WIP: Fallen Hero 2: Retribution - updated 8 decemberr (SPOILER WARNING!)



Yeah I generally only write in Spanish and its mostly legal nonsense. My english spelling is atrocious ill try to cleanse it later… writting on the phone doesnt help. ugh.

About the fic


Yeah personality split. I was trying to be vague. The mc was trying to be in 2 bodies while heavily drugued and under inmense stress. Then his body gets disintegrated but his psychic self somehow survives because whatever /why not/ and when he tries to return to his body he ends up returning to both of them in a sense. Sort of like Harry potter and who owns the elder wand nonsense only that here everyone owns the elder wand.

And the masterplan i had a very vague idea of using supercomputers to enhance mcs power and find the minds of the bad guys (not just the farms personnel but the politicians) and then stop them. Idk magneto did it before with professor x but almost every masterplan has been done before.



The strong need of giving not-so-useful feedback to the author was what made me register an account here.

Dear Author,

I am a story person. I’d wager I consumed close to a four digit number of works of literature (and most certainly four digit if you count every short story as one). Fallen Hero: Rebirth was the first (and so far the only) one where I was able to identify with the main character. Kudos to you and thank you.

PS. Apologies for not being very constructive but I really don’t want to spoil myself the second part by reading unfinished alpha.


And this is when I as a Ortega follower worry, you are typing way to long my friend lol


Herald :heart::heart: so cute :kissing_closed_eyes::kissing_heart:


Just been re-reading…

Just a minor thing. The choices when herald ask for training, could there be a choice to play hard to get ?


at the end of Rebirth, what was your highest/lowest friendship stat for everyone?

Saw your post on tumblr @malinryden; I can’t recall the exact stats but I think my MC had about a 10 relationship with Argent, and 37 with Steel. I can’t remember Herald’s one but it was above 50. Ortega was the highest at 80+.


Too bad your relationship with Argent is bad …


Argent likes the villain identity of my MC more :rofl:


Mine’s 10 too! But it’s better now, she ~respects~ me uwu. I like to crush their little minds by force tho, so it’s not like I can make her like me ¯_(ツ)_/¯
Not that I care about her in the first place.


@smuteczekbiczo well, Argent is always cute…
I am wondering what it feel like when Lady Argent start caring about us , like will she wash our dishes ? :-):thinking:

@Cheion… i thought Lady Argent likes me after i save her from drowning


I did that too, but I think she only likes the villain side of me. If only she knew the truth…

Now I can’t get this image out of my head :joy:


She’ll come hang out at your place to eat all your food ¯_(ツ)_/¯


Mortun/ Ortega = 70+
Herald= 45
Argent= 23( only because I made her like me. Book 2 might take care of the rest.) No one should reject mcs friendship

Steel= 10 ( jerk, but book 2 might take care of that)


That i don’t mind since food is not my main concern :-):laughing:

I am also curious how much could Argent eat ? :-):thinking:

MC : Here are more pies or pizzas… you sure you can eat them all ?

Argent : Definitely , now what about all those discs pilling up ?

MC : Aren’t you going to wash them all ?

Argent : I could break them all for you…


MC: oh you dont have to wash them…I have a dish washer! over here!

argent open the dishe washer and look inside

*Herald walk in *

Herald: She is doing it again…I wash those for you .


Steel : Don’t bluff… i was the one who did all the washing , i HATE you all …


Argent to Steel:

Ortega comes in : My mom would always say





my evil plan start that way!

make Steel do the dishes !

then make Herald do the washing !

then make argent do the drying !

Take over Los Diablos with




even Steel won’t see it coming !!!


I can see their despair now !

Steel to Argent : How could we let this happen !! ARGENT!!!


Meanwhile …the desepair going rock’n roll in Herald corner for he is going…




For my MC…
MC : Tell you what Argent , let me do all the disces and washing… then i have a confession to make, promise me you will forgive me no matter what i tell you… Deal ?? :slight_smile:

Argent : That’s easy … i am forgiveful… Deal !!


Argent would never say something like that lol stay in character eric lol dont turn her into Bambi with amnesia ! :rofl: