WIP: Fallen Hero 2: Retribution - updated 3 January 2019 (SPOILER WARNING!)



Fixed the stupid mistakes you lot pointed out!

Oh idioms and pronouns, my eternal enemy.


I’m struggling with getting the bystander killed any hints.


There’s this weird one in the shrink scene.


Fixed that, forgot to add the not(kill) to the other variables, hence the mixup.


hum…if I recall…if you pick the Tech background for mc , you get to make a recommandation to Steel . right ?

for some reason the option is gray for me now .


Think you also need not to be distancing yourself from the Rangers.


I didnt…

I picked the ‘have bond with steel and been friendly to herald’ …


Huh. That is weird then. If this is the one you’re talking about?

*selectable_if (not(rangers_relationship = "avoiding")) #"Just dropping by," I frown as I catch the stiffness in his stance. "How are you?"


yeah the 3rd choice is when you notice his stiff posture , and usually if I pick the tech…you can recommand something to him .


You should be able to, UNLESS you picked the

“I’ve stayed away as much as I can, this is a rare visit.” choice when you talk to the receptionist at the start of the scene. That decides how often you are coming around, and that choice sets the rangers_relationship to ‘avoiding’.

Once I get around to updating the stat screen, that one will be visible as well.


Ah that must be it! Thx!


This is always a good suggestion to anyone after a substantial update.

Also, here is a pronoun disagreement when talking with Ortega. It might already have been reported:
You don’t want him to see how much this session affected you.

That ‘him’ should be ‘her’ if Ortega is female.

Also, this is just a thought…it seems a little disconnected if you form a criminal organization, where Rosie/Boris join, but you didn’t hire them as a henchman in Part 1. Perhaps a sentence or two of the MC convincing them or something.


Found a pronoun error, my Ortega is female-

Told you to work on your strength, right?" You give Herald a knowing look. Trust Steel to think that’s the solution for everything.

“Yeah” he admits a little sheepishly, “and Ortega’s been helping me, but…”

“You can’t fight the way he does.” Or rather, if he did, he’d get killed. You have no idea if it’s luck or daring or just sheer stubbornness that has enabled Ortega to pull through, but you wouldn’t recommend that style to anybody else.

“I know. I just haven’t figured out how to… be me I suppose. That’s why I thought I’d ask you.” His smile is small and shy, and he the look he gives you is full of appreciation. Appreciation and admiration. And… something more?


that he was aimed at Steel no ?


I found a pronoun error if you choose #Lady Argent's an added complication. then #I have to admit she scares me a bit. after the bridge fight, you get this.
That should be “You have to admit she scares you a bit.”

edit (so I don’t double post): Also, even though I didn’t talk to Argent during the elevator scene, during Ortega’s scene the option "Lady Argent attacked me earlier." isn’t grayed out.



After playing Steels path. Dude is So relatable to my mc. Makes Heralds path feel out of touch for me. Didn’t know Mc could cry either. For a moment he was feeling those redemption signals coming his way. But just for a moment thankfully.


Then it shouldn’t refer to Ortega immediately afterwards

“You have no idea if it’s luck or daring or just sheer stubbornness that has enabled Ortega to pull through, but you wouldn’t recommend that style to anybody else.”

It implies that Ortega uses the brute force method, so either the pronoun should be in reference to Ortega, or “they” since it seems like the narration is talking about both of them.

If that’s the wrong implication, then the text needs to be corrected so it doesn’t make that implication.


You were right, I messed up, and it’s been fixed. Well, when I upload it tomorrow.


Ok, I must say I wasn’t expecting to like Herald so fucking much. Guess this situation with Ortega and Herald will be going down hill without breaks.


I guess I’ll have to do a Herald playthrough one of these days when the game advances.

However, since my default protagonist is a heterosexual who has feelings for Ortega(and dating Dr Mortum as the doll, and looks like will be dating Argent as Anathema, but neither here nor there), seems kind of odd that there was no option to tell Herald “Okay technically I’m not dating Ortega but I want to be” or “You’re really barking up the wrong tree here, sorry.”