WIP: Fallen Hero 2: Retribution - updated 3 January 2019 (SPOILER WARNING!)



yeah I know…

I dunno , when I read it the 1st time…just felt like if it was switched…it would dig deeper at that .

like saying ‘you know…peoples dont react like you . normal peoples at least…’’

see what I mean ?

although , now that I re-read it . I think I understand what Malin tone was with that line . The 2nd part…is mean as ‘in a freaking out tone’’ . you know , hysteria level , about to hyperventialte . at least thats how I’m reading it now . and it sound fine too lol .

urgh…I dont know anymore lol it sound fine both way XD Sorry @malinryden


“Oh I wish you would let me to exactly that,” Ortega retorts


@Vacco_da_king I never thought of doing that before, but I am definitely doing that now. I think it would fit well with a MC whose goal is to show the world the Truth. @malinryden I would love to see the reactions of the Rangers to that name.


My MC shall break both hearts and bones…

*Warns Ortega to stay out of the way



not ortegah…


though joking aside , I dont think its possible for ortega to stay away .

I was thinking about this as I went to bed last night…(yeah I’m obsessed at this point :sweat_smile: )

But if you pick to romance ortega , either as yourself or your puppet…its really one of those love that transcend time and flesh . if you believe in the Soulmate thing , then Ortega would be it , for neither distance…or time…or war…or scar…or trauma…or even another body…killed tha loveeeeee…(so sappy lol) .

with that said , Ortega will try to stop us even if it kill her . If she find out the truth , she be heartbroken , miserable…hurt…butthurt…but I don’t see her ditching us . if anything…she come back with a vengence (not like she want vengence…it just a saying lol)…more persistant then ever , and nothing will stop her from trying to save us from ourself…our path…from the ranger…from whatever goal and reasons we have for doing what we doing .

lol thats why I’m praying that one of the ending is death by Ortega :hugs: Morbide…but its the only death I want…if there is one .

Phew…now I need coffeee…


Lol, I just found it ironic and wished it would provide some sort of irony to the story


I personally didn’t think of that…

cose paladin usually have the worst reputation .

Though , now for some reason…when I hear Paladin…I get the guy from Fallout 4 :sweat_smile:


I’m sticking with my villain name of Revenant. I like how the meaning of the word is a big clue as to their true identity :ghost:


My villain name is “Not sidestep”. So far, no one suspects


too funny !! :smile:

I usually either just let the newspaper name my mc…(It become enigma or the Puppeteer which are nice names and fitting) , or the only one I could come up with is Pein . I use Pein for that angst filled playtrough…


I always name my MC’s villian persona Shade and pair it with the mysterious looking armor lol


Well, Paladins are people of virtue and honor …and for my guy…he has all of that…he just protays it in a silent way


played a few games where Paladins were the worst of the worst…

I gave up…since everytime I met a Paladin , he was an asshole lol but I finally gave up for good…I met someone who had all the greatest qualities for a Paladin! but they were no Paladin .


I understand what you meant, sometimes games developters apply the word “Paladins” without fully understand the term and what its represents…

Paladins were first represented by the knights of the Frank Emperor Charlemagne if i am not mistaken, and they fully follow their conduct according to the code of chivalry

For such straight code of honour , i don’t think our MC here has the ability to fully become one :slight_smile:

Especially as Paladin, one cannot hide about their identity and intention , and he/she cannot attack anyone who is weaker than him/her … even before a perceived attack , paladins must also announce their arrival before hand …

That was actually one of the reason why French knights were beaten heavily by the English in the Battle of Agincourt :slight_smile:


I’ve just been using the villain name “Dire”, but after reading some of the other names in this thread I’m now feeling terribly unimaginative. :unamused:


I went with what the papers called me but “Mastermind” is so fitting for an MC with a hobby of mind controlling civilians to relentlessly throw themselves at heroes like zombie hordes that I can’t imagine them being called anything else.


look at you! educating us first thing in tha mooooooorning…

you owe me coffee now lol

I was talking about games actually , where the idea of Paladin is probably close to reality but with a few tweaks here and there (like Paladins having Holy Powers from their deity ) .

@Joshua_Koch Awww , there is nothing wrong with letting the press name you . The names given by the story are actually really really good .

@HomicidialFrog I haven’t seen that name ! Any idea how you get it ?


I’ve been using the name “Cypher” for my first and most cautious/merciful MC with the mysterious armour. It’s a bit on the nose.


Be a known telepath and wear either the mysterious or functional suit.


Oh God I remember how I chose them to name me ONCE and I got fucking… Dominator or something. I lowkey died :joy:
I have 2 MCs. Jed, my main boi. He’s Sidestep. And then Zoey, still in development. Her name’s Phantasm. And I managed to make Ortega afraid, it’s great :heart:


Nice! My main I’ve been calling Catalyst-like, a catalyst for change. Other options for her included Umbra, Apex and Prophet.
I have two others, an intimidating armor called The General, and then a terrifying one called Ninth Gate. I know that for that you might as well be waving around a sign that says IM HERE but like…the drama of it was irresistible.