WIP: Fallen Hero 2: Retribution - updated 27 april 2019 (SPOILER WARNING!)

Yes Regenes can have sex, but they’re infertile.


No? Why wouldn’t you be able to dress as feminine? Just because you’re a man with a dick, doesn’t mean you can’t wear a dress if you want to. Feminine is most likely there because if you’re cis male, anything that isn’t specifically “feminine” can be viewed as masculine.


Okay there are couple things that stick out to me that I hope are helpful or kinda what you were looking for @malinryden
I put them in different summaries so it looks a bit clearer


Funeral discussion with Ortega:
If I recall correctly in the rebirth when Sidestep says “I wasn’t the only one who died…”
Ortega will only mention they held funeral for Anathema and Sidestep only if you had old friend or former ally relationship with them. If the relationship was had a thing Ortega will instead say “But you were the one I was…” before continuing that they cared a great deal for Sidestep.
So Ortega saying they mentioned back when they were reunited feels bit confusing if you had had a thing with them in the past


Lady Argent killing a civilian:

I noticed possible bug that during the bridge fight with Argent that if you first choose to use telepathy and then control the crowd to attack against Argent, and make her kill a civilian, the game seems to ignore it and act like it didn’t happen.
On the other hand if you immediately choose to use civilians against Argent, control them, and make her kill a civilian, the game will take note of it.


Mob Boss henchmen:
I’m not actually sure if these were errors or just something waiting for later date before being fixed, but I thought maybe mention it just in case. Feel free to ignore if this isn’t what you’re looking for
I learned how to code-dive and I noticed there should be slightly different dialogues with the henchmen depending on the relationship with them.
For example the base scene with Pelayo I noticed it ignores the crew relationship if either competent or friendly boss and immediately jumps to Pelayo saying this after arriving:
“The date checks out as well, the auction will be held there in two weeks. The Boulevard Casino will never know what hit them.” He sounds both excited and nervous.

Same thing happen when Sidestep recalls their last orders for their henchmen. According to the code after this:
“So this is it, then, Boss?” ZaZa looks both excited and slightly nauseated. “We’re finally doing this?”
“We are,” you say, straightening your back.
there should be final words from the boss that change depending on the crew relationship, but that is absent from the story.


Auction infiltration and Iris:

When mc is greeted by Iris, there is option to say “Indeed…Iris, is it?” to which leads to this brief discussion:

“That is correct,” she says, sketching a small bow. “What is your pleasure here tonight?”
“The auction, it should be starting shortly?”
“That is correct.” She smiles widely. "I am Iris, and I will be your escort, should you need one.

Iris telling her name seems bit odd considering mc just referred to her by her name so there should not be any need for her to introduce herself.

Uh… Well, I just thought it was a bit confusing. Since I didn’t select to be trans, queer or not even gay. Just because gender stereotypes are not right doesn’t mean they don’t exist, so if our male protagonist decides to dress feminine, the author would have to write about other people’s judgments. I personally don’t see that aspect of the story to be necessary so I thought it was a mistake.


To be fair, I don’t think Malin has to do anything, in her own fictional reality, in her own fictional game, that she has full control over.


Malins a chick?
Ive been calling him my boy and my dude >_>

Also I agree that he dosnt HAVE to do anything, but Malin seems to like their tiny details and I know that if they did add the whole “Garry Oak: Are you a boy or a girl?” thing it would make things feel more real.

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@LordNanachi I believe Malin doesn’t care what pronouns are used, so don’t worry about it lol.

I also think Malin said small gender stuff like that comes later, during the beta, so she might already have plans for that stuff. Or maybe not, since as I said, she doesn’t have to do anything.


Ima just call him my main man bro homey dude man until I hear it come from the horses mouth in this scenario.

@LordNanachi I found the, I think, only two posts Malin has made about the subject (just to make sure i wasnt being disrespectful) here and here

So yeah, as stated, anythings fine


Ehm yeah I’m not saying otherwise but I think it would be more realistic in that way. We can’t just ignore what we don’t like you know? :confused:


Get back on to the topic of the game and stop using transphobic slurs.


I think this proves a point but not one you think. My post was deleted and I didn’t even say anything about trans people

Any person that can see mod deleted post will see that


Well, this isn’t the thread to talk about such things. This is a thread for the WIP Fallen Hero 2. Please keep posts related to the game in this thread. Unless it’s to ask when the demo is going to be updated or the game released, then just don’t. :grin:

Back on topic… I’ve tried so hard to stay away from this thread, but I keep getting pulled back to it every update(I try to wait when a game is released to really get into it). You really know how to put a world together, @malinryden

Thank you for sharing it with us.


Malin is a very good lass… feels weird to type.

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That is entirely alright, I’m like 95% dude so yeeeah,…


Panda lied to me, he shall repent.


No lies, I honestly don’t care what pronouns, they are not used when talking to me, only about me, so there it is.


But yeah, about the dressing feminine bit. This is an alpha, sure but men can dress feminine, and nobody is forcing anybody to pick an option. That’s like one of ten, and it would be silly to make it gender restrictive.

As for adding weird gender related shit depending on your mc? That’s where I live…

Edit: I am always wondering why it bothers people to have an option, it’s not like anybody is forcing them to click it.


Getting a glimpse of @malinryden while everyone else have smart things to say about the game
me: “ᵢ ₗₒᵥₑ ᵧₒᵤ…” :confounded: :speak_no_evil:


@malin, honestly I think it probably has more to do with suprise rather then “bothered” about having those kind of options about how your MC will dress, doesn’t exactly seem to be “common” just yet.