WIP: Fallen Hero 2: Retribution - updated 27 april 2019 (SPOILER WARNING!)

I don’t need therapy like i am a mad lady. I am not the one that put post that triggers people . I can’t remember what was the meme that grossed me out to want puke months ago. Still I should not be afraid in entering in a thread of a great game to give feedback or read other fans perspective. Now here i could end in Texas massacre instead or a hardcore whatever.
But surevpm me I don’t have any personal against any of you. In fact I think all of you should have a different thread to post all your fan fictions and even creppy pastas or that. I hope any of you do that and let this to not triggering content. I would do that thread for all of you myself. lol But i am the one triggered lol It would be like psychedelic.

Edit So there is a theory tread. :thinking: all the fan fiction could go there if is moved to adults section that or build a nsfw thread lol. I am not angry with people or something. It is just certain content should be placed other place as is sensitive


Not to veer too far off course, but I wanted to address that Therapy is not just for people who are “mad.” It’s for anyone and everyone! Sometimes it can be good to have another person there to listen and help give an outside perspective to your own thoughts and actions. Someone who isn’t necessarily tied to you or your life, and can have a more- for lack of a better term- pure perception of you as a person. I think Malin did a great job of portraying this in game, even with the funny comment that can be made by MC of “I’m not cured yet”. because therapy isn’t a cure, so much as a tool. One that no one should be ashamed to use!


I know I have been in therapy support years due certain traumatic events in my life. And I agree the portrait is quite good. Even if is quite extreme in how the visit goes even if have sense with the powers nd mindset protagonist has. What i miss is certain moments of more ego and megalomaniac There are several but for a character that mine who is in the flashy fame hunting and not murdering or anything is just like character is too in the down of scale of trying to be left alone and such. I mean is a polarized character very complex so in a way have sense. What haven’t so much sense is Ortega when pc doesn’t give a shit Ortega looks like a stalker and obsessed for pc in a unhealthy relationship when my pc has never have a thing for Ortega

I understand what your saying! Although, I don’t really agree with the claim that Ortega comes off as stalkerish. Despite being kinda insistent, he doesn’t cross any boundaries that would put him in stalking territory. He hasn’t tried to find where MC lives. He hasn’t tried to follow them around. He’s left phone messages sure, but like that’s just a thing concerned friends do. And I mean, You don’t have to be having/have had a romantic relationship with someone to be worried about them. And I’d argue there are plenty of reasons to be worried about MC. I can see why someone would get annoyed with a person like that but stalkerish? Nah, The only person Ortega seems to be stalking is Hollow Grouns.


I think Ortega is just a little bit overprotective because they care a lot about MC and don’t want to lose them again and they also want MC to have a better life(or re-start their “hero” career) so they’re helping MC in best possible way they know of.


I found terribly annoying, I hate over protection people i feel like he want to jail pc or something. I understand people could consider that a good trait somehow. I find it like a over jealous husband that doesn’t get the clues of a terrible stat in relationship. I am coming from a character is not even friends with him and has not being flirty with him ever. His reaction is normal for a friend or for a ex lover but not in my opinion for someone that doesn’t care and doesn’t want anything and never wanted anything or is not even interested in that genre to begin with. Somehow is fitting with the whole theme of unhealthy feelings and people trapped in unhealthy relationships and being frustrated. However my pc will jump and swear at him if he interrupts Herald and Doom future. lol Poor Mara trying to hang Rangers to see herald and all it gets is moustache man creepy trying flirting :wink:

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your MC has history with Ortega . In Book 1 , you can choose if it was just innocent flirting or much more . And you can choose to continue the past relationship or not in the demo of book 2 .

if you didn’t pick the flirt (relationship) , I’m guessing the game consider your MC as a friend and an ally . And Ortega is reacting to your death which He (Or she) think is their fault . Hence being overprotective . They believe , back then when they were Marshall , leader of the group…they screw up big time . 2 peoples died on their watch .

So it’s mostly guilt . And Ortega is a hero . Have been a hero…kinda come with the job describtion to poke you and be a naggy grand Ma or (Pa) and be worried about you .

now…no bad mouthing Ortega…cose she is Life lol .


I am talking with a female Ortega and a heterosexual cis female Mara there is no flirtation due this concrete Mara is not into girls. As I said eith my other characters friendly and or in love has lot of sense. But with a hetero stuff when She just was my boss the reaction is not logical. Except she is into Mara and poor Ortega can’t end well as she is not interested at all and is gigglin to Herald muscles. I hope duno find her a girlfriend or something?

I gladlly volunteer…

I can come and steal Ortega for you! as long as you come and take Herrrald away :sweat_smile:


Double Herald and doom ?!!! Where Have i to sign lol? :sunglasses:

why did you pick herald anyway ? You just complained above about ‘overprotectiveness’ , where Herald…is a stalker .

why not pick STeel ? he has a puppie…everyone love those lol


I am rhe one going to ranger base to look at him lol not other way

Just allow me this tiny line: Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!



Hi Mara! I think its been like years since we last talked, nice to see you!!

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was playing the demo…and saw this : Death. Rebirth. Revenge. Anger. Love.

do you think , these are the theme of next books?

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…Herald is a stalker?

As far as the game goes, nope! An excited guy and a devoted fan in his youth, but not veering into creepy

I think it’s more of the central theme of the entire story.

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Well, since we’re in the Retribution demo thread, yeah. For my MC, he followed her after she left the Rangers HQ, grabbed her off the street and trapped her high up on a rooftop where she couldn’t escape. She fucking clocked him and isn’t super fond of him at the moment. (She has the suicide scar which was triggered due to the height, and I rolled with the RP).


I think in general there is a double way to understanding Herald and Ortega. Both are same level however one is consider protection and other stalker for most people. Ortega is creeping my character who is not into her sex and running around like a over jealous husband in a insane relationship where my character give a shit Ortega . However my character is trying flirt Herald each second she has so for me the creepy is Ortega.

I think both reactions are exactly similar all depends in character perception of the actions So I agree Herald can be perceived as a stalker same as i firmly believe Ortega can be perceived as such.

I think unhealthy relationship dependency depression and obsession will be themes of the series and is something I love the deepness and the different perspectives.

In my playthrough if there is someone stalking is Doom to Herald not the other way … i even grab his ass so as i said all depends perspective

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