WIP: Fallen Hero 2: Retribution - updated 27 april 2019 (SPOILER WARNING!)

Wait, but the Mc tried to get rid of the barcode tattoo things, but wouldnt that mean that they didnt always have them?

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Re-Genes are basically vat grown.
You can’t be made into a Re-Gene. The MC is a Re-Gene (a cuckoo specifically), they’ve been one the whole time. They want to get rid of the orange markings presumably so they can live a normal life, not having to cover up their whole body all the time. (And for some mcs, so they can get surgery)


No. Just because they have always had them dosnt mean they don’t want to get rid of them. They act like a human, and want to be a human. So having a literal barcode and probably a “Return to owner” tag somewhere on their would just be a constant reminder to them that they arnt, and a reminder to anyone else that “Holy fuck one of those creepy spec op fuckers! I ain’t banging that!” Or something.

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So what your telling me, is that i have the complete and utter wrong idea of just about everything in this story? I thought the MC was human.

Ooo surgery? I’m assuming a certain choice during HB incident permanently fucks you or something?

Yeah pretty much boss. Also, spoiler tag that chief.

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No, I was actually talking about for trans mcs :stuck_out_tongue:

Ahhhh, oh hey that makes sence.
Dats some nice attention to detail.

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Until i get definitive answers from the story, im going to continue believing that the MC was human, and then wasnt.Just for my own sanity.

Im kinda just curiouse as to how you didn’t find this out. It’s inplied even in the first game something is up with the MC before this one just says it


during the HB incident you can even be reminded of how you can never belong since you are a Re Gene. And it’s also why even back then the MC was secretive as hell

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Im tired okay, its 6:30 AM here, i need sleep. Also, i only did 1 playthrough of both games, and i read fast, so i probably missed that, so, ill need to go back and play Rebirth again.

Ah yep fair enough.
I’ve played both games approximately too many times



You should pay more attention to the small details. I understand why you’d miss that stuff tho, breaking Heralds leg probably removed a chunk of your memory due to the sheer sexual pleasure you got from it.


Malin: Author, critique, and E r o t i c w r i t e r ( ͡ᵔ ͜ʖ ͡ᵔ )


I never knew rat king emoticons could be so ADORABLE :heart_eyes: I DEMAND MORE RAT KING CONVOS.
Love you too, rat king!

Btw can we romance Jake Manalo? He sounds hot so far lol


WTF the author has confirmed time and time aging that’s what Sidestep is!


And I gotta agree with that sentiment… How the hell could anyone not catch on to that fact five minutes into the first game…

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Yo, let’s not be rude just because someone didn’t understand something that was supposed to be secret right away. Everyone’s minds works differently, it’s not their fault.

That said, I only had a small inkling after a couple of playthroughs of the first game for me. Of course, replaying Rebirth with the Forbidden Knowledge really opens your eyes to how many hints to that there are.