WIP: Fallen Hero 2: Retribution - updated 3 January 2019 (SPOILER WARNING!)



can you even do that ? I never heard of governement going that far . Sure…I heard the Thief and scroundel having a hand in the governement and controlling how things goes…

but a governement doing that ?

shrug…maybe ? I just dont see it , since Hollow ground attract alot of illegal stuff , from peoples to hero…to vilains . its be super risky!


perfect. Just perfect :sob::sob:. :clap::clap::clap::clap::sob::sob:. Because I don’t think mine will ever do it.


That’s why a controlled cuckoo Regen is perfect because if need be they could cut ties and bring their empire down. Honestly, though there’s a lot of things we don’t hear of governments doing that they still do anyway. Plus this is fiction so :man_shrugging:

Idk just a thought to throw in.
@E_RedMark I do really like your idea better though but I’m also a sucker for rebellion XD


my idea ? which one? I have trillions of them! HALP! :rofl:


XD The Regen breaking free and just deciding to start a criminal racket. Like GOTO lol i know it’s a joke but i love that idea


and dont forget…she look like Aria T’loak! :rofl:

although , the hollow ground could just be your normal mafia too . I mean , its an open field for now…until we get to meet them .

but should be fun…for one , its ortega dragging us into trouble ! lol


“His heart rate’s through the roof. He’s flatlining.”

“God almighty, did he bring it back with him?”

Nine dull, black rectangles, fizzling out one by one.

The fluorescent lights staining red blood black. Four men and women frozen like Hiroshima shadows, turning towards the center. One door behind them all, now closed.

The test subject that HB was made of didn’t have control over their powers, I don’t debate that. And their body is probably in pieces or in a jar or something. But that ‘bring it back with him’ thing from HB’s memory really nags at me; it might be that HB itself is already two entities in one body.
And maybe one of them carried over.

Or maybe I’m just getting overly paranoid.

I’d like to think HG is a fellow rebel regene too, but they haven’t exactly been lying low. The farm would definitely know who they are by now, and if they’re a rebel it doesn’t make sense for the farm/government to leave them alone so nicely.


Urghhh I’m with you on that one!!! I have been scraching my poor head for an explanation as to what the ‘bring it back with them’’ …and I come up empty!! Its sooo frustrating! but in a good way lol

the thing is…whatever ‘‘IT’’ was…was scary ? terrifying ? maybe an Alien mind or something ? I mean what were they doing there anyway ? using a telepath to…enter…breach…something…someone…? and instead…it breached the telepath back to them right ?


What I could glean from the HB dream:

There was a previous experiment, which failed because the subject moved. They tried to fix it by keeping the subject in sleep paralysis.
(incidently, the previous subject is always MC-gendered).

The subject was super-cooled to a near death state. At least partially to suppress brain activity.

The test subject was remembering the scene from out of body. With their eyes closed. While in a REM state.

There were gates, which created some kind of ‘oscillation field’. The last gate created a ‘theta field’.
(theta fields are apparently associated with the hippocampal formation, which is associated with memory.)
Their purpose was apparently to ‘go deeper’ on a psychic level.

The subject ‘breached’ something. Momentarily. And brought something back with them, probably unwillingly.

‘It’ was lonely. And hungry. And it ‘ate’ the scientists, probably more in a mental instead of physical sense.

And then, when the MC came into contact with HB:

You relaxed too soon, you thought you had killed it, you let your guard down, and now it is inside and you can’t close the gate again, all nine of them are open, and it’s coming for you, and…

The whole thing was also strongly religious (nine walls, nine gates, a lot of praying) , though that might just be like the ‘I have become death’ thing from the nukes.


Well if you consider your memories as an essential part of who you are, then having the HBK memories means you are at least in some way, HBK.


it brough back an Ability that they supressed ? :thinking: or another personality ?

oh yeah…speaking of praying , who did the praying ? the scientist ?


I have this vague theory that they were trying to research the existence of the mind independent of the body(brain). To create purely psychic beings, or to probe the afterlife. But that doesn’t really explain was ‘it’ was.

The scientists prayed a lot, yes.

Actually, no, they only did it twice. But I guess it really stood out.


Did you know that HG and MC both shares the same face?


I though it was only eyes color ?


Race and gender. Don’t know if they have the same face though.

Where’d eye color come from?


uh…spur of the moment thing? :sweat_smile:

don’t make me go back and look! I be at it till night come!


Yeah as far as the first game is concerned it’s skin color and gender, and their age is given as looking 40ish if I remember right, to our 30ish


But what did they brought? Some lovecraftian horror type thing?


Stupid question, how does the MC get flung off the window during the HBK? Well, i know that in the suicide route they just throw themselves off and in some other route they get mind-controlled(the control freak one?), but what about the rest?


Does anyone know if we get flavor text for naming our Villain after HBK?