WIP: Fallen Hero 2: Retribution - updated 3 January 2019 (SPOILER WARNING!)


Me too! It makes for easier tracking. Mine looks something like:


I wish too! I tried writing her but… ehhhh… :joy:

My MC is so not happy about this too :rage: and bringing a civilian to that place? Really, Ortega?


lolol…she or he…probably though…a)puppet would give me a good exuse b) it just a watch - snoop around , low risk kinda of things and c) if things were to heat up.,…which I doubt they will…what could happen with me there ? I can handle it! Pfffffffffffffffffff…

MC: Ortegah!!! What the hell do you think you were doing taking my Pupp-…cough…Puppy to a dangerous place like that ?!
Ortega: I didn’t…wait…what puppy ?
MC: Don’t change the subject ! It was reckless and dangerous !! and you know it!
Ortega: It was just coffee !! I swear…it wasn’t supposed to go that way !
MC: You should’ve invited MEH Insteaaaad! I was your Sidekick in the past…I know how to deal with that stuff !
Ortega: You bailed on meh , and it just came out of the blueee…
MC: you have a phone! use it !
Ortega: ARGHH! it was just coffee and how did you even know where I went and with whome anyway ?
MC: Put on Xena pose I have many Skillz !


I swear…boredom will be my worst ennemy…lol

so just for laugh…


MC walk on ortega who is pouring over a letter . At her raised eyebrow , Ortega sigh and wave the letter in her hand .
Ortega: from the fans…we get them since we are ‘celebrity’ now and then…sigh
MC: Ohhh…is it a love stuck fan ?
Ortega: sigh depand on the day I guess…
MC: so what does that one say ?
Ortega: Its about…cough…that coffee outing I had with…uh…my date ?
Ortega: shake head I’m not gonna hear the end of this one…clear throath dear Ortega , way to go taking a dreamy girl to a shithole of a coffee place ! really classy Maybe I should date her instead and her longevity will rise . Best regard A Better BF then you !
MC: ouach…
Ortega: I know right ? I mean…really ?

*Herald walk in *

Herald : you think thats bad ? I keep getting emails from someone calling themself ‘OrangeHood’ and they keep talking about ‘Legion’…‘DESTROY’…I’m afraid of turning my computer on now! even less reading the mail !!

*Steel join in out of nowhere , stomping loudly in the room *

Steel: At least you have a name , all I got is a wall of text with ‘I’M SORRY STEEL’’…written like 100000 times over and over…who is letting this stuff pass ? I though we had someone who read the mail before they are forwarded to us…

Lady argent is heard screaming before an Object is thrown in the room , startling everyone and she rush in the room…her face red and her hands in a fist


She huff and leave before could say anything

MC: Smirk… Should I tell her who keep sending her that or not ?
Ortega: YOU DIDNT!
MC: Aw come on! Its a harmless joke ! and she does have claws! :wink:


Jokes asides I love the new scene because it gives us a more 3dimensional Ortega. Shows that while t they are this incredibly caring saviour-like persona to the MC, they are not necessarily like that to everyone else, and that matters a lot because it confirms a lot of stuff we’ve thought about them.

Some thoughts about the character itself (Yes, I am obsessed, sue me :dizzy_face:):


Charge might be the perfect match for the MC, but that’s just because of the TREMENDOUS GUILT he suffered.

My interpretation is that while the MC suffers horrible scars, Ortega’s scars are the MC themselves, and their return to the world of the living has just given them hope that they can heal them completely.

Methinks that Ortega’s arc hangs on one single thing:

Ortega needs to hear the MC’s story, learn everything about them, and then needs to hear the MC tell them that they forgive them for the Heartbreak and for everything that came before. There is not only caring for the MC, but also a selfish wish to be absolved of the horrible crimes they think they committed.

Every time he aids the MC, it’s like he’s slowly undoing the Heartbreak in some symbolic manner.

Ortega has clearly depreciated themselves (They stopped being Marshall after Heartbreak), undergone therapy, yet can still be manipulated back and forth by the MC no matter how suspicious they are because they are -clearly- emotionally compromised.

Even if they capture the MC, it’s probably going to hurt them the most, unless the MC has gone above and beyond to cause death and destruction. And if that’s the case, then the damage is already done because Ortega will blame themselves for the MC turning villain.

If the MC does not forgive them, or, worse of all, if the MC goes full villain and Ortega has to put a -lethal- ending to their villainy then Ortega has failed.

I think the worst fear Ortega has is the MC actually blaming the Heartbreak and everything that happened afterwards on them.

The worst possible Ortega ending in order I think would be

  • The MC not forgiving them, being an anti-hero then dying (again) in their battle against the government. Ortega could still help them against their will so it could be the least bad ending
  • The MC not forgiving them, being an anti-hero, then committing suicide (suicide scar). That would probably be overkill for Ortega (Or anyone else). Not only have they failed to protect Sidestep, they haven’t managed to help them in any meaningful way to avoid them taking their own life.
    -The MC being a true villain, not forgiving them, BLAMING THEM FOR WHAT HAPPENED TO THEM, and then Ortega having to kill them. Ortega could probably survive this, but they would turn into a very dark, bitter person for the rest of their lives.

We will probably learn the most about Ortega once we get to know Argent’s background, and how he befriended her. Then we’ll get to another view on how he truly is with other people than MC.


@malinryden Oh I noticed some more bugs…

  1. In chapter 13 I got this (I bolded the line that seemed to come out of nowhere):

The rain helps with that, people hurry their step, heading to their destinations as fast as they can. You try to match the annoyance you can see on their faces as you escape into the foyer of the Rangers’ headquarter, dripping wet.

You can’t help but wonder why she bothers.

Part of you hates this. Hates what you’re doing. What you’re planning. Destroying yourself. Destroying your friendships, your legacy…

I poked at the code, looks like this bit is meant to be nested under a condition for checking MC’s facial scar? But it’s just floating out on its own now.

  1. With heartbreak scar of revenge, I’m getting the following weird continuity in the psych scene:

“It makes no sense.” You shake your head. “Why care in the first place?”

“Do I need a reason?”

“Everyone has a reason, you said so yourself.”

“I’m concerned about you.” Dr. Finch frowns, and you can feel her trying to read your face. “I want to help you, but I can’t do that unless you talk to me.”

She means it. You can feel that. She’s worried, but she’s not sure what’s wrong with you. No wonder, you’re not sure anything is wrong. You’re feeling like shit, sure, but does that really matter?

What matters is that you keep working towards your goal.

Revenge might not be the noblest of motivations, but it will have to do. Hate might not be a good feeling, but it’s not like the people you’re hating are good either. Fighting fire with fire might not be the smartest thing to do, but it gets you what you want.

You’re not about to give up now, you know what you want and you know how to get it. You won’t let them get away with doing this to you. No way.

“It’s not that simple.” The truth tastes like the last dregs of yesterday’s beer.

“How do you mean” Her frown has deepened, she almost looks worried. “Are you talking about revenge?”

My MC didn’t say anything related to revenge at that point, so Dr. Finch’s last line seems to come from nowhere. Seems like there’s a missing dialogue MC line about “making them pay” that appears with the revenge motivation but under different Heartbreak scars normally? (my god I continue to be in awe of you wrangling all this code, just looking at the psych scene makes my mind boggle)

  1. Minor, but after choosing to wipe Dr. Finch’s mind, it seems odd that the MC still has the option to say ““I don’t hate her,” I admit, the closest I can get to praise.” considering that the MC at that point is probably planning to never go back again. I’m actually not too sure about the “Not cured yet” choice too, tbh. Maybe another line to Ortega about how MC is definitely never going back again?

  2. Post-psych scene, a line “how much this session affected you” kind of repeats oddly after choosing to hang out with Ortega as puppet.

“Take care, okay?” You do your best to ignore the worry in her eyes as you turn and leave.

You don’t want her to see how much this session affected you.

Honestly, you don’t want to feel how much this session affected you. And in a little, you won’t have to. Lee will make everything better. You know he will.


Ah join the club of the Obsessed! we have cookies! :sweat_smile:

I disagree though ,


there is more to Ortega and the mc then ‘Stuff happen , Guilt is here , we are mean for each others because of that’’ .

I think they are really mean to be…for each others . The stuff you mentioned (which are true to an extent) just add to the baggage .

those are horribles ending! I be traumatized for LIFEEEEEEE! lolol

I mean just think about it . IF it was just GUILT from all the things you said…Ortega date the puppet and still think of you . You gonna say ‘cose its our puppet and it is us and we manipulated her’ ? You can manipulate THOUGHS…you cant manipulate feeling . chimestry…attraction . Those things happen with or without your consent .

I only have one ‘Sad’ not bad ending and it be a choice I would make willingly . Which is dying by Ortega hand…an MC that give up everything and just let go after telling her the truth…the mc rig the ending in a way , Ortega will have no choice but to kill them…and with their dying breath…they reveal tha truth…:sob:

well I say that but…even that ending of mine is too much for meh …

So here looking forward to some Happy ending .


If MC dies in the end, then it will be fake lol. They will just permanently go into the puppet’s body and let their main body be destroyed. Then, they can live as the puppet and no one can find out. Of course it will only happen after they succeeded in whatever goal they are trying to accomplish.


I don’t know if we can jump and take over a body permantly .

I mean , the heartbreak was a more powerful telepath and didnt do that .

if it was that easy…I think the mc would’ve done it a long time ago .


I mean , the heartbreak was a more powerful telepath and didnt do that .

Didn’t they?


when ? you tell me…


We don’t really know what happened to Heartbreak’s mind after the incident, and from HB’s own memories they were created in some kind of possession situation in the first place.

Back during the HB incident, the boundaries between MC and HB was blurred; MC remembered HB’s memories as if they were her own. In certain paths with the shrink, the MC can still remember some memories that don’t seem to belong to her.


I think thats unlikely , because the state in which the heartbreak was in .


If you remember , their powers were out of controle enough to effect peoples on a wide area .

I never got the feel that the heartbreak was a vilain that was trying to kill peoples . I think during the expriment (the flashback we see) , they escaped and holed up in a ruined building . I don’t think they knew or wanted what happen to happen .

I remember that line ‘‘everyone go home to die’’ which is the answer that the heartbreak give to the MC if you look at them .

I like to think that a telepath is like a tube or something . You make connection between mind A and mind B . Though float from A to B , back and forth like electricity…like a current . I like to think in the case of heartbreak , the Tube had BIG hole…so the electricity was leaking…and spreading outside of the zone they are aware and can controle .

I also believe the heartbreak is dead , either by the mc choosing to kill them to end the madness . or afterward by Steel (since Ortega claim they were blasted and knocked out) .

Two minds in one body isn’t something that would be just…easy to do , or even the host be able to live with this long . I think the mc suffered alot of trauma during the encounter , I think it opened something in them but also damaged their self identity (the dissasociation) . I think they become disconnected from their self awareness , like they are numb to the outside because they connected to the heartbreak for that brief moment . Its like it fryed them .

well thats what I think lol could be wrong though…:wink:

oh about this…

In certain paths with the shrink, the MC can still remember some memories that don’t seem to belong to her.
I think thats a side effect of the heartbreak encounter . Its like ‘they absorbed some of their memories’’ .

memories are a tricky thing . For exemple , there are memories that change with time or with trauma . Just like sometimes we forget a memories of our childhood…and something happen and it trigger it back and we are surprised ‘Oh I forgot about that time…’’ .

I think it happen (the absorbing) is because the mc had a kinship to the heartbreak . it was like ‘been there , felt that too’’ . Emotions are a fuel to a telepath , and right during that encounter…everyone feeling was at maximum .


I like to believe that Heartbreak is still “alive” and is puppet, I remember MC being scared of what would happen if they failed when trying to posses someone and getting trapped in the “void” they cross when doing it, maybe that’s what happened to Heartbreak and that’s where they are, and puppet getting warnings and advice out of nowhere is only encouraging me to believe this lol.


but puppet is younger then the mc , and the heartbreak always gave me the impression…were like an older version of the mc .


They could have been using a puppet of their own in the building and being elsewhere or they could still be old and look young thanks to the boost drug and mods, but still, we never got to know how old Heartbreak looked or if telepathy was their only power, anyway all of this is just my crazy theory lol

If you believe the theory of Hollow Ground being MC adn “donor” then that description would fit them more


Personally I think Heartbreak is definitely 100% dead. There weren’t really any mentions of what happened to Heartbreak after the whole situation. As someone just pointed out, Steel may had ended Heartbreak’s life since I felt that she was entirely out of control with her telepathy abilities from what I’ve read in the original book and the current demo of the sequel so far. What else could they do to take down a telepath that already took down Sidestep when we reached her at the top and indirectly caused a death of a hero that was basically damage immune or something like that and may had caused countless deaths as well? (can’t remember exactly what power he had).

I can’t imagine Steel would be willing to let a person like Heartbreak living after that incident, and he’s already suspicious depending on our choices, that we may end up (or already ended up) like Heartbreak.


who do you mean ???


From what I remember, that hero (can’t even spell his name right) had his face melted off when we were in the same building as Heartbreak. And the police had set up a perimeter to prevent access to anyone that didn’t have any telepathy resistance powers or equipment (also there was that scene where you had a choice to stop a cop from committing suicide in the perimeter)


I don’t doubt that Steel would have killed Heartbreak if he was able to, but he could just believed he did or he didn’t and the government told him and everyone else who knows to say that Heartbreak is dead because goverment secrets and all that.

Anathema I’m guessing.


oh you mean ANATHEMA…and she is a she lol

you can use her name during book 1 , and get reactions from the rangers about it lol


That changes, my Anathema is male.