WIP: Fallen Hero 2: Retribution - updated 27 april 2019 (SPOILER WARNING!)

If Ortega tries to hunt you down, than simply “kill” the MC as punishment. Perhaps it could be dependent on your relationship, if Ortega is your RO he would concede to the blackmail, if not than he would try to investigate and look for you. Either way at the end of the day you will fake your own death, and as long as the MC isn’t an idiot and hasn’t left behind anything that can link you to being the villain the plan would go through smoothly.

that kinda goes against being in Los Diablo . As in , if secret is needed to advance your goal…then never set step in that place .

I don’t see it that way , yeah sure…you get stripped back to nothing . But maybe it could be used for the ranger to come to the rescue and form more trust .

shrug at least…thats what I like to see lol

I think the whole identity thing is temporarly . We arent playing superman who need to keep his identity secret so he can woe the journalist and gain a pay check and look normal . The MC has been hiding so far , so their armors and tools are completed . Once that was done…we robbed the gala .

As the whole ‘‘visiting the ranger is a risk’’ , it is only to get a feel how they are doing , are they actively looking for you yada yada .

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This Vulcan guy will be setting up an ambush, silently waiting for you all to fall into my trap.

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Being in Los Diablos is different than being in regular contact with people that if are being followed by a farm operative would end up causing us being recaptured, sure being in Los Diablos is a risk, but interacting with the rangers so much is a near suicidal risk.

At this point the Rangers don’t even know that the MC is a Re-gene nevermind knowing the location of the Farm headquarters, and getting captured just to get rescued in order to form more trust is too much of a risky and elaborate plan with too little reward, a better way to build trust would be to get a coffee or something.

While I do agree that being in contact with the rangers does provide many benefits, the risk I think outweighs those benefits, perhaps the best course of action would be to extract as much benefits as possible within the time you have and afterwards fake your own death.

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but I’m not fond of the ‘fake your death’ plan . Also , don’t forget…like you said yourself ‘‘our mc goal is subjective’’ . Not everyone is playing a hard ass vilain .

And even if I was (which I’m lol in some save) , why would I fake my death for ?

If I wanna be a vilain…you show your face . I don’t wanna play hide-and-seek with the rangers . We have a goal , you go for the goal…and if the rangers get in the way , it’s up to the individual how to deal with them .

Ah…my bad . I should’ve elaborated . I don’t mean trust like…Let me see whats in your fridge . But trust as in , the ranger will see whats like inside the farm . They will see the truth…kinda of trust . Which will change some of them at least . So the reward isnt tiny , but there is a risk…that they still won’t believe you or trust you even if they see the truth .

But thats a risk my mc would take though .

my mc doesnt want any benefit or to fake her death . Everything will go down in flame in the end regardless . Since y’know…I don’t believe in plans . Plans ahead…and nothing will go as planned :sweat_smile:

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The purpose of faking your own death would be to extract benefit from blackmailing Ortega and defensive in preventing you from getting recaptured.

Still, their has to be simpler way to attain that kind of trust without risking everything, there are so many ways a plan like that can go wrong.

I know I should have said this earlier but when suggesting this I was merely thinking for it to be an optional path, never a requirement.

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Guys dunn fite ;-;

We are not fighting, we are having a debate, and I don’t know about everyone else but I rather enjoy debating.


there are ways to avoid captures…without blackmail . I love Ortega :kissing_closed_eyes: I’m not blackmailing her .

well the gamble would be worth it . Maybe the ranger can rescue peoples not just look ‘‘Look! the farm is evil…now lets get out of here!’’ .

They be seeing stuff they are probably forbidden and in red tape…and dont have acess to . I mean…even the Heartbreak event is classified and Herald didn’t have access . That beg the question just how much dirt , how many doors we can bust open for the ranger to see all the dirt .

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Holup, how can you blackmail Ortega by faking your death? Wouldn’t she just be more determined to take down the villain persona of MC to block out the loss of their old friend?

I mentioned this in a previous post, but I would have the puppet or Argent wear the villain suit and “kidnap” the MC and blackmail Ortega as the villain in exchange for his life, and “kill” the MC after Ortega concedes to your blackmail.

How will the puppet or Argent stop the nanobores on the suit from going crazy? The suit is made to fit Sidestep, and it’s made to be used by a user who was telepathy, which you don’t have while possessing someone.


Simply don’t use the nanovores or don’t bring them with you, and while the suit may be designed for someone who has telepathy, that doesn’t mean that having telepathy is a requirement, it may not work as properly but I doubt that just because you don’t have telepathy doesn’t mean you won’t be able to wear the suit.

Either way, the kidnapping plan is just one suggestion. Their are plenty of other ways to fake your death.

No offence, but it sounds like a terrible idea. I mean… seriously, what’s there to gain from faking your death again?
And let’s say MC pulls it off, is it really worth the effort and/or possible risks involved?

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It would be cool tho.

Also if the farm finds out your real identity there may be cause to “GTFO”


WE HAVE BEEN FOUND! Grab your Ortegas and RUN!


I keep mine in my pocket .u.


Like I said before, I CAN see it as an end game thing. MC villain persona dies, relationship’s affect whether or not that person buys it or even WANTS to look for you, etc.

Yay. Sad Ortega = Cute Ortega

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I think I will stage my death AFTER all has ended… like when(IF) we nuke the farm and Ortega and I are happily living at his parentes’ farm I will think “Yeah hubby looked way cuter while worried and sad… I’m gonna stage my death at this point.”