WIP: Fallen Hero 2: Retribution - updated 27 april 2019 (SPOILER WARNING!)

Totally agree with @pandaboi, if Snape were here he’d go for:
“That is the second time you have spoken out of turn, Miss Granger. Five more points from Gryffindor for being an insufferable know-it-all."


What?? In what scene?? How did I miss that? ):
And how do you meet Jake - whoever that is??

I admit I become a bit of a jerk when someone can’t keep up with my mind (unless that someone is my student). Some form of pet peeve coupled with misguided humility - a belief that my intelligence is supposed to be average and/or below. It’s a habit I’m trying to grow out of.

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Book 1 - Accept the good Doctor’s invitation for a drink. Do as you like from there.

Alpha - Thief path. Preferably a Rich or Wealthy lifestyle living it up in the most expensive base option available. Also… You might want to break in early.


In book one, you have to go talk to Rosie/Bo (or smth. Basically just go over when you see a fight brewing) to actually meet Jake when Mortum invites you for a drink, otherwise you still won’t know who he is, I believe.


I got the rat king emoticon when i use the rat king to know why the MC can’t read or know what Jake is thinking. So she (my MC) was trying to dig deeper into his mind. Also, i think it was first in the scene where i use the nanovores to drill a hole on the roof so i could sneak into the auction warehouse with the help of the rat king.

I actually haven’t met Jake when i was playing Book 1 so it was kind of confusing for me when i played the demo for book 2, Malin was asking if we’ve already met Jake or not. But in the demo, you could actually meet him if you, as your villain persona and not your puppet, plan on going to the steal Dr. Mortum’s gun by going in early and stealthily.


Thanks SO much for the info! i haven’t met him in Book 1 even though i’ve replayed it 4 times :joy: I think i’ll replay it again since it’s been months after i last re-played it. A little refresher never hurts

OH That Jake!

While roleplaying as Misako:

“I do care about you, you idiot. You’re my best friend.” You give Ortega a light jab on his arm, which makes him wince.
“Ow—remember that I am hospitalized.”
“As long as you do. Just look at you….” You can’t help it; things are slipping out now, feelings that you had promised yourself to bottle up. The fact that you are the one who did this, caused this, everything…

“Hey, are you all right? I’m not dead—are you ok…?”

“I am not crying,” you snap, blinking furiously for no reason. “And you are an idiot with no sense, and I don’t even have any idea why I should care what happens to you, and yet here I am, and—” You break off before you say something you will regret even more later.

“And I am grateful that you are.” Ortega has a look of confusion on his face. “I just didn’t…”
“I was so angry at you,” you say, so quickly that your words almost stumble over his. “I told myself we weren’t friends, we’d never been friends, and—”
“Hey, hey,” he holds up a hand to stop your rant. “I get it. I think.”
“I’m glad one of us does, because I don’t get anything anymore.” You smile helplessly.

“I let you down.” He keeps looking at you as if he is just not sure how to deal with things anymore. “I get why you would be angry. I should have been there, and I wasn’t. I’ve been feeling guilty as well, but…I mean, it is okay to be angry at your friends, you know?”

“Good.” You can’t stop the grimace. “Because I am. I still am.”

How do you get that talk scene with Mortum? I’ve been trying to get that and the monster in the sewer scene, but I can’t seem to find a path ):
Oh wait, I think I can get the monster, but I still don’t know how to talk to Mortum as Wraith(MC villain)…


Idk if it’s noticeable on the image, because it’s super dark, but I choose to be a cis man and one of the options says I can dress feminine. Shouldn’t it be masculine?

Why is the author deleting a few posts?

The people who wrote the post are deleting it.


There are people with a really really easy flag button… come on guys. Shouldn’t we keep the flag for situations that really require it instead of things that maybe be a bit poor taste but not really insulting?


Sorry for the delay. Here’s a hint:


Talking to Dr Mortum during the Auction is most probably what you meant, so I’ll cut to the chase–pulling that off is a bit of a reach depending on your character’s personality.

Firstly, your mc needs to know about the Regenerator in advance, either by choosing it as a motivation ‘wanting a better life’, or planning to rob it from the auction as a thief.

Second, you need to encourage the good Dr to go and buy their gun during the conversation about it.

The third and final step is to go to the auction as a guest. This requires you to be very well off as a villain whether by stealing your funds from other villains, or banks, and living in the most expensive base. You aren’t specifically required to be a thief in profession to do this. The other supposed way to get in as a guest requires you to have good standing with HG, but that is reportedly a hidden stat, and most probably depends on your rep as a mob boss.

What you’ll want to do from there is view the items up for the auction before the auction itself begins. Dr Mortum should be there having a look at ‘old faithful’ displayed in a glass case.


And this, friends, is how you make a game with choices that matters! So many of them… so many choices, so many scenarios… ur the best @malinryden


Trap is extremely transphobic and used in violence against trans women with the sentiment that trans women are not ‘real’ women and therefore “it’s a trap”(a sentiment that gets trans women killed or worse) as well as the context it is sometimes used in that cis men who enjoy presenting femininely do not count as ‘real’ men either. So I would say it is more than “a bit” in poor taste and in fact is really insulting.

But I will refrain from further derailing this from the topic at hand.


I am sorry if I was rude saying flag was eccessive @pandaboi , I didn’t mean to.

@Simon_Tremelay I don’t know how serious a flag is, so I can’t speak to if I think it was necessary or not. I too apologize if I came off sounding angrier than I am. It was just your words, since brushing off the feelings of trans people is nothing new in this world; I got a little punchy.


Can Re-Gens (specifically cuckoos) reproduce? Are they fertile? Can they even perform the act? I’m also a bit confused on how a trans Re-Gen wouldn’t be found out possibly and when that would’ve happened. Anybody got any answers?

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