WIP: Fallen Hero 2: Retribution - updated 3 January 2019 (SPOILER WARNING!)



Oh yeah, that was how you spell it. I’ll have to remember that next time


really ??? omg I didn’t know that lolol :sweat_smile:

I always though anathema was a she…just like steel is a he in every playtrough .


Yeah I also thought that Anathema was always male, but I think they are the same as MC.


did you know anathema is alive and well ? and roaming this forum ? :rofl:


What do you mean? lol


just what I said lol there is a user on this forum using Anathema name …

so…those flashback were aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaall a lieeeeee :joy:


Heartbreak and Anathema were working together then, is all a conspiracy now! :laughing:


we’ll probably find them on facebook , freinding each others…

Heartbreak : what I did today…hang out with my best friend! its a secret , don’t tell anyone !

Anathema: post pic of heartbreak and anathema at McDo Kool Aid is Kool!

*Ortega browsing *

Ortega: Why nobody tell me about this stuff ?!


Ortega: Does nobody really dies in this place?!

Previous Marshall: Well… this is awkward

Hollow Ground: It was all just an elaborate prank, don’t be mad.


hahaha…I keep imagining Hollow ground as Aria T’loak for some reasons Lol

poor ortega…

she just want mc to friend her on facenuke lol


Stop! You are going to make me imagine it too lol.

She already has MC as friends, one day it just pop up “Sidestep changed status from being dead to it’s complicated”

Herald is the one waiting for MC to accept the friend request lol.


Steel probably would be stalking Sidestep’s page hardcore through a fake account.


then his computer crash…cose he keep smashing them buttons too hard :rofl:

@Nazroth whats wrong with that ? :kissing_closed_eyes: come to the dark side…we have cookies! Lol


Cookies you say?.. Fine but I’m not eating them if a batarian is the one given them, I’m not getting poisoned a second time! lol


all you humans are wacist! the end is night! you will eat those cookies and get fat! :rofl:


Remember Ortega might be just a friendship path. Getting forgiveness from MC isn’t about romance (tough it can be), it’s just something they need, like soldiers traumatized because they got a friend killed.

At the lowest setting, the MC is a “Ghost from the Past” and that’s what’s ghost do, rattle their chain and make mortals fear and remember the consequences of their actions.

Didn’t they?

I don’t think they did, why would you escape your body and go hide inside the mind of someone you just told to jump trough the window.

Also, doing that would require HBK to actually be in control, which they did not seem to be (If they wanted to go killing, why not remove the medical stuff first, why hide in a stupid apartment, etc.?)

I DO think a lot of the HBK personality and memories got inside the MC’s mind and caused the scars. There is a particular ending to the HBK where you confuse them with memories of your time in the Farm, which the MC is actually glad to have them destroy, but then the HBK replaces it with their own memories and you go to the experiment scene where he is set off. That is the most literal way of the HBK imprinting on MC, but that does not mean they survived. I’m pretty sure 100% the HBK is dead and the MC is just happened to get plugged in to his old malfunctioning hard-drive post-mortem and it short-circuits his brain periodically.

Back to Ortega. I don’t think MC and Ortega can have a healthy relationship unless the MC truly forgives Ortega and Ortega truly forgives MC for whatever they did.

The problem is the MC is always on the verge of doing unforgivable things.


shrug if thats what you think…

I think Ortega and mc are mean to be :kissing_heart:

thats what I said…up there…lol you came up to the same conclusion as meh :sweat_smile:


Just had a thought:

What if Hollow Ground is a Regen under the Farms control and that’s why the government hasn’t really done anything to stop them?



a regen that broke free…and now is running an underground racket! just like GOTO did !! it was the only way to fix tha Repb ! i mean…LOS DIABLO!

sorry…couldnt help myself lol

what would they gain though ?


The government would have control over the underground or at least a good foot into it

Maybe idk lol