WIP: Fallen Hero 2: Retribution - updated 3 January 2019 (SPOILER WARNING!)



Aww why not ?

I always regret stuff lol so I just keep saving mc…

I probably gonna forget which one is which in the end though…


Forget??? How are you even saving those games, God xD


lolol…by using the same name for every save XD





yeah…I know…I have a problem when it come to save :sweat_smile:

oh and if you think thats bad ? ya should see my Mass effect Save lol its far far WORSE lol


I was looking for more achievements soo he was just an experiment. The worst part is when you create an Mc that is more powerful and bad as than the cannon just for gigs. That’s when you regret things


Gosh… I have so many saves I had to come up with a system? Now it all looks like, say:
Jed Hayes (73%Aro/suicidal/revenge/Herald afraid/ Ortega kissed/Eden dating O/ Argent nemesis/some other important stuff)
It helps a lot lmao


that look like alot of work…me uber lazy…lol…



Well good luck finding the right stuff then ¯_(ツ)_/¯


lol no worrie…

I only romance Ortega…

So its fine . Shouldn’t have that many different mc…

its either a sucker for ortega full of regret and angst…or an asshole about to tear everyone apart…lol


That is unless you have renegade Shepard. Aka scarface . Then it’s not about the saves or even your class.


Pshh i guess you need a system when you’re a slut like Jed. To juggle everyone and all that… ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


nah never went full renegade…dont like the transformation…

pararenegade forever! :hugs:

we could use some ‘renegade’ interrupt in this story…lol…

@smuteczekbiczo one romance is easier to juggle then a harem lol I can’t decide usually…


All those guys thirsting over me, on my beck and call, an you wany me to choose just one? PLEASE. He’s a multitasker. He’ll manage :wink:


Oh no this game is beyond renegade
If you go hero hunter there is a scene where he throws I don’t know his name . From a rooftop similar to me2 Miranda quest where Shepard throws a merc down the lane.


lol yeah I remember…

and if you pick the ‘The hero must be destroyed’’ …he wont survive his fall lol priceless…

you know what I find bizzare ???

If your puppet romance or is friend with the Dr. And pick ‘Anarchist bringing the mayor down’ route . Its just odd…

on one hand , the Dr showed a morale compasse…which is weird considering what she does for a living and her past as a retired vilain (Or hero? I’m inclined she was a vilain) . Yet frown on the mc cleaning this cesspool ? really ? what the hell for…? cose it would create chaos in a place that lie dormant for far too long ?

dont you think its weird ?


Trailblazer was it I think? Unless I’m thinking about other games. And YEAH LOVE THAT SCENE :heart::heart:


Yeah now I remember him. I just wish it was the handyman instead. That guy must die. He could be too dangerous
. Unless he want to join my army of legions


start by changing his name…lol…everytime i hear ‘Handyman’ …I hear ‘Plumber’ :sweat_smile:


He has to mess up a bit more before you take him down I’m afraid :confused:


he is small fish in comparaison to Lady Argent and Steel though…

I did say before that he shouldnt be understimated though . But he can wait…

we can do much more damage trough taking down Lady Argent or taking on Steel…


True. Argent goes down first for me ¯_(ツ)_/¯