WIP: Fallen Hero 2: Retribution - updated 3 January 2019 (SPOILER WARNING!)




I see…


now you got me curious XD


I can’t recall my exact stats, but I’m 99% sure I beat Argent on my first go while retaining high empathy.


I’ve tried but as soon as I decide to do something nice my dareing level falls down. Maybe this is intentionall. And therfore impossible to achieve. Or maybe there is some life force out there in the universe that managed to do it


Doesnt the win is based on the armor only ?

Like speed+ STR and you can win against Ortega no ?


As long as you have high dareing you can beet everyone. Otherwise you have to play to your field of skills


Unless of course you have armor and telepathy


I think you can still mess up with a high daring (not sure though, I’m really curious now!). Most of the time, I play at around 50% daring and okay empathy and it works out fine.


It’s enough to beat Argent ? Because I have like 65 dareing and got DESTROYED


well I tried…got 60% cautious…took speed + armoring …and…got some bruise but I won in the end . Ortega went down , and Argent got her mind trapped…:stuck_out_tongue: So didnt even have to take telepathy for that one .

cheater is the winner Woot Woot! lol


With 53% caution, 75% empathy, speed and strength armor I made her my nemesis.

Also choose her as my rival and fought her in the sewers with an ambush, it ended with her getting flushed away by the water.


Hmmm. Speed you say. Hold my bear I think I’m gonna try a combination


Ugh. Impossible I say. I just lost 9 dareing points for careing about civilians. You really get punished for being good.


I mean I was a good sidestep and tried to keep the people safe. I also had armor and speed and was a fighter…and I beat her fairly


I’m curious how do you get Joined at the Hip achievement?


Here look at this post. There might be other achievements you haven’t seen

And i hate typeing on mobile


Same as what @ReverseFlash said but you also need to make it so that Sidestep was considered Ortega’s sidekick instead of an independent vigilante or superhero. During the flashbacks, play Sidestep as modest and un-heroic as possible. Say you’re not ready to be a full hero, and let Ortega and the Rangers take the lead in everything, etc. Don’t stick your neck out for others.


Just caught a pronoun error in the beach scene!

“Things change. People change.” Ortega looks away with a shrug that you suspect is just there to mask his emotions. “Isn’t that what you just told me?”

Was playing with a female Ortega. Showed up when choosing to push Ortega away.

Also some repeating sentences in the same scene:

“I know,” you say, sharper than you intended. There’s a look on her face that’s close enough to suspicion to send a shiver down your spine. “I was just messing with you. Since when did you get this thin-skinned?”

“Don’t take everything so seriously,” you say, harsher than you intended. There’s a look on her face that’s close enough to suspicion to send a shiver down your spine. “When did you get this thin-skinned?”


Thia game is amazing. I dont think I ever played a game that was so emotionally intense. I want to give my MC a hug but i also love how horribly deceptive my MC is to the heroes.


Had a bit of a weird hiccup during the suspicious version of Ortega dinner scene.

Picking “How close of a friend is she?” led to this page that seems like it’s missing text:

“How close of a friend is she?” You’re curious, .

“Sounds like you talked yourself into doing nothing.”

“I guess I just did.” Ortega looks down at her plate, looking as if she had just lost her appetite. “Let’s just finish dinner before it gets cold, okay?”


I actually broke down and finally made an account here after playing through Rebirth (again)- for the same reason! I couldn’t NOT say something- it’s better to work out early kinks while you’re still early.

I deployed the Damocles immediately and avoided fighting with Argent altogether by outrunning her in the sewers.
Those options are not available in the character set up of Retribution :frowning: I can’t wait to see the game play when these issues are resolved- I think it will definitely help with the continuity.


Glad to know I’m not the only one who noticed! ^^