WIP: Fallen Hero 2: Retribution - updated 27 april 2019 (SPOILER WARNING!)


… It seems that me and my no-risk MC missed the whole action… I went in, focused on the mission, talked to no one, and got out without a hitch. The same thing happened to me in the first book, where I completely avoided the fight with Argent in the sewers, and then again when I went to the auction in my puppet body. Maybe I’m too boring for this game…

There is this one part that felt a little repetitive: After I first chose to sneak in quietly ("#I will quietly break in during the auction.") I got a similar choice a few pages later, when I pick my exact method (“Quietly, I want to sneak in.”).

Now it feels like the game was actually asking me if I really want to miss all the dramatic parts…


Hey, Malin.

I still haven’t gotten around to the MC auction, but I as I was going through the Ortega scene in Hoots I noticed that I got the same dialogue wether my relationship with Ortega was “it’s complicated” or “open attraction”.
The screenshots bellow are from the run where the relationship with Ortega was set as open attraction.


Now I’m going to go back to enjoying the update! Really excited about that action scene!


That’s why I always play a daring and arrogant mc, more chances to situations to go horribly wrong, but also more fun and exciting. Like picking a fight with a Re-gene, not the smartest thing to do, but hey I win.

I get the bug in the audition too, when crashing the place, the mc stole the prototype instead of the good doctor’s gun.

Regarding Herald, my mc’s behavior seens to be “punching with one hand, helping with the other”, I broke his leg and now I’m giving helpful advice in his training.

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Excuse me. I’d like to ask a few questions, please answer if you have the…answer.

1.How do I get my MC to go for the regeneration machine?
2.How do I get Angi- I mean Argent to have her way with our MC?
3.How do I get Eiden to predict the future when he goes to get the doctor’s item or when he’s eating with Ortega?

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For the regeneration machine and work with Argent.

Go to the auction as the villain, when you get there don’t sneak in or attack right away, walk right inside. Browse the items on display you’ll then see Oryx(Argent) and notice how familiar she is. Go straight up and talk to her then choose to work with her to get the device. Then follow her and choose I just wanna talk. You’ll get the scene where you agree to borrow and assemble the device and give it to her when your done using it. You can choose to unmask and she’ll kiss you, but not show your tattoos. If you show her your tattoos first you can unmask and kiss her too as well. Also she just kisses you, no “having a way with anybody” thing.


The bar for going to the auction as a customer seems a bit high. Why can’t I get in as a ‘wealthy’ villain instead of a ‘rich’ one?


No… killing him is 100x easyer then letting him get punched


How do I get the option to walk inside and browse the items? All I have is the option to sneak in or attack as the MC.

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Think you need a couple of points on the Daring side.

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Don’t think that’s it, I always play daring.

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Choose I will infiltrate the Auction as Villain.

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I think I figured it out. When I select the max wealth option (stealing from criminals) it lets me infiltrate the auction as villain. But if I select any other wealth option, the option to infiltrate doesn’t even show up.


Yeah that must be it. Gotta be wealthy enough to get in the first place since they ask to see your bank account or something similar.

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I always steal from criminals but that didn’t show up smh


I’m an Anti-villain.
I still have moral codes. Currently, I have a no-kill rule for civies, and only-if-necessary for everyone else.

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Strange. I was a mob boss who stole from banks and I managed to infiltrate the auction.

Of course, I was also ruthless who didn’t care about deaths, massacre at the museum, and successfully beat all the rangers.

Perhaps it also checks how infamous/ruthless you are?


@malinryden Not sure if you already caught it, but I noticed the diner scene forgot the status of my MC’s relationship with Ortega. I’ll paste the code I think is causing it below :woman_shrugging:


“It’s perfect,” Ortega says, with the wide smile of a {ortega_gender} eating {his} best meal in weeks. “Give my compliments to the cook, will you?” The comment is followed by a playful wink, and you can feel the server’s reaction hitting you right in the gut.

Ortega always was too charming for ${his} own good.

*if ortega_relationship = “ghost from the past”
*goto oreconnect
*if flirtannoyed
*goto oflirting
*if ortega_relationship = “friend and ally”
*goto friends
*if ortega_relationship = "friend and ally"
*goto openattraction
"You looked like you were going to eat {whim} rather than the dinner," you joke, giving {him} a wink. “Looking to get some tasty desert?”
*goto complications

I didn’t choose the jealousy option so it routed me to the “complications” path. Which was really funny to me since they were kissing earlier in the Ranger HQ. If Ortega still isn’t sure my MC is into him, he might just be too dumb to live :joy:


I gotta say, when Argent was getting ready to kill my MC for possessing her I’m surprised MC’s inner suicidal voice didn’t decide to rear its head.


I think you need some infamy aswell to go as the villain.


I think you could kinda see that action rather than hear it. The MC daring Argent to kill them was the indication of that.