WIP: Fallen Hero 2: Retribution - updated 27 april 2019 (SPOILER WARNING!)


I guess it makes sence Paul.
Though I believe Mr author man will probably/hopefully add some stuff to make the sneaky route a bit more interactive. Like patrols you need to deal with or sentry turrets, I didn’t do sneaky sneak route since I heard it wasn’t the most engaging experience so maybe there was already some of that but yknoooow.

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To get in you either need to be rich (I mean your wealth level should literally say “rich” or else you have a luxury base or apartment) or have impressed HG enough. Being a mob boss is one way to do that.

I roleplayed along with it (let her take the shot) but you’re right, that would be a good spot for that scar to act up.

Edit: I also want to say I really loved being able to reveal myself to Argent. My MC’s motivation is about half guilt for possessing her and half gay disaster.

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I was also hoping for some suicide to happen, maybe even surprise or kinda spook Argent when the MC is remarkably okay with it.


Who here likes their MC to be an Anti-villain and who plays the outright Villain that monologues or do you avoid that trope ?


Amazing!! Love the new update and

×Spoiler if you haven’t read the new update×

Love how you can show yourself to her :smiley: and i love this so much, Keep up the great work :slight_smile:

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I make 2 different save files… So both :slight_smile:

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I’m not an anitvillain, I’m just a villain. I don’t monologue because I like to RP an MC who tries to keep a level head and learn from the mistakes of the past villains he’s faced. It’s a lot more frightening, IMO, because my MC is just so detached. It is very interesting.

On Argent, I love the romance - and general - interactions between the MC and her. She is the romance of the villain, not the MC. However, with the reveal, that split in my MC’s personality (or personalities) are beginning to coalesce into one: Retribution.

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My MC view being a villian as a means to earn wealth but she avoid killing just to get the money she want though. She don’t do monologue since she views this as too dramatic and a time waster since she wants enough time to execute her plans without adding another variable into the mix.


I can NOT figure out how to go to the auction for the regeneration machine. I only get the option to help the doctor. Or use what I think is a glitch to trigger the Argent event. Bloody hell…


I get a glitch when I am sneaking into the auction and I decide to follow Argent through the hole she made, it goes to a page that just says “you” and when i press the button to continue it sends me back to the options of how to deal with the two guards. Then it continues as if I already stole the device and Argent follows me


From what I’ve seen, apparently you know about the regeneration machine if “I want a better life” is your motivation. I need to check if thief or mob boss paths differ

Speaking of which, how do I get Mortum’s gun as a mob boss? I’ve only gotten it by infiltrating the auction, using nanovores on the guards, and secretly following Oryx into the hole. However, I just get that “you” page which I think just glitches me into getting the gun.

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I started over from the beginning and winging it I managed to get through on my first try without issue, I’m not 100% sure what choices or combination of choices did it since I was playing an MC very different from my canon one, but some key differences that you could try are that I had high daring, like 80%, and I stoles from criminals for my source of money as well as having an expensive apartment as my base. When talking to the doctor as Jane I suggested he steal his gun back, and then told him to get someone to steal it for him, aka my villain. Later when it asked me how I was going to enter the auction I chose the one to just go through the front doors as my villain persona. When I played through it the first time as my canon MC that option didn’t even pop up, so I think one of those key differences made it available to me. Once inside I went to look at the other items up for auction, which is where you see the regeneration machine. For reference my MC had the suicide scar for this playthrough and showing the world the truth as motive, so you don’t specifically need to have the wanting a better life motive to get the regeneration machine.


Did anyone else get the catastrofiend scene because I got it and I am fucking shocked and dead inside.


I had mob boss route, infiltrated in my villain persona, and spend lovely time with “Oryx”. But when the auction went down, I got the gun, and followed Oryx to the stage (saw her stealing the regeneration machine) and then followed her after she blew up a exit for herself, then it…kinda jumped back and I was the one stealing the regeneration machine and it seemed to jump “good life” motivation :thinking:


Just finished the first one and search for the demo immediately.Can’t wait for it to be done.


I got that scene while testing the options, and my immediate reaction was ‘FUCK FUCK FUCK time to load another save FUCK.’ It was not pleasant :joy::joy:


@malinryden I spotted another bug in the mob boss path:

The henchmen relationship variable is set as henchrelations but some tags use hench_relationship instead, so the text under those tags don’t show up.


It seems to me that if I’m daring enough to attack the auction with a rocket launcher, I should be daring enough to just attend the auction as myself, the supervillain identity I mean.

And why not an option to try to legitimately buy it yourself? The MC might very well consider a favor from Mortum worth cold hard cash. Since the MC can suggest just buying it to Mortum that seems like an odd thing to never occur to the MC.

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Er… what are you talking about? Those are both options. In fact those are the two I personally picked.

@bobsmyuncle Gay disaster?:thinking:

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@malinryden For my case, i follow Oryx / Argent out after getting the dr mortum’s gun , when i chose to follow her to the hole, it “loop” back to the scene where 2 security guards approaching , i had 3 options dealing with them but previously i pick redirect them …

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