WIP: Fallen Hero 2: Retribution - updated 27 april 2019 (SPOILER WARNING!)

Not sure, but I believe the Catastrofiend will always attack someone, and if you hide successfully then Argent is the only one on scene.

Just want to say love ur game

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Attention everybody. I am creating a discord server for Fallen Hero Retribution. Apart from Fallen Hero discussion , there will also be other things you can do there. The link to that server is here :


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A discord server for Fallen Hero already exists (remember to ask for 18+ and spoilers role if you want see this kind of stuff) :


There I was, looking for a way to screw up that didn’t necessarily involve Dr M’s gun… IT WAS A SOLID WALL! ┻━┻︵ \(°□°)/ ︵ ┻━┻
Oh… I don’t normally play the Thief route, but I really want to read the followup for that one later!

Also during the same Thief run, I found an interesting error. I didn’t select “My boss is already planning to hit the auction”, and instead hit the “Why don’t you hire someone else?” option, and this incomplete paragraph was the result.
The orange line marks where there should probably have been a ‘if Thief’ response, I’m guessing… Not that a reader would generally choose the later over just coming out with the former and saying “yeah, they’ll be there” during this interaction with Dr Mortum.


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Oh my God, every time i play this demo i discover something new :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


You know… when I first played Rebirth I was annoyed at the start by the fact that the path of the MC seemed to be already decided and that there was little space for choices. By the end of your first book I was in love with your work… the way you write, the layers of the story falling one on top of the other giving more and more sense in a very charming and not railroaded way made me fall in love with your work!
I am always late when it comes to demo or wip, I try to avoid them in order to savor the final game… but I couldn’t resist, and the new chapters, the story proceding deeper and deeper, it’s even more amazing than I thought it could have been!
Thanks for your amazing work, a thousand times thank you for giving me something to love!


Back in my day all we talked about on this thread was breaking Heralds legs and how fuckable Ortega is now a days it’s all actually helpful critiques and stuff grumble grumble


You know it’s funny, I play my character’s rage as more focused.

He’s not going to kill innocents or heroes, although they might get the living daylights beaten out of them.

But he’s going to reveal the truth- The regenes, the heartbreak incident, etc.

Then he’s going to kill those people responsible.

Just killing them isn’t enough, though, people need to know why they had it coming. They have to be destroyed first- Their power, their wealth, their respectability just tatters at their feet for all to see.

So the fact that Herald annoys my character so much? That’s just embarrassing.


Oo I play mine similarly although my motivation is to “show the world the truth”



Hi! I think I found a glitch. During the showdown with Jake. I used the gun on him, unleashed a creepy knife person, tried to not look like a meal and failed, and suddenly I’m in the tunnels with Argent and Jake is nowhere to be found.


I’m all about punching Herald face and let Ortega “Charge” in…


Well, I can’t exactly say neither of those things are on my to-do list.



I believe another reader already spotted this, but there’s a puppet pronoun error in the conversation between Dr Mortum and the villain. The good Doctor referred to my puppet as “him” accidentally.


Random blurb of softness I just thought of:


It occurs to me that one possible end for the story for some players is their villain being redeemed, but then the Rangers (or more specifically Ortega) start watching videos of your villain persona’s “bragging and bombastic” monologues on loop. This scenario is made even funnier if the mc is actually normally shy, and quiet.

A deeply embarrassed Sidestep: “Why? Why are you watching that crap again?!”

Ortega after sharing a look with Herald, and Argent: “Because this is a whole other side to you, and we need to remember how far you take things when we don’t keep an eye on you.”

Sidestep dramatically storms out: “Argh!”

Side note—I could totally see Ana doing that. XD


So, were you made into a Re-gene or some shit. Wtf happened to the MC after the Heartbreak incident? Im really fucking confused.

I love your “blurb of softness” idea.

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assumably the mc was taken back to the farm

Meaning? I get that the farm is where the MC was taken after Heartbreak, but what did they do to them there?

Discipline (Torture the fuck out of) the naughty puppy who ran away. It seems to be implied the MC was always a Regene not made into one