WIP: Fallen Hero 2: Retribution - updated 3 January 2019 (SPOILER WARNING!)



I’ve using the name Nightmare, usually I use Harbinger when choosing an alias for my “hero” anti-hero or villains, but since it had much of a resemblance with Herald I decided to change it, I don’t want to be associated with the flying fanboy lol.


Harbinger would remind me of Mass effect too much lol but I like Nightmare though…sound spooky…what armor do you pick for that mc ?


Why al these names when we can join our minds and become something more. Something superior Let us become a Legion and share the truth with the world.


I usually go for the terrifying armor but I also use it when playing with the imposing one, and I would be lying if I said that I wasn’t influenced by mass effect Harbinger when choosing the name lol


Borg ? no thanx ! Lol

I already have too many voices up there tap head :sweat_smile:


I know the feeling ! it’s funny…when I think Sovereign…I think Exodia :smile:

when I think Harbinger…I think ‘This hurt you shepaaaaaaard!’’ …and just make me wanna kick something real bad


I recentely went with Glass and now i can’t go back. The talk about reflections between the puppet and Ortega, the MC saying to not treat them like they’re made of glass. It’s just too fore-shadowy, especially since my MC kind of wanted to get caught (at least prior to donning the mask)


You will be part of us.

You cannot resist.
We fight as one.
Our power is unmatched
Nothing stands against us.
You are shortsighted.
We are Legion. You will join us or face your annihilation.

We do not server Harbinger. We are a Legion of our own.


why not call them reflection ?

dissonance would be also a good name in that spirit :relaxed:


1st name Mr, last name Glass. I just watched Split, what can i say


try meh! lol



Second part of my silly little Heartbreak Does Some Heartbreaking Story. A few things to keep in mind

1 this is a quite long fanfic. If you don’t like long fanfic just skip this one.

2 spoilers. Dah. For both book 1 and the demo of book 2 Story is quite simplicity told. I just wrote it in order to corrupt my holy mc. Someone has to be Satan around here.

3 Since Heartbreak is unknown. Something that does break my heart. I had to make things up. I tried to go for a queen of the bored type of character. It will come of as cheesy. Apologies. Has a weird ending.


Ahhh, angsty fanfics are food for the soul. I wrote one recently too, as inspired by this scene in the demo:

Looking around for a clean cup, you find plenty, though they are all new and impersonal. There’s no trace of the old ones, chipped and personal, and in Ortega’s case, the one that you had given him. Did someone throw them out when they moved?

You didn’t expect to care. Or to get hurt by it.

And here it is:


That’s the point, it’s ironic. He isn’t this shiny, honorable hero…he isn’t the white knight…yet he fights to make the hero’s better…stronger!


This actually hit me more than it should. It’s a good thing I was numb back then and I still am now or else I would be crying myself to sleep. Lol


Oh gosh, cannot play this one without emotions stirring… The final product will probably see me needing to see that shrink ‘Sidestep’ is seeing. :grimacing:


Are we all sharing fic now?

Summary: Sidestep gets unmasked (contains speculative spoilers for B2 and B3, ft femc x m!Ortega)

On B2 though: it’s been how many days and I still need a continuation of the dinner episode


so read it…

here my though…


How dare you make me Bawwwwwwwwl ! :sob:

That was Sooo goood…its all Steel fault! one more with feeling to take him down !!!

this part though

Then, you will turn around and take it home instead, where you will spend hours using superglue to meld it back together. It takes a painstakingly long time, but when the deed is done, the Cup lives once more.

This would be the right moment for Ortega to connect the dot…how the broken pieces remind her of sidestep…how much she try to use glue and bring them back…and doesnt succeed…then she get mad , and glue it back with fury with the promise to pay more attention to sidestep…and for clues…


Now I know how to beat everyone in the first game flawlessly. But apparently you have to go AL out just for those daring points. . Has anyone actually done it. Without the whole bang bang you are dead. And successfully beet Argent without cheating. It seams impossible.


I did…

wait…you mean in the demo ?

I use telepathy against her lol but I did beat her in book 1 though without it…


No the first game. In order to beat Argent you have to have high dareing 70 and above.I have done this. But the result is high arrogance and high ruthlessness. What I was wondering is that if it is possible to beat everyone without cheating and still have empathy above 50.