WIP: Fallen Hero 2: Retribution - updated 3 January 2019 (SPOILER WARNING!)



Sidestep hates ALL the mannequins :smiley:


You walk amongst the screaming throngs of people, pushing malleable minds, ignoring the ones who run for their lives or are frozen in terror. You only need a few because people are pack animals and follow the crowd. A crowd led by you.

Walking through the exhibits, you watch people break displays and tear mannequins apart. Solarstorm gets pulled down on the floor and trampled underfoot, a fate not unlike what happened in real life. But here, only plastic gets smashed, no broken bones, no screams of pain. Only rage.

What’s surprising is how much the rage resonates with you. You always saw yourself as cold and calculating, but surrounded by this seething mass of people, you see something of yourself in them. The fear. The frustration. The wish to destroy everything that ever tried to hurt you.

Before your eyes, Sidestep is pulled from his pedestal, the brightly-patterned suit ripped to shreds by frenzied hands. It feels…good.

No, not just good. You feel a profound sense of relief as the crowd breaks and tears and stamps your former self into the ground before moving towards the next display.


I enjoyed killing sidestep. Can’t let some else do it. And no @E_RedMark you don’t push him in. Herald comes much later


no no…I’m pretty sure , that Herald show up and say ‘Whats up ? This is restricted area…you shouldn’t be here !’’ and my mc shurgged and said ‘Don’t you wanna play Bowling in here ? Seriously ? look at all these mannequins…they are begging you to drop them in a strike!’’ …

Herald get a blank look…(it take him a while to translate stuff)…which gave mc time to get behind him…kick him to the curb , yell ‘HOME RUN!’’ …she could hear Herald yelp in surprise then mutter something like ‘wrong game darling’’ …before she kicked him against the mannequin…making a domino effect…since he love to FLOAT…BADABOUM!

cough…what ? that be awesome ! :sweat_smile:


@malinryden For a MC in love with Ortega at the dinner with Ortega when Ortega apologizes to the MC, I would like the Choice for the MC to apologize to Ortega as well. I’m sure some MCs could think of a FEW things for which the MC might want to apologize (such as not telling Ortega more of the truth back in the day, getting too far from Steel during Heartbreak thus letting Anathema fall to Heartbreak’s influence, not being able to be the person Ortega wants the MC to be…).


Good idea ! though malinryden probably gotta be super careful that our apologies don’t reveal anything .

I want to apologize to ortega , that I didnt smooche her sooner and alot ! So we have alot of catching up to do :kissing_closed_eyes:


Al that truble when you just can give him this face. Pure charm. Enough for a homerunn



oh I remember that guy XD But it doesnt fit that much with Herald…

wanna see how I imagine him looking ? check this lol


from WOW…pretty boy lol

and the trailer is awesome , never played WOW…but damn that trailer made me wanna go for the HOAAAARD!’ lol


Aaw isn’t that adorable? Let me give pretty boy some advice


Wow has awesome trailers.


he is soo pretty…dream sigh…I just wanna punch that face repeatedly…:sweat_smile:



Am I right? But don’t punch or kill him yet. I got a verry special plan just for him


You betcha! make it last…make it memorable…for when he break , it be delicious…


death is a gift . and my most sadistic mc…like to use personal weakness against the ennemy . How about crippling him for good ? Or make him lose his power…go back to being a Nobody…:smiling_imp:



No he can’t live under any circumstance. It’s just that my Mc has too much of that blue aura. He’s not going orange anytime soon.


Ah…I disagree…

death is cheap and he certainly doesn’t deserve it when we living in hell , breathing hell…screaming in hell .

death will become a deliverance for the weak , he would embrace it . and I don’t want to grant gift . I want to grant Agony and suffering .

of course , as a telepath…the greatest punishement is to take over his body . But make him aware of it . Make him helpless , he can see…he can scream …but he can’t escape the prison of his mind .

Use him as a puppet , as a mole…as a bargain chip…as a martyr…as a tool to advance…to change…to tip the balance…

and when your hunger is sated…

give him anathema ending . Burn his face but keep him alive…let him live and fear every mirror…everyone around him…every news…reflection will be his ennemy…

he wont be able to scream…or even see …he be in hell like me .

-hatred of Pein


Oh so everyone has forgotten the very first scene in the game with the mannequins?

$!{swear}. That hurt more than you thought it would.

The safety glass of the store window breaks with a sharp crack as you smack into it. Shards surround you like a crystal snowstorm as you are sent flying into the bridal store. Alarms blare to life as mannequins topple like bowling pins around you, their dismembered plastic torsos clad in extravagant dresses, flouncing like butterflies with their legs torn off.

An all-too-familiar sight…

Remembered bodies. Real this time. Broken on the ground. Broken by the fall. As you are about to break.

Or is this now? Was that then?


The mc is not in a spot where they are ready to apologize for anything yet.

If they were, everything would go much smoother.


@malinryden More Ortega goodness - I can never get enough! Though I’m dearly tempted to smack Ort for endangering poor puppet… but MC getting wistful over Ortega coping to life post Sidestep twists the knife in my heart :sob:

Anyways, here’s the usual bug report:

  1. When calling Ortega as the puppet, I get this line:

One signal. Two. Enough time for you to wonder if {he} will pick up, or if {he}'s sulking about being dumped by ${name}.

But my MC never dumped Ortega, and didn’t even talk to Ortega after the Rangers HQ scene yet.

  1. Now that my brain stopped short-circuiting from the MC/Ortega dinner scene, I noticed an inconsistency after choosing “Yep. You can make it up to me later,” I say with a wink".

“Cat got your tongue?” he teases, giving you an amused look over the edge of the menu.

“Shut up and think about what you’re going to eat,” you mutter.

At this point, MC and Ortega already ordered both drinks and food, so they shouldn’t have menus anymore.


what about ‘pretend apologies’…wich would lead to smoochie…cose Ortega is a sucker like that :smirk:

edit: AHHHH That scene , is from when we took controle of argent right ?! lol sorry…but that scene feel like foreverrrrrrr in the past…


We are legion. We destroy. We cut every string of impurities such as herald. The strong live to become our puppets. The week die. We have been infected with compassion and empathy. But there is still hope. The path to orangehood may yet be reached.


orangehood ? Qué ?

lol BOoooooorg alarm! :sweat_smile:


Orangehood can be very rewarding. With some random choices I got one Mc with 73 sub and 75 Strength of mind. Didn’t save him though since he’s not cannon