WIP: Fallen Hero 2: Retribution - updated 3 January 2019 (SPOILER WARNING!)




The strong need of giving not-so-useful feedback to the author was what made me register an account here.

Dear Author,

I am a story person. I’d wager I consumed close to a four digit number of works of literature (and most certainly four digit if you count every short story as one). Fallen Hero: Rebirth was the first (and so far the only) one where I was able to identify with the main character. Kudos to you and thank you.

PS. Apologies for not being very constructive but I really don’t want to spoil myself the second part by reading unfinished alpha.


And this is when I as a Ortega follower worry, you are typing way to long my friend lol


Herald :heart::heart: so cute :kissing_closed_eyes::kissing_heart:


Just been re-reading…

Just a minor thing. The choices when herald ask for training, could there be a choice to play hard to get ?


at the end of Rebirth, what was your highest/lowest friendship stat for everyone?

Saw your post on tumblr @malinryden; I can’t recall the exact stats but I think my MC had about a 10 relationship with Argent, and 37 with Steel. I can’t remember Herald’s one but it was above 50. Ortega was the highest at 80+.


Too bad your relationship with Argent is bad …


Argent likes the villain identity of my MC more :rofl:


Mine’s 10 too! But it’s better now, she ~respects~ me uwu. I like to crush their little minds by force tho, so it’s not like I can make her like me ¯_(ツ)_/¯
Not that I care about her in the first place.


@smuteczekbiczo well, Argent is always cute…
I am wondering what it feel like when Lady Argent start caring about us , like will she wash our dishes ? :-):thinking:

@Cheion… i thought Lady Argent likes me after i save her from drowning


I did that too, but I think she only likes the villain side of me. If only she knew the truth…

Now I can’t get this image out of my head :joy:


She’ll come hang out at your place to eat all your food ¯_(ツ)_/¯


Mortun/ Ortega = 70+
Herald= 45
Argent= 23( only because I made her like me. Book 2 might take care of the rest.) No one should reject mcs friendship

Steel= 10 ( jerk, but book 2 might take care of that)


That i don’t mind since food is not my main concern :-):laughing:

I am also curious how much could Argent eat ? :-):thinking:

MC : Here are more pies or pizzas… you sure you can eat them all ?

Argent : Definitely , now what about all those discs pilling up ?

MC : Aren’t you going to wash them all ?

Argent : I could break them all for you…


MC: oh you dont have to wash them…I have a dish washer! over here!

argent open the dishe washer and look inside

*Herald walk in *

Herald: She is doing it again…I wash those for you .


Steel : Don’t bluff… i was the one who did all the washing , i HATE you all …


Argent to Steel:

Ortega comes in : My mom would always say





my evil plan start that way!

make Steel do the dishes !

then make Herald do the washing !

then make argent do the drying !

Take over Los Diablos with




even Steel won’t see it coming !!!


I can see their despair now !

Steel to Argent : How could we let this happen !! ARGENT!!!


Meanwhile …the desepair going rock’n roll in Herald corner for he is going…




For my MC…
MC : Tell you what Argent , let me do all the disces and washing… then i have a confession to make, promise me you will forgive me no matter what i tell you… Deal ?? :slight_smile:

Argent : That’s easy … i am forgiveful… Deal !!


Argent would never say something like that lol stay in character eric lol dont turn her into Bambi with amnesia ! :rofl:


You lot have NO idea how funny this whole dishes discussion is to me, that knows the truth. NO IDEA.