WIP: Fallen Hero 2: Retribution - updated 8 decemberr (SPOILER WARNING!)



You lot have NO idea how funny this whole dishes discussion is to me, that knows the truth. NO IDEA.


for my defense…I hate doing the dishes…so it come full circle into my evil master plan! Unleash dirty dishes on the world ! :rofl:


The next day Ortega failed to convince Herald to dish

Ortega to Mc:



My MC: For the love of…

* uses telepathy to convince everyone to do the dishes *


nice try! But a good telepath…is a PREPARED TELEPATH! and it be freezing in hell before I do the dishes ! Muahahahahaha


Won’t work on Steel… he is always prepare for telepath…

You need to talk nicely to Steel to convince him :slight_smile:


or steal his dog ? or act normal (for him thats weird)…:laughing:


Well, we’re well beyond alpha level :wink: we can do it!


Buddy! I’m already beyond omega level with these!. My mc can never resist sweets.

Mc to Steel: Hey did you do the dishes today?


Mc: so you didn’t do them? Fine
Mc takes some candy bars as Steel stares at him. Then Mc says



So, I played the beta and replayed the game and I still can’t figure out what we are. Are we like, I don’t know, a clone trooper that went rogue or more like a kidnapped child that went through the ReGene regime (kinda like Jack from Mass Effect)?


We almost died, got experimented on. It’s either we escaped or thrown away to rot. Woke up and started to plot revenge. Or we could have escaped and the farm monitors us.

Though I could be wrong.


Sidestep was a special type of ReGene that was made for stealth and looks human on the uncovered places (hands forearms legs face) but has a barcode and tattoos all over other places of the body. I think they somehow escaped (?) twice from the farm, one time before heartbreak then once again after. That leads us to now and Mc wants to get a thing that will erase their tattoos (hopefully) at a illegal auction ran by hollow ground. wow that was a lot


ONLY face and hands. We cover our arms and legs too.


Hey I know this is irelevant to this thread but can someone tell me how to kick argents but in the sewers without telephaty. I’m a firm beliver in the whole “a warior must fight with honour”. So no cheating


Strength and armour is what I always use and I have no trouble beating her in the sewer


I have the telepathy boost and jump jets. I try not to get hurt when fighting Herald and Ortega (Ortega always gets that surprise punch because I choose to scare Herald). Finish Ortega off fast before Argent arrives. Escape through the sewers. Choose to wait for her. Choose you want to fight her because you know you can beat her. Kick her ass.

Also I have high daring (+80), high arrogance (+60), and my background is fighter. I don’t know if that strategy works for all Sidesteps.


Thanks I’ll try it


Yeah totally fighter + strenght/armor does the thing. Also it gives my absolute fave scene with her (the way you finish her off)


Ok so what determined the end result of the fight is high daring 75+ not the perks you have. For anyone else who wants to know how to defeat her. I did it with strength and telephaty. As perks.

Tuff love for any Mc that is into her in the sequels, but defeating her was indeed glorious :grin::grin::grin::grin::grin::grin::grin::grin::grin::grin::grinning::grinning::grinning:

Now I know I can beat her so back to cheating. I herby renounce my honour


I know, annoying right? My mc wanted to hate the kid so much, even chose him as a rival and all…
And now he’s somehow his mentor and they’re dating, gah! That’s definitely a complication my mc’s grand plans could have done without.
This is exactly why he scrupulously avoided fraternizing with the cuter male members of the hero community back in his Sidestep days and was the sidekick of female Ortega.

I know, right? Argent treats my real mc like he’s beneath her notice (given his cultivated image that’s probably even true)…his villain persona on the other hand. At least that clumsy flirting of hers with my mc’s villain persona might potentially serve to further mess with Herald. So it might not be all bad.