WIP: Fallen Hero 2: Retribution - updated 27 april 2019 (SPOILER WARNING!)


Oh yeah same thing happened to be. Like a loop back and mc dealing with the guards again and it seemed to change so mc was the one stealing the machine to get rid of her scars


@malinryden Ooh, ooh, pure wish fulfillment thought!

If Dr Mortum, or the MC by some means is able to upgrade their suit even further (nearly called it skin there, on account of how intertwined it is with the MC’s mental state!) How about a Vader op-table/chamber style unveil?

Probably the daftest idea I’ve come out with in a while, though I bet you sometimes get those little shout out ideas when writing, no?


I’m just coming here to say I will murder anyone who harms the Rat King.



Btw I adored how in mob boss route if mc likes her henchmen and they know her base mc thinks “almost like home, almost like family” about them and I’m here for that😭
Also the romance scenes with Argent…nice🌸 I loved her already, but now she’s officially become my favorite
Rat King though i’m gonna protect them, I love them so much and I wanna give them a hug

@malinryden I think that during the auction if you confront Lady Argent, mc can agree with them that “Ortega has too much faith in her friends” to which Argent says to mc it must be lonely without a team and mc replies “they work better alone” felt bit odd considering mc is possibly working as a team with their henchmen
I though I should maybe mention, but I’m kinda guessing little things like that might go for later or beta?


Yeah there are quite a few mistakes like that, like, you’re able to ask “I had a funeral?” To Ortega even though that’s one of the first things he tells you in the first book. I’m sure they’ll be fixed later…


What is the best option for the heartbreak incident? I either lose my friends or attempt to shoot myself since I’m scared of choosing anything else…


There is no “best” option. You’re essentially picking which foot to shoot.

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I meant to say that, how do I lose less fingers, you know?


I very much agree about mob boss mc. The mc creating a new villainous family for themselves is strangely wholesome. If you have friendly relationship with your henchmen, it is summed up well with the parting line before the auction job: “Once the system is down, no heroics. I want you out of there in one piece.”

Edit: Apropos to this I found a bug in chapter 12. When you are on the boat and setting the variable henchrelations. If you say you are friendly it incorrectly sets to “likable and friendly”, instead of the correct “as likable and friendly”.


Which scar you get adds dimension to your character. None is worse than another, you just… have different trauma. There is no best option. For example, I always pick the suicide scar because of personal reasons, it’s something I want to RP in this game. It doesn’t make my path any easier or harder than someone with the revenge scar or the friendless scar, etc.

This game is very heavy on the story side of the game-story IF continuum. There is not much point in trying to figure out an “optimal playthrough.” Just RP your Sidestep and see what happens.


Love the romance with Lady Argent


So does anyone remember what month that story snippet was posted where apparently Sidestep and Argent are teaming up which apparently takes place after a romance?

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I’m talking about how the game failed to give me those options, hence the complaint.


So how the heck does it take more daring to walk into an auction and buy something than it does to blow up buildings? I had the option to cause a power outage by blowing up a building, I had the option to blow up the auction with a rocket launcher, but somehow my character was too shy to just walk into a building and buy something that was up for sale.

My choices being limited in a game because the writer decided that my in character decisions aren’t in character is annoying to me at the best of times, those limits not actually making sense makes it worse.


Your characters daring doesn’t affect whether they can attend the auction as a villain. There are other factors that are checked for that to happen.

*if (((hgrep >= 50) or (base = “luxury”)) or ((apartment = “a luxury apartment”) or (wealth = “rich”)))
Basically, what is hollow grounds opinion of the mc.


Just want to remind everyone that FH 2 is still in the alpha stages, there are still possibilities that some of our suggestions will be taken into account by the author since this thread exists for that reason afterall so I hope other fans don’t lose sight of that. =)


During the end of the demo, does anyone actually get to kiss Lady A? I’m not sure if my stats with them aren’t high on all fronts and if that is the reason it didn’t pan out the way I wanted.

If that is indeed the case, I hope that we are able to take our relationship with Lady Argent much more manipulative. Similar to Ortega’s or Mortum’s relationships, you can definitely skew much of the interactions down a sort of “puppet master” thread. With “Angie” it seems like either 100% she’s an enemy or 100% she’s your soul mate.

My character likes her but I’d still think having the option of outright “Palpatining” (ie. corrupting) her would be a good route as well.



I notice the reply of i work better alone too… but in this case , i don’t think MC will reveal too much of his/her operation … it will be weird if MC confess to rival who might catch him/her one day that they have a team too… it is like telling a potential enemy all the secret :slight_smile:

I think that reply was just a cautious reply not revealing our secret…


I think I’m confused. There is an option to buy Dr. M’s gun, I did it (I think I had high rep with HG because I was just “wealthy” not “rich”). Also, if you cut the power by way of a rocket launcher, I would imagine the auction is cancelled for obvious reasons. You are then limited to smash and grab tactics rather than bidding.

I sure did :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I believe it requires you to be vulnerable with her. Otherwise it is limited to helmet smooches in the opening fight, for obvious reasons. I’ll describe what my MC did and see if you get any ideas? MAD SPOILERS for the entire demo.

So, I’ve been flirting with Argent all along. Sue me, I can’t help it. Anyway, my MC Charlie is a mob boss and got invited into the auction. She flirted with Oryx and turned the auction into kind of a date. She went after the regeneration device (life motivation), and so did Oryx. They made a temporary truce to get out, and eventually brokered a deal to share the device. Charlie is going to assemble it (tech nerd) and use it, then let Argent/Oryx have her turn. She removed part of her armor to show her ReGene tatts, which Argent found… interesting. And suggested she remove her helmet as well. Which she did because, as I mentioned earlier, she is a bi disaster. Also guilt and feeling like she owed Argent after what she did to her. Anyway, she got a smooch and a slap and also a new lip scar, thanks babe.

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You need to have been flirting with them previously, remove your helmet during the confrontation, and Argent has to realize you were the one who possessed them.


Interesting. I’ll try that portion again and see if the vulnerable tactic is worth doing.


Generally, I’ve made it that Marcus has a bit of a “Clark Kent” syndrome in that while in his “normal” form, he’s completely a beta bitch. He doesn’t have powers, is super unassuming, and isn’t willing to help out at all for fear of getting caught up in the “dangers of the job”. In terms of Angie’s views, Marcus is a complete non factor… like a plant.

@Enigmatic_Might So if my character makes it seem like he’s powerless, that complete blocks off that option? Meh, not what I’d like but a blown kiss isn’t terrible either I suppose :disappointed: