some values whether Ortega will break up with the puppet over the mc or not at the start.
  • Added another reaction to the Argent chokehold.
  • Fixed some minor bugs and pronouns.
  • Reshuffled some scenes, putting the Herald training scene before the shrink/nightmare so it won’t compete against the other choices later.
  • Added the post shrink/nightmare Ortega scene.
    *NOTE that the option to go into your puppet is still not available/written, that is why it’s greyed out.

279063 with command lines
255698 without command lines

29800 in an average playthrough.

You know what I want, continuity weirdness and things that feels off. No grammar, but please report faulty pronouns (with a snippet so I can find them).

Also, I got a Kofi in case anyone’s feeling generous.


No, you can consent to a first date and mentor the kid a bit. That’s as far as it goes right now.
Still, something to look forward to apparently Danny-boy is quite the junior master-chef (though not so adept at cleaning up afterwards).


playing the new update…and OMG! ORTEGAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!

Be still my heart…I’m about to dieeeeeeee


You know what, it’s been a while since a game has left me with my heart actually beating faster.

That Ortega scene, unggggghhh, good shit :ok_hand:

And ffs, with every update my romance interest changes :rofl:


Yeah, that was a good update. I stan Chargestep, so this hit all the right feels (angst and just a sprinkle of fluff). Thanks, Malin, this update was much needed today! Also, I can imagine all the coding that must have taken…


Tiny error here:

You give her an incredulous look, you wasn’t weren’t sure

And again here:

“that is, if Herald haven’t hasn’t already told her.”

And a final one:

“I mean Herald have has been looking pretty smug lately…”


Ok I played that scene three times now… Then i realized the grayed out option and redid an ultra-fast skipping playthrough to change my MC’s vice to Alcohol… :stuck_out_tongue: see if i could stir the pot just enough.

Love it!


I went oh crap when Ortega touched our bare skin. Just about panicked like my MC did.

And Ortega is just so adorable and caring :hugs: I love the update so much!


@malinryden I realized there’s no option to tell Ortega “I’m ok with your shameless flirting” if MC is more than friends with them.

(Not that I’m currently playing as more than friends, but in the future I would love to)

The way I see it, my MC wouldn’t mind sharing Ortega because

hidden beacuse i`m not sure if i'm spoiling things
  1. He can’t give them everything a “relationship” entails --briefly touched in text, loved it btw-- He won’t be going to parties with them; openly flirting/holding hands/kissing in front of people makes him antsy as hell; sex is a big no, a panic-attack-inducing no in fact (as of now, anyways).

  2. He knows he’s sitting on a ticking bomb. Once everything goes south, somebody else will have to be there for Ortega.

  3. The whole seducer schtick is charming as hell.

If you don’t think it fits Sidestep’s characterization, then I’ll just headcanon it away, but I though it wouldn’t hurt to bring that up.


This is my first time posting on these forums and not lurking, so first of all: a rowdy hello to all. :kissing_heart:

I get very anxious about posting anywhere for the first time, but since everyone here seems to be going through different routes than I am (namely, very Dr. Mortum heavy because… I love me that doctor) I figured it was a good idea to, at least in the name of covering those bases in terms of feedback.

So two things of note, only one of which about the latest update. Sorry in advance since I’m not the best at articulating myself. (Some spoilers, I guess. I can’t get the spoiler tag to work lol)


One, I noticed some time ago that when selecting in the character setup that the puppet went to the Gala with Dr. Mortum the variable isn’t actually set that way, leaving certain options related to it still grayed out.

The second is sort of just more of an anecdotal comment about the very brief mention of the puppet’s relationship with them if they’ve got a thing in the update. Which, since I know this is still an alpha and in my actual playthrough I probably won’t choose this scene with Ortega doesn’t exactly bother me. It’s just sort of a thing?

Basically, as it stands when the MC’s thinking about the relationship the only way to say that they’re not manipulating them is to, from looking at the code, have a high puppet individuality stat. However, I don’t really see why that stat should limit that kind of thing? (Also I’m not sure you can even get puppet individuality high enough to select the option in the demo, but that’s neither here nor there lol) I just feel like maybe the stat should just change flavor text related to the relationship, rather than boxing the MC into feeling a certain way. Particularly since they can have already acknowledged to themselves they actually do care about Dr. Mortum, so it’s a bit conflicting? I don’t know, I’m not opposed to my Sidestep just Being Like That because he’s very emotionally constipated about it. I’m not really sure if that sounded nitpicky. :sob:

Anyway… I’m also now in Sidestep + Ortega friendship appreciation hell (Now to run through with a Sidestep who romances them lol) This was another great update!! I’ll probably just go back to lurking now, maybe occasionally haunt this thread to be that Dr. Mortum loving guy. But nice to officially greet y’all! :v:


Hmmm quick question. After that whole Ortega make out session is his relationship still supposed to be just it’s complicated?? I briefly looked at the code and I saw something about open attraction?? Idk.


One minor pronoun correction:
“I did,” he says, gesturing with her fork. “Repeatedly. You just didn’t believe me.” Of course you wouldn’t believe those kind of compliments, she was obviously lying. You just couldn’t read her mind and make sure.

Suggestion: The bold ‘he’ should be a ‘she’ since Ortega is female in this playthrough.

Second pronoun correction:
Well, I’ll take your word for it," Ortega says with a smile.
“Thanks,” you say again, and after a moment’s pause you add; “for being my friend.”
Little Does He Know…

Correction: That “He” in the third line should be a "She if Ortega is female.

Third Pronoun (if Ortega is romancing Puppet)
“I knew it. Just do me a favor and don’t leak it to the press? I know it’s going to get out eventually, but I’d rather keep it under wraps for as long as I can.”
“I wonder how much they would pay me,” you muse, rubbing your chin.
“I always knew you were secretly evil,” he jokes, spearing an errant French fry to menace you with.

The third sentence, the ‘he’ should be ‘she’ if Ortega is female

This is just a couple minor things, but perhaps adding a little would help.

  1. At the start, you have the option of alerting the media or not. However, if you don’t choose to alert the media, or send them elsewhere…maybe have the player react when they notice Mia Ochoa there.

  2. I recommend that, unless you got Rosie/Boris to join you in part 1, then you might have a couple lines of how you got them to join your organization in Part 2 (if you form a criminal cartel). This can be problematic if Rosie/Boris declined you earlier.

  3. In the sentence: “But you’re Sidestep,” he protests.

“I’m retired.” You raise your voice because you wish that someone would listen to you for once. “And you lost. If you had been fighting the Catastrofiend or even Sidestep, you would have been hurt. Or killed. Or gotten someone else killed.”

You might want to put a little clarifier for the villain’s name after Catastrofiend if the player chose Sidestep. Something like ‘the new Sidestep again’


So I’m wondering if I’m the only one talking about the fact that Ortega can still be a cheater who thirsts for Sidestep despite already dating the puppet


I’m thinking i’m seeing a bug but it’s too late to replay now… will try again tomorow.

Basically i had an EXTREMELY confrontational meal with fOrtega (It really hurts being mean to her!) and gave her all the wrong signals, and even told her I expected her to dump me and still got the kissing scene at the alley.

My relationship with her in this playtrough is 29% former ally.


I bet you aren’t! Ortega flirted with the server in front of the my MC and they were having none of that. :stuck_out_tongue:

I think I spotted a small error too (spoilers under this tab)

After the scene of:

“When did you manage to grow up?” you joke. You’re not sure that ${he} has.

“When you died.”

and if we choose #A lot of things changed when I died

“Do you want to talk about it?” The words are quiet enough that you have a choice to decline. $!{he} would understand if you didn’t want to talk about it, you don’t have to make anything up.

“Not yet. Maybe never.” Will that stop ${him} from asking? Maybe for a little while.

“Looks like some things didn’t change.” Ortega’s smile is sad, but not really disappointed.

It’s a small thing, but I feel that some MCs do talk about it somewhat even if they don’t reveal everything. For example we could mention it in Book 1, and we could talk a little about it to Steel too (a little bit, at least). And, we do talk about it to the therapist too, so it will be nice if Ortega can see that too!

pronoun errors

in *label pastflirt, #Why choice (the bolded ‘he’)

“I did,” he says, gesturing with ${his} fork. “Repeatedly. You just didn’t believe me.”

And my goodness, every update has me in awe because there’s just so much variation in every scene! Kudos @malinryden for including so many callbacks that make every playthrough so unique for each MC.


Me reading the steamy after dinner kiss scene with Ortega and ignoring all the warning signs knowing full well the danger I’m getting my MC into: