WIP: Fallen Hero 2: Retribution - updated 4 february 2019 (SPOILER WARNING!)



That looks to be a bug you found. The stats checks to enter the auction should to be correct. Specificially having a luxury aprtment or the variable if apartment = “a luxury apartment”.

However where that variable is set, it is created incorrectly set as “a luxurious apartment”

So until that bug is fixed you would need to fulfill one of the other requirements listed to enter the auction as the villain. Which are *if (((hgrep >= 50) or (base = “luxury”)) or (wealth = “rich”)))


This isn’t a bug report or anything, just something I found interesting. While looking at the code, I noticed that if you have at least 70 relationship between your villain and Lady Argent, then she doesn’t scar you when she initiates the kiss. However it doesn’t seem like it’s possible to do that in the current stage of the Alpha, as the max I’ve gotten before that point is 68 (been experimenting with different options for about an hour now). No doubt Malin simply hasn’t added in the additional options to get the relationship up higher before that point.

Either that or I’m an idiot and haven’t figured it out yet.


Has anyone noted if there is ever a mention to your persona being named Sidestep? I remember that being a big point in the first game


Depending on your dialogue choices Steel can mention it quicky at the Rangers place when you go there. Stuff like that I think goes to beta though :thinking:


Herald Calls Sidestep an imposter while talking about him. And Steel literally twitches a little.


There will be. Not everything is in this version. Malin is just writing plot stuff right now. There may be some but a lot of little details like that will be sprinkled in later.


Small bug to report. I do have to warn you that I doodled a quick ChargeStep scribble on the screenshot due to boredom last night… :sweat_smile:


Yes, Ricardo is plucking petals off a daisy while blushing a bit.

Also, shopping a couple days back on the 13th was such a trash panda mood.


The text embedded in the red heart reads Love Bandit. :rofl:


I demand more of this artwork. It is cute and warms the cockles of my heart


“Not bad,” she admits, shaking her hand back into shape. “But you’ll have to do better.” Her smile is all hungry shark as she moves in close, striking as you parry, moving like your shadow, impossible to shake.

“Still running away,” she taunts, not taking her eyes off you. “Not that it will help you.” Her smile is all hungry shark as she moves in close, striking as you parry, moving like your shadow, impossible to shake.

• Repeated sentence in both paragraphs


Oh… oh that was a thought she can’t have indented you’d catch.

• I thought the fact that our villain could do telepathy was still unknown? Or at least it could still be hidden, depending on our choices in the previous game. If that’s the case, then she wouldn’t intend for the villain to hear any of her thoughts, because she wouldn’t be aware of the possibility.


You can come and go as you like, and if the good doctor has time to be disturbed, he can usually be coaxed from his lab to his office, where the chairs are more comfortable, and you can have a drink without being undisturbed.

• Should be “can have a drink undisturbed” or “can have a drink without being disturbed”


You try not to sound too excited. “You could shoot a safe and then pop it back out somewhere safe? Practical.”

• Repetitive. Use something other than safe to describe the end location


Hope this is the kind of feedback you’re looking for.