WIP: Fallen Hero 2: Retribution - updated 3 January 2019 (SPOILER WARNING!)



He’s done it already. AND anoying vermin would be a better name


Steel for me…

I rather have or find a way to get more ‘data’ from her…

because as it is…we cant really take her down . she crawl back up everytime . so its a pointless fight at this point .


Nah, she’s too unpredictable. One second she wants to kill you and the next she’s flirting. I don’t trust her. Also who said I can’t use her and THEN get rid of her. Come on man xD


lol she only flirt if you pick those choices!!

more reasons to gather more informations and data from her body . She is too unpredictable…going at it without knowing everything…is like jumping in blind .

I rather have all the informations before I can take her down .

but go ahead…jump in lol

also…thats how it gonna happen…

maybe we should get her a scratch post ? anyone…? for her birthday Lol…and run like hell LOL :laughing:


Good thing I took a piece of her. We will end her. Me and my legions. We fight as one. How can she possibly stop us. Our attacks will tear her apart.


Or put this in her room. That will get you all the attentio you need. Just have a quick exit when she spots you. Because I hear she bites.


oh oh…no! I’m not romancing argent! Lol She is too scary for my taste !

#OrtegaForLife :kissing_heart:


Putting that thing on her room sounds like an ideal way to gain one of those face wounds so many protagonist get that go vertical trough the eyebrow and slightly above the cheek but mysteriously leave the eye itself intact making them all the more appealing.


I hope you’re not underestimating Argent. She’s strong, as well as extremely smart (smarter than I’m afraid we give her credit for). Not to mention she’s a fighter through and through, and unafraid of rising up to any challenge thrown at her. If there was one character in the game I would say has a legitimate chance at outsmarting the MC, it’s Argent.

My MC respects Lady Argent for these very reasons (and the feeling is mutual). She can prove to be a peerless ally if we somehow have to team up with, or fight alongside the heroes against a greater threat in the future.

I’m wary of romancing her because she is the one character who’s so wildly unpredictable. I’m gonna do it though. YOLO.


I wish we knew moar personal stuff on her to write endless fics. :stuck_out_tongue:


yeah…I agree with you…

she give me ‘survivor’ Vibes…like…of all the rangers , I think she be the one you have alot in commun…


In my universe everyone conforms or they die. So it’s up to her. I’ve kept things friendly with her. Personally I think Steel is the most dangerous. Argent might be smart or a good fighter but soo is steel. And unlike Argent Steel is a focused warior. Not to mention that he is the closest person to finding out what we are. Argent likes to fight head on. Steel on the other hand thinks first and punches later.


I think that the most dangerous one…is one self lol…

we can be our worst ennemy in the end .

when you think about it , no matter the path we choose…we are going in a self destruct way , its just the BOOM will be different for each path . Some BOOM will take peoples down with us…other BOOM will only take us…


Agreed. It’s even more prominent because we have the option to choose ourselves as own nemesis.

That’s what makes this story so poignant. I don’t think I’ve ever related to a MC as much as I do in Fallen Hero, and I’m sure a lot of people feel that way.


New update!

It’s not exactly surprising anymore, but I can’t help but notice Ortega abandoned his tip on Hollow Ground in a heartbeat when Sidestep called.


Yeah. And when the puppet calls instead they just bring them along to spy on HG see if something explodes and they end up in the hospital again. Yaaay.

That’s when you realize they’r an asshole to anyone besides yourself :grin:



Well the MC was ready to apologize to Steel despite their history. Though I suppose being unprepared to apologize to someone the MC actually loves does sort of fit the MC at the moment.

:cry: My MC volunteered to help Ortega with Hollow Ground. Maybe that scene just hasn’t been written or posted yet? Inviting my MC’s puppet but not the MC… the fires of jealousy :imp:.


thats different…

when the mc apologize to Steel…its more to gain points with him . He found you in their kitchen , you are in the HQ…so you can be polite and play the ‘‘This is normal behavior…I say sorry (Or snap at him)’’ .


The text at one point in the apology path includes “Have I misjudged him?” so it seemed to me my MC was sincerely apologizing, if without specifics.


yeah but how did that route end up though ? :smirk: beside…I think the ‘Heartfelt apologies , filled with sadness and tons of kleenex and spill out your guts over all the regrets’’ …are things that probably happen in the critical decision . In Later books…

oh and don’t forget ! Technicly , we were missing (considered dead) for years!!! and we are back . Everyone is still getting used to you being back and alive and well .