WIP: Fallen Hero 2: Retribution - updated 27 april 2019 (pre-adult version)

Ok what the heck!! I ve played the demo like a bazillion times yet some how I never ran into this…

I am never kissing Argent again!! Her face just ate Shrouds arm!!

What the fuck is that THING that you and Argent can fight if you fire the ray? I’m gonna have nightmares…


I just discovered that today playing i don’t know but i am glad my role playing version doesn’t fire and has a kiss scene far better than cuthlku

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I shot it once outside during my escape. Yeah not shooting the gun anymore either!!


Think how fun it will be if Mortum shots the gun in some different situation! Fighting that catastrofiend on the most inconvenient place. Fun times!

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Yeah fun… now I’m torn. Crazy villain stuck in a gun…or crazy silver lady whose melted face ate someone’s arm… decisions, decisions.


Did a quick replay, and got a screenshot for your perusal. As you can see, my puppet is on a “date” with Ortega, but it’s as a friend since that’s an option. :relaxed:


As well as a second pic showing how the public views that particular Sidestep.


So many Layers this game has. The friendship with Ortega and love is a very coherent and interesting story about desire fear and social pressure.

However In case like how usually play. Ortega has a unhealthy obsessive behaviour crushing hard a person who have never liked him and even never saw xhim like anything more than a team member. you can see they try and try to rekindling something was never there in first place . That creates a weird tension because Ortega is clearly in a big CRUSH and my character is “KILL MOUSTACHE MAN WITH FIREEEE” It is fascinating but very tragic. I hope at the end of course an option to fake being friends but another to say I am not interested in you. I have never been and I have never will. Let me be and find someone else to creep.

Because is very weird the obsessive behaviourOrtega has since see us trying to make us part of xhis life in a very obsessive way. Unhealthy. And in a way xhe is in a guilt trip about what did happened even if pc is pretty chill all things considering. As Ortega was zero help in all the incident xhe wasn’t there for us.


Uh I got him shaved his moustache in the end of Rebirth!

And I realize something lately, the thing is, I have double standards personally, see, how dare you flirt with others besides me, your eyes should be settled on me and me only. BUT! I will definitely flirt with everyone, wrapping them around my fingers, BECAUSE I AM a VILLAIN! What a pathetic villain would I if I didn’t break dozens of hearts?

Just ideally though. My MC won’t do that…


Why? Herald keeps it fairly discrete after all. And it’s difficult enough for my mc to actually go on a date in the first place.

what ? no no no no no…

Hell to the No . If Herald get or Interrupt my date with Ortega…HE IS DEAD . I will fly him ALIVE and keep him breathing before I cut every limb he has…then I bury his remain…

Nobody get between my Smoochie damnit . I got enough games who interrupt my smoochie…:kissing_heart: everyone will die…if that happen…

I’m kinda more interested in how Argent will act now after learning the truth about us.

What for you mean? She already can.

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What? I have never any problem at all with Danny he is eager as hell to date me… Steel knows I was training Herald same does Ortega. In fact if I don’t flirt or anything with Ortega simply friends he knows mine with Herald. Because he comment so herald eh he is a good boy or something like that. So if Steel knows Ortega totally knows Except Herald has shut up everything but ot has no sense as he doesn’t know Ortega and us.

But how could you have difficult to date Herald… He is super straightforward date us… Or maybe because i am super assertive daring flirting with him and teasing him… Like 100% Mara put signals To Herald say something…

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Ahh i see what you mean - it definitely feels creepy when the mc and the RO didn’t actually have a close relationship in the past but the RO acted like they had a thing

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Yeah… However I think fits with Game Ortega has a obsession with us a crush and a guilt for what happened. It has sense. However the relationship changes 180 degrees to what people see when friendship or romance. You see a person obsessed with a relationship that was never there. Seeing stuff and attraction where my character simply saw a ugly team mate that fought well and was funny.

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How do you get a showdown between Hollow Grounds and the mc. When I skipped to the auction chapter, there was an option that suggested it is possible. So how can I get to that point?

Not sure if this is something that will be updated in the future, but in the last book during the HB incident I managed to get 2 scars.

Yet in the character creator I can only choose one?

it’s a demo , early stage . It will be changed later, when the book is done .

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Gotcha thanks