WIP: Fallen Hero 2: Retribution - updated 27 april 2019 (SPOILER WARNING!)


Mortum is getting scary af. I have not even seem most of the “oh noes” paths in this yet (y can’t I find them dang it or maybe i’m just that twisted i’m not so fazed). Doc knows WAY too much to be feeling safe or trusting.


It only really occurred to me this morning after having played dozens of playthroughs of both the first game and the demo. I never really questioned it until I reread a section concerning the MC never taking their mask off even when they were extremely tired after a tough fight and another section where the MC thinks about how they disliked going out with Ortega in the past because Ortega was so bad at hiding their identity.


Well when you take in consideration that the Doctor was a villain that had apparently encountered Ortega a few times that they’d have a general profile on all of the Rangers and any known associates included they built over time. Even if all the information they had on sidestep at first was just height, weight, etc. They’d still probably be able to deduce they were a somewhat competent telepath after both the Heart Break, and nano surge incident. Also seeing as how rare telepaths seem to be I doubt theres more then a handful if that in the world… I had more to add but don’t know how to blur it out since it may be a bit spoiler ish for some people.


If you want to do the spoiler thing, select the text you want to blur and then click the little gear icon above the reply box and choose the “blur spoiler” option.

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I hope the author doesn’t forget about the secret crush on Ortega ending. I got it on the 1st book, (no kissing in hospital due to beating the snot out of the poor girl). I held her hand and the status changed to “its complicated.” The demo doesn’t include that aspect at all. I notice you only get the romantic alley scene if you say you were a thing or whatever. I hope this makes sense.


It is possible to end book one with the “Secret Crush” relationship tag intact (which to me sounds like Friends with some complicated feelings that Ortega–in theory, anyway–shouldn’t know about…right?), but for the time being that’s not what is being focused on with the alpha since this relationship variable is more of a “flavor” than “substance” to the story at this point in time. Broad strokes to build up the backbone is the current goal.

For real, tho, I’m looking forward to being able to maintain that Secret Crush tag later on. You know… For the drama. :wink:


Wow, I didn’t notice that in their post. Reading conprehension is hard… anyway, I love the building tension of my MC playing the cold, heartless villain that hates himself for wounding her. Makes Ortega suspicious though. It hurts my chest in a good way.

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I can’t figure out how to reveal my identity to anyone besides Mortum.


You can’t reveal your identity to anyone else yet. Although if you are going to get the regeneration machine at the auction and decided to try to share it with argent you can reveal your secret and your identity to her if you want to


It is probably a good thing. It turns out I am a super villain that is very very bad with secrets! If you are cute and give me a smooch or two, I am all for ratting myself out…

That lack of the options to completely undermine my own existence is probably the only reason I make it though these games!


I revealed my secrets to both and all the data. My character would reveal to anyone except Ortega. Because Totally tired of Ortega as a character that never was for him at all. and Still has zero interest on him. He is too hard trying to smooch. With my character slowly going away annoyed. I mean to flirt with Herald she has to enduring Moustache man And then My character start flirting with Argent in Doom disguise. Then Is totally for Mortum in Jasmine body…

I think Mara will ended divided in 3 because she is confused scared and in love for 3 people one with each personality. Mara: Herald. Doom: Argent Puppet: Mortum.
Also now two of those know Mara situation.


I really liked Ortega in the first game. I’m having a harder time getting into them so far now. It just feels like more of the same. Like it isn’t going anywhere. My villain is an arrogant self destructive idiot, if there was anyone he would be waving his identity in front of, it would be Ortega.

But this is only a part of a yet to be completed game. So hopefully by the end I’ll feel like things have gone somewhere in some sort of direction, good or given my history with choices, bad.


I don’t think the Ortega arc is poorly written, I actually think it’s the most believable relationship arc ever written in a CoG/HG game. Things are slow, confused, sometimes feelings run ahead of us, sometimes they fall back in line and some other times they break and need time to recover. My character would never willingly unmask in front of anyone, expecially not in front of the snake Argent(fuck her and her own problems), but I agree with you on that: if there is anyone I could remotly even think about trusting it would be only Ortega(and possibly their mom lol).


I think Ortega is anamazingly written character. That shows in a deep way the consequences of guilt and sexual obsession and lust.

Mara never had any attraction whatsoever for Ortega nor in the past nor now. marà believes ortega is the ugliest man in town. Pick all choices as z mere friend that goes to rangers to control them and flirt with Herald. My character is lusting to become a ranger be popular in her unconscious.

Ortega tries and tries and tries to get a connection is only in his head. I found it amazing written. Even if my character is dying to kill him and get rid of the ugly old man.

So Iam dying to say Ortega mean things and how Mara find him repulsive. The fun part is mara zis becoming more friend of rangers than ortega is it is ironic.


This series is by far one of my favorite ones ever posted on CoG. Your writing is just a work of art, and needs to be appreciated as such! As far as continuity goes, everything seems to match up so far. I’m super excited that LadyArgent is a RO as well. I absolutely became enthralled with the scenes between her and the MC – so much tension!
Anyways, keep up the fantastic work! I will be awaiting the next update!


First time using this site, I’m not sure what here is really a spoiler per se, so I’m just going to blur it all

[spoiler]“You don’t even have the security classification to know my shoe size.”

“You’re not military.” You tilt your head as you look her over, pleased to see that she’s the uncomfortable one now.

“How would you know?”

“If you were, Steel wouldn’t be so tense.”

“He’s not.” But she doesn’t look as sure as she sounds. “If there’s something I know intimately, it’s how Steel acts around someone he doesn’t trust completely. He’s got his eyes on you. Don’t know why, but there must be someth… arhk…” your voice is cut when she grabs you by the throat, slamming you against the wall."[/spoiler]

In the last paragraph ^ you had two speakers in one paragraph, and the 1st time reading it was really confusing. (change paragraphs when there’s a new time/topic/place/speaker.)

[spoiler]“He’s not.” But she doesn’t look as sure as she sounds.

“If there’s something I know intimately, it’s how Steel acts around someone he doesn’t trust completely. He’s got his eyes on you. Don’t know why, but there must be someth… arhk…” your voice is cut when she grabs you by the throat, slamming you against the wall."[/spoiler]

Something like this ^ looks better and makes it easier to read :slight_smile: Love Fallen Hero rebirth and what there is or retribution so far!


You have to use the spoiler tag every paragraph for it to work and welcome to the community!


Oopsie on the spoiler blur not working.

I did that myself before I realized each line separated by a break (the Enter key) needs to be individually wrapped up in the blur segments. That tends to feel a little chunky in formatting, though, so I like to use the “hide details” option to collapse it down to a vertically smaller post, that still keeps spoilers hidden. :relaxed:

This, as you see.

Regarding what you pointed out; this spacing thing seems to be a fairly common issue even with the edited drafts of works nearing completion (at least from what I’ve read about CS in other posts) but this is a rough draft in the alpha–not even beta–stage of the pathing/continuity process.

As monstrously huge as it is so far, I can hardly blame Malin for the occasional clumping in the paragraphs. Fixing up the little details definitely comes later, since any portion of the story so far is still subject to change, or outright redaction. A good thing to note down for later, though.

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