WIP: Fallen Hero 2: Retribution - updated 24 march 2019 (SPOILER WARNING!)


Yikes I made a mistake in my earlier comment. Have edited it! I need sleep lol. And I only know the choices I took (as a Balanced MC) for that scene into appear. I can PM them to you if you want!

It’s interesting how HB seems to be an amalgamation of Sidestep and the puppet too.

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Ironic and brilliant. This is also futher evident that Mc dosent feel the precense of hb, when inside the boddy of puppet. When Mc can’t sleep. By the way it’s not as much as forgetting as it is pushing the eject button in our minds. And it will be even worse if hollow ground is a telepath. He has our apearence. Imagine a 3 way mental fight.



Yeah please send me, that would be nice. For a faster playthrough



regarding hb. Dose this mean anything.



I believe it implies that both HB and the MC were from the farm, and are both thus regenes/cuckoos.



The puppet is unlikely to be HB but its plausible that HB could still be alive at the farm. Not only is the MC an unreliable witness but everyone in the incident is.

Yes even Ortega, remember Charge is imune to mind control but still recalls there was an explosion. Its clear that Ortega and Steel didnt go downstairs right away and the only explanation is that the explosion did indeed happen.

Their accounts of events dont add up i mean steel says his shields held but that he could feel the mind control. But if he could feel it, doesnt that mean he’s controlled already?

I’m thinking this is how it really happened:

HB attacks the rangers in reverse order of entrance because of Steels shields. Anathema at the back is attacked first and dies horribly.

Sidestep is attacked second but something short circuits and he percieves HB 's location instead.

Sidestep confronts HB in some manner and either jumps from the window or tries to shoot himself while resisting, surrendering, observing or alternatively shoots Hb (in some scenarios Hb suffers repeated shots.)

HB regains the upper hand and likely has a lot more training and experience overpowering other telepaths, and focuses on the remsining two.

If Sidestep tries to Shoot himself Ortega is right there to save him so hes the closest ranger in any scenario. Ortega likely didnt percieve the threat to sidestep until too late because mental fights are not colorful to the telepathically impaired.

HB attacks Ortega and fails. He likely wonders if Ortega is a robot or a zombie or a zombie robot.

Ortega likely approachs Hb to beat the Bajeebus out of their persona and exsorcise whatever devil possesess them with electrical fists.

Hb panicks and brute forces throug steels shields and forces him to fire ze missiles inside the buildibg incapacitating everyone.

Very likely Hb died here or was recaptured by the Farm. Hb could gave escaped but then why did the killing stop ? Escape seems unlikely unless something about the mind battle fixed a a part of their mind and he stopped being a walking bomb.

Ortega and Steel where briefly taken by the farm. I think this is the only explanation. Ortega must have seen Hb yet somehow that image was erased from their.mind.

But Ortega isnt imune to mind control, just telepathy. More than likely the farm added.some amnesia inducing drugs to the explosions trauma to erase his and steel’s memories.



One last thing. HB Isnt necesarily from the farm. Other ( hostile ) countries have their own regenes and hb could be one of those.

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Hmmm? That’s a very intresting scenario. The mc is an unreliable narrator. Ecept when it comes to their feelings. I think Malin deliberately changed the eye collor to eather stop the reader from connecting hb=puppet. Or to imply that both Mc hg and hb are one and the same type of regene model. Al of them runnaways from their evil creators, with hg being the first and maybe locus being the latest in line. But then what has pupets gender to do with hb. Some sort of mislead? And if hb is at the farm won’t they use it to track down Mc and hg? If it’s dead then the dreams Mc has is a little bit too intricately described to be considered trauma.



HB Shares the MC eyes and considering they are all supposedly created by the same experiment this has been used to suggest they are the same/similar model.



Maybe my mc and hg can team up to tak e^m down. Now that I’m no longer gunning for the position of the city’s crimeboss.



I wager the HB is a more advanced model. Or maybe one that has more focus on their telepathic powers rather than blending in society based on that scene with the scientists and something like a black hole (??).



Here with another comment. Just did a playtrough where i took the telepapthical route to make Argent kill a civilian on live TV and then defeated her throwing her off the bridge. Now she’s been mind controlled before and ended up publically embarassed , but not at this level.

This should probably be a new professional low for her, yet when you meet her at the Rangers there’s no comment about it, and there’s still text where the MC thinks “Argent doesn’t need a reason to be in a bad mood” when you know perfectly well what’s causing the bad temper.

Maybe add a mini-scene in between or just have her vent a bit if you talk to her at the elevator scene ?
Villains like to have their cake and eat it too, and in the case of super-devilish-twisted villains like sidestep, they can hurt their nemesis and then pretend to be their friend to see them squirm. :smiling_imp:

Or maybe they are beyond twisted that they are actually are atracted to the hero, then hurt them, and then go running to cry crocodile tears staying by their side as a sort of evil sucubus that doesn’t even realize how poisonous and harmful they are to others with their toxic and corrupted form of love :japanese_ogre:



HOW DARE YOU calling me out like that xD



What ??? You had confused me … Lol :-):sweat_smile:



And that’s how things should be! Since discovereing that path I have been in peace. serenity.



Who is the Sentinel?

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Sentinel was a member of the rangers when sidestep was active! She survived heartbreak (actually didn’t even go to the building bc apparently no mental defenses) and retired later.



Hey quick question because I really don’t feel like making whole new save just to check it out: if you romance Ortega as MC, and I mean officially, with that kiss on the beach and all that shit, and then when you talk with Herald and you’re like OH NO HE’S HOT… Do you actually have something mentioned about your relationship with Ortega? Or you just don’t care anymore at this point xD

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I’m not very sure any version of the MC would be very concerned about cheating on Ortega or any of the rangers they have romantic status with. I mean regarldess of the kissing, every night after dark every MC basically puts a sock on their head, gets a baseball bat and beat the living heck out of all of four of them and is there the next morning like nothing happened.

What i mean, MC has issues, and being a cheater is too low on the priority list of character flaws :laughing:

Also, it would seem the MC’s have been a bit deprived of affection trough their lives so maybe they need to have MORE affection than the regular person. ALL the affection!!. From ALL of the ROS! All of it! And they need it now!!!

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Mine would. Cheating is for shit heads, and mine just wants revenge on the Farm to have a life.

Nope, only need my one.