WIP: Fallen Hero 2: Retribution - updated 27 april 2019 (SPOILER WARNING!)

Maybe as an endgame goal? Like, after accomplishing your main objective and having a “what now?” moment?

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I would honestly be chill with that, but I have a feeling blackmail is already in the works, if not necessarily from the villain persona. :thinking:

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The point is to demonstrate the skewed logic you are using to morally admonish such a possibility.

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Oh boy, you thought I was serious? You think I wouldn block the path of a story for a fictional character’s sake… come on!
You want my serious point of view about your post? MC never wanted a happily everafter ending where he will disappear in the sunset, MC is ready to burn in their rage taking taking down whoever needs to be taken down on the path. Why would MC fake his death, just to live a few more months hidden underground? That time is over and it would diminsh the value of their actions. To quote a famous comic/movie “What was done to me was monstrous / Then they created a monster.” We are the monsters, we are the fire to purge our enemies.
Only my point of view tho, there could be like a thousand other paths.

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I really don’t think that they would consider it that unbelievable, Herald would be easy to fool, Argent wouldn’t give a shit considering she doesn’t known who you are or hasn’t teamed up with you, I can only see Ortega being suspicious if he already suspects your the villain, other than that he may be in denial of such a reality at first, but he would eventually accept it. Steel is really the only one that I think would be a little suspicious, but only a little suspicious, nowhere close to being full blown convinced.

  1. I refuted your logic, you asked me to explain, and I did, that’s all there was to it. I never gave thought to whether you were serious or not, I simply made responses.

  2. I think it’s really subjective to your personal MC on what their motivations are, some MC’s may want to disappear into the sunset, while others want to go on a fucking rampage (though I do think that every MC has the temptation).

  3. I never suggested that the MC should fake their death to disappear in the sunset or hide underground, I made the suggestion as it would be beneficial in advancing their plans, It would be a pretty serious setback if the MC was captured by the farm again, and If the farm has any braincells they would investigate all of their former contacts, and considering how often the MC is in contact with the rangers it won’t take long for them to find out and end up recaptured. Not only that, but they are also a security risk, the MC is a super-villain, and interacting with superheros on a constant basis is not a good idea, while you may be able to hide in plain sight for a time, there is always that slight chance one day they stumble onto something that would reveal our identity. Either way it’s to be of a risk, and suddenly disappearing one day would be too suspicious, It would be better to make our fate conclusive, and being “kidnapped” would add the extra benefit of being able to blackmail Ortega.

ok this dude was clearly making a lighthearted joke I have no idea why you’re taking this so far, this is some /r/iamverysmart shit right here


I strongly agree with this. And it’d be a horrible decision for the MC to take because Ortega will obsessively hunt you down. Which will lead to them discovering at least some of the MC’s many, many secrets.

They’re like a well-meaning stalker of sorts…if you don’t let them in an inch, they barge in a mile. The MC’s keeping in contact with Ortega to keep them from prying. By keeping in touch you’re giving than incentive to not ask too many questions as there’s the implicit threat of you disappearing again.

Ortega is totally a healthy and well-adjusted human being how dare you suggest otherwise


Speaking purely about one of my “sweet heart” MCs, he’d probably disappear first chance he gets because he doesn’t want to put anyone else at risk… All this after slowly growing closer to each of them in their own unique ways, but it wouldn’t change the fact that becoming close is a mistake they wanted to avoid from the first act of the first book.

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In that case, it’d probably be a wiser decision to refuse contact. I feel like that’d cause alarm bells for Ortega and them actively investigating you but I think they’d also respect the decision.

Seriously, with Ortega I would heavily endorse “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer. And keep your old mentor who was also your best friend and possibly your lover and who has in recent times became an enemy unbeknownst to them right next to you at all times because holy shit are they dangerous to your evil plans.”


It’s part of the drama. :wink:

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Wait wait, we can take the mask off in the current demo?


In one specific scene so far, but other than this not really.


The precise scene is when you are collecting the Regenerator, and you need to convince Lady Argent to let you take it.

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If you are romancing Argent and work with her during the auction you can show her your tattoos and take off your helmet to reveal yourself, then she’ll kiss you. Also bite you on the lip to mark you as hers and payback for mind controlling her in book 1.


I think it would be funny to fake your death tho, and really cool. Imagine if you are romancing someone and you occasionally change POV to them as they try to figure out why.

And I think when the farm inevitably happens there may be reason to take such drastic measures.


I don’t think Ortega could take another death fakeout tbh… I can’t imagine what she would do if she lost Sidestep a second time.


@joe_g7… you’ll upset the vulcan guy with your lovey-dovey illogical fear of breaking wee Ortega’s heart. I told you, we regroup in secret and go after him when he least expects it; the beacons are lit, Ortega calls for aid!


The Det Charges have been set and the abs lubricated.


that just made my day…:joy::joy:

I made a lighthearted joke in return, he was the one that made things serious asking me for my point, I indulged his request and now for doing that I somehow took things way out of line.

This should go with out saying but it looks like I’m going to have to say it, if my responses seem overly harsh you should all know that none of it is personal, it is merely to advance my argument, there is no need to take what I say personally, instead try to refute my argument.