WIP: Fallen Hero 2: Retribution - updated 4 february 2019 (SPOILER WARNING!)



Funny thing is, it’s not even a joke. In MC’s case, it really DID all start when s/he was “born.”


I saw in the authors post that you can somehow make Lady Argent kill a civilian. Can anybody tell me how you do this?


Telepathically control the civilians and use them to block her.


Also I think you have to be character who hasn’t killed civilians


Huh really? Ive sent a horde of civies to block her and I don’t think she killed any, if she did I didn’t see any uproar. And my character had not killed anyone but does have the “I don’t mind if they get hurt” thoughtline.


I forgot how I made her accidentally kill someone.


I need to know how to make Argent be even more hated
Do you know what your characters opinion on civilian injuries/casualties was?
Or maybe your relationship with Argent? Maybe if you humiliatingly shit stomped her she goes into “Expendable Lives” mode.


IIRC, there’s one outcome where Argent critically injures a civilian, and another where she actually does straight up kill one. I don’t remember what you had to do for either.


Hm I might do a dark ritual to summon the all powerful author then to grant us the knowledge of
“Acceptable Casualties” and how to achieve them.


Personally, I don’t have the heart to kill someone in cold blood… but nothing says I can’t make someone else do it. TIME TO EXPERIMENT!


The adventure of remaking a character a dozen times to see what sticks.


What I did to have Argent kill someone…

  • Have telepathic boosters
  • Select “use crowd against her/she’s a hero and has to protect them”
  • Select “have the crowd attack her”
  • Select the option that says you’ll ensure SHE’LL be the one to kill one of them

And then, watch the magic happen.


The cult blesses you child :clap: :fire: :clap:
Praise be.


That took me a few minutes… imagine how horrible I’d be if I dropped the “anti” in my villain. I’d be a monster.


Ok I STILL cant make her kill someone.
The most I can make her do is hurt them a bit and ditch someone head first into pavement but it didn’t say he died or anything.


Im unable to get the fourth thing you mentioned, I have not seen that pop up once in any of my playthroughs so I dunno how you got dat.


Hmm… has your character killed someone before? When I did it, mine hadn’t.


Ok so even if I make my character okay with casualties it still wont appear, and I tend to play the “They can handle bruises” character.
You sure you didn’t do anything like special in character creation?
The buggy save system does little to assist my sanity I would like to point out, damn you save system, damn you to heck.

I Think I got It

Wait. I think you have to have the option of actively avoiding injuring civilians in character creation since when I picked that it appeared.

Fuck in ell Malin is a mad bastard with how much hidden and hard to find stuff he puts in these games.
I aint complaining though, well maybe a little at how sneaky they are.

Now to figure out how to do it without Argent destroying half me armor


Aw, look at us? Banding together to ruin some hero’s life…


Yeah :heart:
We have done it with Herald and now we move onto Argent :smiley:
Friendship is such a lovely thing :slight_smile: