WIP: Fallen Hero 2: Retribution - updated 3 January 2019 (SPOILER WARNING!)



I wonder though, is anyone else beside me honestly helping herald?
Or wanting to be stoped?


Helping herald? I am helping herald too… i encourage him in the rooftop


Is what I meant


Yes but not as a " let me give this kid a little help" but rather as " let me help this kid so I can
Use him and then betray him". It will hurt😢


We don’t have to betray Herald , just help him catch the other bad guys :slight_smile:


I help him so he can stop me


Al the more funn right? Especially since we are one of them.


So are you legit helping him with his training or are you widening the gap in his combat skills?


Nope i am not the Bad Guy … I am Herald’s Faith, remember ? :wink:


I am legit helping him getting better


Aah faith! Still remember that picture😂. But i much prefer truth instead of faith! II WILL SHOW THEM AND HERALD THE TRUTH. if they reject I’ll just climb the highest peek of mount Olimpus and throw myself down , like kratos. Embraceing my villany at last. Asumeing they have a mount Olimpus in that world


Take the emerald tower


Hey totally forgot about that


It is probably the closest to olympus in the setting


My Legion. In front of his cape. A little rough around the edges. But then again not every painting has a happy ending.

@Eric_knight I got to look at what faith looks like. Now you get to see what truth looks like.


well…my comment was based on the different appartement you can pick . and some of them say ‘‘You sleep better there , probably due to the air conditioner/or the big bed’’ .

well living in the gutter is not confy…dunno…but did you ever try sleeping in the street ? I did .

where is the fun in being careful :stuck_out_tongue: I want the attention of everyone…the farm and the vilains + the rangers…and we’ll have a blast !


The mc uses the gutter as a method of precaution mate. But we Al have our taste . Savvy! Besides the bigger you are the faster you burn. I’d rather burn quite slowly thank you. Might have time to escape the fire. To have ultimate controll sometimes requires sacrificeing certain delicacis. IT IS THE WAY OF THE PUPPETMASTER!!


someone said my villain name?

you should wait until you are ready for them


lol my mc gonna take the fight to the ennemy…not wait for them to come and get meh .


Ha! Coincidence, or is it?

You too follow the way of the Puppetmaster? Welcome to the brotherhood then. Remember everyone is a puppet. It’s a hard pilL to swallow. But it’s the truth. Even the ones we care about. Now from one master to another what is you’re goal? Mine is to take on those cowardly politicians. Hiding behind heroes. And the system that is known as the law. Thus giving the farm no system to hide behind once I come for my revenge